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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tess Monthly Summary: June 2017

This is Tess's Summary from June!

Mrs. Charlotte really kicked off the poop training for us while we were in Mexico and we continued to work with it during this month. She started off really strong but then did start having some poop diapers during times of sleep. Tess is our first kid to really struggle with poop but we also know why: she doesn't poop frequently. So when she does? They are MASSIVE and painful so I think it feeds into the whole "scared to go" thing. Even when she was younger she'd get easily constipated because she'd try to hold it in. We do a fun "potty dance" when she poops in the potty and celebrate like crazy and load her up with treats so we are just continuing to encourage her and let her do it at her own pace. As long as we're not having poop panties I'm cool ;)

The Molluscum has been THE WORST with Tess. It's all around her armpit area and her spots are darker red and larger too. We've been really hardcore this month about treating them. No baths at all, we only put her in tub to shower her off. Make sure she's not sharing towels. And using the medicine on them twice a day. I read that the Zymaderm can make them worse before they get better and maybe that's why they look SO BAD. But we did the whole treatment plan and haven't really seen much change in hers. In fact, they have spread to her private areas (also common). She has her well visit a few weeks after her birthday so I'm going to be discussing all of this with her dr then and see! I had a blog friend reach out and suggest apple cider vinegar so I might give that a go as well!

Tess is HARDCORE about being independent. She likes to get dressed RIGHT when she wakes up and likes to pick out her clothes, her pjs, her shoes, her panties. It's exhausting. One morning she got herself dressed in this nighty and I walked in and she said "Look at how beautiful I am!" 

Tess loves books and along with her independent spirit she also is perfectly content being alone. She likes her alone time (poor Britt, Tab better be an extrovert haha) and often prefers it to playing with her siblings. I will be getting ready and she will just bring some books in my bed and cuddle up and read!

Tess has been our best eater as far as she enjoys healthy foods. However, she's our SLOWEST eater. Not in a way that she's being bratty, just that she's legit slow. She also doesn't eat much. If you tell her she can be finished and she's only had one bite, she will never complain that she's hungry later. She is getting better and better about eating the portions we give her. The speed though is still a struggle and in the summer we often eat early lunch and swim after so I have to have her sit outside and finish her food while the big kids still get to swim!

Trying to get me with the puppy dog eyes ;)

Speaking of being adventurous...girl likes to drink ketchup. YUCK!

Tess LOVES the pool! She will stick to the steps a good bit but then once she starts swimming she's ALL about it. We joke a lot about Miss Watermelon. For some reason the first time she wore this suit was the moment that her swimming really "clicked." She had something similar last summer. At first she was hesitant to swim. We'd have to force her to practice etc but then one day it just "clicked" and she remembered that she loved it and was non-stop swimming after that. Same thing this summer! It took her awhile to remember that she loves to swim and now she's a FISH!

Tess is SO PUMPED for her birthday. I can't remember any of our kids ever being this excited about their party. I really think it has to do with her having a summer birthday. She celebrated her birthday at school in May so since then she's just been REALLY excited. I took her into the dollar store to hunt for some stuff for her party and she kept pointing to everything and saying "I want that for my birthday" it was super cute. And super hilarious when she'd point to funny items like a box of douche bahahaha

Little People are Tess's FAVORITE toys. She plays with them literally daily. If you have a toddler they are a wonderful gift. We've collected so many of them over the years and it's great to still see them getting such great use. 

She likes to line up all of her toys (very common at this age) but is very imaginative with them too. She is always making them talk to each other and have story lines and we'll often hear her saying "Mommy!" but she's making her toys talk and isn't actually calling for me. 

Helper with chores ;) 

Tess was ALL about some SUPER TESS after Cooper's party :) 

The kids all like to play family/princess/doggie etc and they always make Tess a bed on our floor to sleep in ;) 

Tess is a low sleep needs child. She always has been. She just doesn't require a lot of sleep to function at her best. However, she is a slower to wake kid too. I have learned to give her time and space when she first wakes up so she can ease into it (confession: I am this same way). She does best when she has that time and her worst moods seem to come at times when we're in a rush to wake her and go somewhere. 

I think Tess's personality is a good blend of Kye and Britt. She's not as loud and outwardly silly as Britt but not as serious as Kye always was either. She will have her silly moments but she's pretty calm and quiet about them so you have to be paying pretty close attention ;) 

Tess has always been an overall "easy" child and I feel like the age of 3 may be where we get tested with her. She's def getting more stubborn and resistant to obey which is resulting in more discipline actions being needed with her. It's always hard to discipline but I sure do love the snuggles after :) 

Love my sweet girl!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Britt Monthly Summary: June 2017

This post is all about Britt from June :)

Last year we were able to start our annual pedicure/manicure outing! I LOVE this tradition and think it'll only get more and more fun as she gets older. We go to the local nail salon and get to pick our colors. I get a full pedicure and she gets a kids package that includes a mani, pedi, and even a special design on her toes. She was SO excited and I loved that special time together. We did talk about next year and we may include Tess in on it depending on how she is at that age. Britt was 4 when we started this tradition and Tess won't quite be 4 just yet so we will see! It's so fun kicking off our beach trip with fresh nails!

