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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kye's 3rd Birthday Letter from Mommy

Again, blogger didn't post my pictures in something going on with them? So annoying! Anyway, even though I blog pretty much every detail of Kye's life I still enjoy the chance to sit down and write him a yearly birthday letter. You can go back and read his first birthday letter from me here and his second one here.
Dear Kye,

From the moment you were born I focused on what was next. Eager for you to sit up, excited to hear you speak, ready for those first steps. When you turned one I was excited, ready for the years of toddler life. When you turned two I was eager, ready for moving to a big bed and getting rid of the paci. This year, I don't feel the same way. Three is a little tougher on Mommy somehow. I don't know if it's because we welcomed your little sister this year so I'm constantly reminded of how little you once were and how quickly time really does pass. Or if it's that you're past those all important first three years of life where now my job is "easier" and not quite as vital as it once was. Whatever the reason, I struggled with seeing you become a year older on your big day. 
While I am looking forward to this year of three and all the amazing fun times we will have, I also want to just stop time. Freeze it and hold my sweet boy. When I was pregnant with Britt I was excited to meet her and have a fourth member in our family, but I also valued my relationship with you even more. You will forever be my first. We shared a special time together during those two years and nine months that none of our future children will get to experience. It was just you. And I will forever remember and cherish those days.

I have enjoyed every day with you since you were born but this past year has been especially fun. You have moved beyond just walking and talking to being an individual. Unique and special and YOU. I love watching you in play, making your cars (or toys or food or some other random objects) talk to each other and hearing all the different things you come up with. I love hearing you in constant song, often singing tunes you've made up on your own. I love that you pick out your favorite underwear, your favorite stories, and ask for your favorite foods. I love everything that makes you the Kye that you are.

I know as time passes you will not always want your mommy first. You won't always want my kisses, or my cuddles, or my attention. Before I know it you'll be chasing girls (well you already do that...), more interested in your friends, and want a life on your own beyond our home. While thinking of that breaks my heart in a small way, it also reminds me that I have such an important and valuable job. My duty as your mother is more than just to love you. It's my job to raise you to become a God loving man who honors his wife, provides for his family, and contributes only positive things to our society. It's a big responsibility! I'm so, so thankful that you have such an amazing example of such a man in your own father.

Seeing you with your daddy makes my heart so happy. In a world where divorce is expected, fathers are far undervalued, and the family is no longer important; you are so blessed. You, Britt and your future siblings have two parents who adore you and will do ANYTHING to make sure you are given every opportunity in this life and beyond. We are not the perfect parents. We are sinners and strive our best to grow and learn from the Lord. But we love you with our whole existence. It's impossible to put into words the emotions I feel when I think about you. I pray that you are blessed someday to become a father and that you can understand this bond that can never be broken.

I am so thankful that we raised you on a schedule and have always kept a pretty strict routine. This year was the year that it ALL really clicked and the pay off for our hard work became obvious to even strangers. People are constantly stopping us to compliment you. Not only how adorable you are, but especially at your behavior. Your obvious happiness, contentment, and obedience. Being the first you have been our learning child. We have learned everything we know as parents from raising you.

I could not be more PROUD of you Kye. When you enter a room you shine. You love people and truly want others to be happy. You are so passionate about everything you do and stay focused on a task until it is completed. You thrive in social settings and are such a great student in the classroom at school. You obey so well and want to do right. You love to pray and talk to God and get so excited about attending church. Be it bible study or services, you want to be there! You love to go-go-go (wonder where you got that from???) and you make every experience a joy. You are independent but also are eager to help others and share. We have our rough times and you get your fair share of spankings, but you are always quick to realize when you have made a poor choice and you want to make it right. You have such a loving heart and are also quick to forgive others in times when it's needed.

This past year was filled with so many fun memories together. Knowing that our family would become a family of four I tried to do lots of fun things with you and appreciate each day together. I will NEVER forget our trip to Disney World. It was truly a magical vacation and seeing your happiness only made me love Disney even more. Thank you for helping me get your Daddy to love it too ;) I also enjoyed our big trip to St Augustine. This year was when your schedule and the strictness of everything eased up some. You can be a little late to eat. You can stay up a little later on special occasions. You're more flexible and that makes travel easier for us. It also makes it more fun!

The first moment you met your little sister was one that will always be special to me. You have nothing but love for her. You simply adore her and she lights up when she hears your voice. You are already such a great big brother and your daddy and I can't wait to see your relationship continue to grow and your bond to be even stronger. You are SUCH a big helper and are so understanding when Brittlynn's needs have to come before yours. It's been a wonderful learning experience for us all and I cannot get over how smoothly you've taken this transition. Thank you for that as it really has made Mommy's life easier that you've been so wonderful!!! I love hearing you call her "sweet girl" and seeing your concern when she cries. I love that you cheer for her when her independent playtime ends and that you are the first at her bedroom door when it's time to wake her up. You haven't displayed a single ounce of jealousy. You quickly found more room in your heart to add Brittlynn and immediately understood that Mommy and Daddy love you BOTH so, so much.

This year I am so excited to see how much you will continue to grow and change. You are so proud to be "free" (three) and tell everyone that you are "big now." I am excited to see you swim this summer and can't wait to start stroke lessons in the fall! I am PUMPED about our TWO trips to Disney World and know they will be so fun just like your first trip. I am looking forward to having you home every day this summer and can't wait to see what fun we'll get into! Every day is an opportunity for new memories and I am honored to get to make them with you!

I want you to know Kye that I will ALWAYS and forever love you. My prayer for you is that you will only know of a life where you are completely surrounded by love. This world is harsh. It's mean and it's ugly and it's tough to stand up in the fight against Satan. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you in that fight. That I will always be in your corner and will protect our family to the best of my abilities. I hate that you will have to face pain and hurt in your life, but I can promise you that you will never feel that hurt within the borders of our family. We are your safety net. No matter what choices you may make on your path, nothing will ever push us apart. You are my son. My pride. My heart.

Thank you for being the child who made me a mother. Who changed my entire existence in the most awesome way possible. Who taught me a love I never knew was possible and a joy I would have otherwise never known. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me and for blessing my life each and every day. It's not always easy, it's not always fun, but I'm ALWAYS thankful for the life that God blessed me with when he blessed me with you.

Happy Third Birthday my sweet, sweet boy. Always remember that I love you more!
Love, Mommy

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