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Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello Santa!

I was totally 100% prepared to spend the $20 and up price for Kye to meet Santa at the mall. But lucky me, I didn't have to! It turns out our favorite local jewelry store, Steel's (which is also where Zach bought my ring and they let me borrow all their jewelry for our wedding!), had Santa visiting their store and it was free! So on Sunday after Kye's nap we headed up there to meet the man himself! Neither Zach or I were the least bit nervous. Our child is so easy with other people, I knew he wouldn't cry one bit and he didn't disappoint! The best thing about doing it at Steel's was that I got to use my own camera and didn't have to worry about long lines, spending lots of money, and crappy pictures! Hopefully this will be a yearly thing!

 "Who is this guy?"
Kye hadn't ever seen any candy before!
"can I have this Mommy?"
singing some Jingle Bells haha
I love how they both have the same expression!
such a sweet boy
a little laugh...and looking a little chunky too :)

the best one! not a smile but those are rare in pictures these days :)
We were even able to get some family shots with Santa!

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  1. That is a REALLY GOOD Santa! As always- you and Zach look really great! I love how laid back Santa looks HAHA


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