Britt struggled finding her colors and ended up doing pink with pink glitter and purple with purple glitter. 

Last year they offered her a glass of Sprite and I told her she could have it if she wanted but she didn't want to try it. Well that's been a BIG regret for her and ALL YEAR she's been pumped for the "special drink" at the nail place! First time trying Sprite and she thought she was so grown. It was precious!

For her toe design she wanted "the heart of tafiti" so I looked up the symbol from Moana and assumed they could make that happen. I mean it's just a basic swirl!

Best part is the leg massage!

Toes with her special design (which looked more like a blob to me but, whatever, she was happy!)

Pretty fingers too!

I love my special time with my big girl!

Britt is so funny about her nails. She is SUPER careful about not messing them up and anytime we'd do anything she'd check her nails and be so happy that they were still there! 

This month Britt came home from gymnastics telling me that her coach said it was time for her to move up to the next class. Honestly? I brushed it aside and assumed that the teacher was just being encouraging. Like she was probably saying "Keep it up and you'll be moving to the next class soon!" or something. Then Zach picked her up and the teacher mentioned it to him too about her moving up! She just started gymnastics in October and started in a 5-7 year old class even though she hadn't quite turned 5 yet. I assumed she'd be in that class for AWHILE. But nope! I got an email from the owner congratulating us on Britt's achievement and when school starts she will be moving up to the intermediate level class which ranges in ages from 5-11 years old! She is SO excited and we are so so proud of her for finding something she loves!

Britt tends to be a bit on the dramatic side of things so a LOT of times I just kinda let her complaints come in one ear and go out the other. But she does frequently complain that her head hurts. This is something my brother and myself as well as my mom struggle with. Headaches are no joke and I know they can be a sign of children needing glasses etc. I did some research and asked her where exactly she is feeling pain and sure enough it's a common area for kids to have headaches. The main thing I found was to make sure she's drinking enough water so I'm trying my best to keep an eye on that and it seems to be helping so far! 

I've blogged a good bit about Kye's Molluscum but Britt's is much worse. She has them ALL over her legs and spots on her face even. You can kinda see some of them in this picture. We are being super hardcore about it and not letting the kids bathe together (or really at all, we just shower off the girls). And are mindful about not sharing towels. And I'm using Zymaderm like crazy but it doesn't really seem to be helping with Britt. I'm so over it! 

We also had our first injury while we were away! Britt scraped her leg pretty paddle on a toy box corner at G-Mama's. Mrs Charlotte took her to the walk-in and hey did a couple stere-strips just to make sure it healed up nicely. I'm nervous if it's going to leave a scar but at the same time it's so high up on her thigh that it's an area that better not be being seen too much anyway ;) 

Britt loves reading and we're working through reading books this summer to keep her on track to school this fall!

Out of all of our children Britt talks about Tab the most. She's always asking questions about adoption and when we will meet him and how everything will go down (basically I rarely have any answers to give her!). She loves helping to organize his room and folded all of our baby blankets (which WHY do I have like 1,000 blankets!?! And omg the amount of SWADDLES!) to put in his room! 

Britt will be going to kindergarten this fall and will be in all day school! EEEEK! Big step! I looked back on my Pottery Barn Kids account and realized I'd already ordered Kye's school stuff at this point in summer so I jumped on it as fast as I could. most of the on sale designs were sold out so I let her choose from what was left. I'm actually super glad we went ahead and got her stuff because I don't love the new patterns? Even the Disney Princess one just isn't my fav? This weird owl with a crown is strange but she likes it and all the colors are cute together! 

Britt found a frog in the pool and we rescued him!

Britt's favorite thing is to SWIM. Child would swim in our pool all day everyday if she could! She LOVES it!!!

I love having a girly girl and before our big nail date we did our own at home ;) 

Britt is a great helper and it's C-RAZY to me that she can reach the counters stool needed! Ahhhh. SLOW DOWN TIME!

Britt also loves to help run errands! Although I don't think she quite knew what she was getting into with going grocery shopping with me ;) 

Britt struggled a bit when Kye went to camp and she LOVES her brother. BUT she was super excited to be able to run around all week in just her panties. She's often envious that Kye doesn't have to wear a shirt so she was thrilled for all the freedom!

At Cooper's party Robyn did cute superhero masks and Britt for some reason didn't want one? She regretted that decision when we got home and Zach helped her make one ;) 

Britt goes through spurts where she will be ALL ABOUT her chores and other times where she dreads doing them. She was not only all about them this particular week but she also finished them all before Wednesday and color coded her check off list ;) 

Britt is super silly and makes us all laugh all the about that Donald Trump hair style?

She has been doing AWESOME at Speech! She loves going and takes it very seriously and always has such a great time :) 


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