Britt’s 10th Birthday Slideshow

My girl has been in this world for a full DECADE!!! TEN 🔟 My gymnast, THE Harry Potter expert, our trampoline enthusiast and my fellow extrovert. 🤗 You are everything I ever dreamed a daughter… View Post

Tess’s 7 Year Old Pediatrician Well Check

Tess had her seven year old well check at the pediatrician on August 2nd. She had JUST turned seven a couple days prior! I really love the timing of her birthday and well check up… View Post

Spear’s 4th Birthday Slideshow

Today my sweet cheeked, snuggle loving, non-stop smiling boy is FOUR 🎈 Your life began as an incredible journey and has only continued to be such an exciting, never boring, adventure! You keep us on… View Post

Monthly Family Recap: July 2021

Here’s a recap of our July! Every single summer we go to the fire station to learn fire safety and get to check out the trucks. Last year I assumed they wouldn’t be down to… View Post

The BEST Black Friday Deals 2021: Amazon, Target, and More!

It’s that time of year again… Black Friday time! Check out the best Black Friday deals of 2021 at Amazon, Target, and more! I did this post last year for Black Friday and felt like… View Post