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Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Month Pictures

We took Kye's 6 month pictures on Friday and I was so excited and nervous. He was super fussy for the 3 month ones so they weren't mega awesome..but he was in a pretty good mood for these and Autumn captured some wonderful ones!!! I am so glad he's able to sit up now as that made for many more cute pictures, I hope there will be MORE HAIR by the 9 month ones! Enjoy my 6 month old boy who is filled with many, many expressions :)

Here is a link to the entire album of pictures!


  1. These are so cute. Kye's personality is really showing! I love the progression of the ones where he bit Zach's funny

  2. Boy has he grown! Your new haircut looks really cute too! What a lovely family:)

    -Ashley Troutman

  3. These pictures are awesome! What a great photographer! I love the way she captured Kye's personality in each one! My fav is the family one with the feet where Kye has a "what are we doing" face and your husband is smiling in the back. TOO CUTE!


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