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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kye's 3rd Birthday Letter from Daddy

I am a sucker for traditions. Every year on Kye's birthday we have each written him a letter. I plan to continue this for as long as possible and to do one for each child. I think it's nice for me to write a letter, but it's important for Zach to write one. The kids will have PLENTY of reading to do from their mama thanks to this blog, but when do daddies really sit down and write to their children? You can go back and read Zach's letter to Kye from his first birthday here and from his second birthday here. Of course in true Emily fashion I like to include pictures in each letter of us alone with Kye (for some reason blogger scrambled them all up so they are in random order). Enjoy this year's letter from Daddy!

Dear Kye,

Wow! You are three!
 It is so crazy to think that just a few years ago I was living a life without you in it.

I am so proud to be your father.
 You are growing up so fast that I wish I could slow down time.

 I think my favorite thing we did during your third year of life was going to Disney.
(side note from Mommy: SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!)

 You had so much fun and I loved watching you light up.

 The best thing that happened this year was hearing you say, "I love you Daddy."

 I think you finally understand how much Mommy and Daddy love you and what it means to care for your family.

 I also enjoy watching you as a big brother.

 You are so sweet with your sister and I can tell you are going to always be such a great big brother to her.

 I love you so much and can't wait to see what happens this year with you!

 Love, Daddy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Casey's Lingerie Shower

On Friday March 9th Courtney and Morgan hosted Casey's lingerie shower at Courtney's house. It was nice to get a night away for some fun girl time!

lots of yummy desserts

 Panties for decorations
When I first walked in and saw the panties hanging up my heart sank because I had a feeling someone else had been looking for ideas on Pinterest...that's the downside of Pinterest. TONS of great ideas but other people find them too so you may risk people doing the same thing you did. Courtney and Morgan did the Panty Poem which I also did as my shower gift. :( There were a few differences but it did stink that they did theirs first! Boo! I should have probably just gone with my staple lingerie shower gift...crotchless panties (they always make for a good laugh but goodness they are tough to find!). At the end of the poem they read they gave Casey this nasty pair of panties that was some family members of theirs. It was pretty disgusting. And, Casey, I did you a favor by not posting the picture of you wearing them haha
Guess who this gift is from?!?! 
Yes, Crissy ;)
 My gift! 
Danielle bought me a hat box similar to this one at one of my showers and I use to store all my lingerie and other goodies in. I LOVE it and thought it'd be perfect to give to Casey!
 The Panty Poem is SUPER cute and makes a wonderful shower present, I wrote the full poem here!
All the gift opening was super fun. A really cute idea Morgan did was when she had all of us name each piece of lingerie that Casey opened. Then, on their honeymoon, Casey can tell Jordan just the names and he can pick which piece she wears each night. I thought that was super unique and it makes it even more fun for them! Crissy also wrote down comments we all made while Casey opened her gifts then read them off at the end as things Casey will be saying on her wedding night with Jordan. There were some funny ones for sure!

As part of Courtney's gift she passed down a special folder that her mom (Mrs. Charlotte) put together for her on her wedding night. Yes, "Courtney's Instructions For Honeymoon Night"!!!!
 Courtney looks like she's fondly remembering all the info in that folder haha
 Studying up
 Crissy could not BELIEVE Mrs. Charlotte put together that folder hahahaha
 It wasn't what you're probably was like info off the internet about the body parts involved. Like labeled pictures and stuff. It actually made it even more funny because it's like she was prepping Courtney for a biology class, not a honeymoon ;)
They also played chubby bunny...I think that's what it's called?!? Morgan played a video she took of Jordan. She asked him questions then would pause the video and have Casey answer the question about Jordan. After Casey answered she's play the video. If Casey and Jordan's answers didn't match then Casey had to put a marshmallow in her mouth and hold it in there. It was super funny and very insightful about Jordan! I remember we played it at a shower for Danielle and I'll never forget that Jonathan's favorite color is grey haha. Jordan's celebrity crush is Jennifer Love Hewitt which is sooo random because it's Zach's too. She's kinda old school am I right?!?!
 You can tell she felt like vomiting right from the start
 Love Robyn's face!

 She couldn't watch haha
It was a fun night filled with SO much laughter. I think Casey had a good time and I think that Jordan will enjoy all the goodies she got!!!

Group Shot: Crissy, Robyn, Susie, Kayla, Casey, Courtney, Morgan
 Same shot but Court and I switched places!
Casey and Morgan
 Courtney and Casey
 Casey and Kayla

 Robyn and Casey
 Susie and Casey
(she may be a preachers wife but she knows how to have a good time haha!)
 Crissy and Casey
 We totally don't look like we just busted out a baby now do we?!?! ;)
 Had to show off our post baby bods!
 With Robyn
 Casey and me
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