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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Daddy Afternoon

I am blessed with a wonderful husband. My kids are blessed with an amazing daddy! I recently attended a kid's clothing sale and ran some errands before the sale's such a nice thing that I can run and do things without the kids in tow and KNOW that Zach is doing just fine manning the fort on his own. I can't EVER think of a time where I called to check-in and see how things were going?!?! He's 100% supportive of their schedules, we are consistent in our parenting styles, and he has all their routines and rules DOWN! I'm telling you, he's pretty much a pro parent! Other than coming home to the kitchen a little messier than I'd like...everything always goes perfectly when I'm away!

On this particular occasion he surprised me even more by having taken PICTURES while I was gone. Um, that never happens! In fact, he took more than I probably would have AND got more smiles than I typically would be able to get too. Maybe he outshines me in the mommy department ;)

I also love how Zach brings a little more adventure to our kids lives. He's usually the one to think of letting them try things that I wouldn't have thought they were ready for (he's the one who taught Kye how to dress himself, take his own dishes to the sink, etc). He let Britt get into Kye's Jeep with him and Kye drove her around...I'm glad I wasn't home b/c I probably would have been having a panic attack haha!
Such a safe driver...keep those hands 10 and 2 bud!
1. I'm proud that Zach buckled her in
2. I crack up at her hair...rocking that random headband hahaha

Here's a video of them driving together!

He has been OBSESSED with wearing his Cat Creek Classic Jersey ;)
It's so cute that she clung to Z as much as she would have to me!

Daddy is THE BEST at swinging!

Kye ALWAYS points out to me that I can't swing him as high as Daddy can b/c I'm not as strong...

I don't go and do things very often with my friends or by myself and it's such a blessing that when I do I know the kids are well cared for and having FUN without me! I know so many moms wish their husbands were more involved in the parenting role and I know how lucky I am in that department!!! Really though, the KIDS are the ones who benefit the most. The memories they are making with their daddy will impact them for the rest of their lives and help shape them into the adults they will become :)


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