Monday, February 20, 2017

Britt 5 Year Well Check

Britt had her 5 year well visit on Monday Feb 6th. I'm always pretty hardcore about scheduling EARLY morning appointments for my kids, especially with school and everything. But the dr called me and changed her appointment time to 10:45. So that meant I just had to get both her and Tess out of school for the appointment as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back to the school in time to pick up Tess! I'm so thankful for such easy going, well behaved girls as the long wait was a non-issue (even when the tv in the waiting room was off!). It is a benefit of the kids getting is def easier ;) 

Getting weighed and measured!

Hearing and vision tests!

I am never nervous about hearing because both Zach and I have great hearing...but vision always makes me nervous. I got glasses in 2nd grade so I'm just WAITING for my kids to need 'em. But Britt did great on both checks and passed them both with no concerns! I will probably wait until the summer before she enters 2nd grade to start taking her to the eye dr like I did with Kye. We have vision insurance so it just makes sense to take them once they reach that age since I did need glasses around then. I needed them PRIOR to then really and usually parents don't catch the vision issues until it's really bad since the eye exams at the pediatrician are so basic in nature. I'd rather catch any concerns early than wait until they are worse!

We had to go back out to the waiting room and they gave me that state form to fill out (insert eye roll here). So I let Britt draw all over the back of it while we waited! It's so funny b/c all the staff does know us so well that they don't even look over the questionnaire. It makes me sad that the state feels like they have to provide these forms for parents! 

Still working in the room on her form ;)

The love these two share yall is BEYOND precious!!! They never get tired of each other and are constantly kissing and hugging and want to be as close as possible all the time (to the point that I have to separate them at times!).

Britt is 44 inches tall (75th percentile), weighs 37.8 lbs (25th percentile) and has a BMI of 13.44 (4th percentile).  

At her 4 year well check she was: thankful for a pediatrician who doesn't push for weight gain. I hear so often of kids being "told" they "need" to add calories to their diet. Even as far as drinking chocolate milk etc. Which makes ZERO sense to me and will only create unhealthy choices for their diet in the future. So I'm glad that she wasn't concerned at all by Britt's low BMI or lower percentage for weight!

To compare, at Kye's 5 year well check he was  So funny how drastically different they were! I'm so interested to see where Tess falls in comparison to them both!

It's always fun to plug in the kids' stats into the Baby Center Height Predictor and it says at age 18 Britt will be 5'8"! It'll be crazy to have her be so much taller than me haha

She's currently in a size 3t/4t pants but is moving up to a size 5/6 shirt due to length. She MAY catch Kye here in clothing sizes pretty quickly! He's been in a 6/7 for stinking EVER and the 7/8 still seems massive on him! 

No shots at this visit but they did check her hemoglobin (finger prick) and she did well with it. It came back fine as did her urine check! Very healthy girl which we're very thankful for :)

I really didn't have ANY questions or concerns (which is rare for me not to have a list of things to discuss ha!) so we spent most of our time catching up on personal stuff. It's the benefit of becoming friends with the staff haha Everyone there has been SO sweet with asking about Zach and lifting him in prayer and they are all like family to us. We're truly so blessed to have so many people in our "village" who love our babies and care about our family!

Big girl growing on up! 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Tess Monthly Recap: January

This is all about Tess from January!

We started potty training Tess (very casually) in Dec of 2015. Since then we haven't put any pressure on pooping in the potty OR staying dry and clean during naps/nights. She's been going poop in her diaper during sleep times and it's worked out fine. The past several months she's been bothered by the diaper and especially by the poop in it. She started stripping off PJS in order to remove the diaper (not a good situation!) and always comments about not wanting to wear the diaper when she goes down to sleep AND it's the first thing she talks about when she wakes up. So I know our end of diaper days are nearing but she's gotta go POOP in the POTTY before that can happen! I've really kept it light with her, no pressure or anything about it and this month she called out to me during nap time that she needed to go potty. I took her and sure enough, she pooped in the potty! Very proud of her! She's also started to wake from some sleep times dry and clean! And she is so independent that she is starting to want to take herself potty. As in drag a stool over to the toilet, pull down her own pants, get on the potty, use the potty, wipe, pull up her pants, and flush the toilet. Whew. The "I do it! I do it" can be exhausting for Mama!

We aren't without the occasional accident though...especially when it's Wednesday night and Mommy is running crazy. Oops. I didn't have ANY panties or pants so the child had to go to Bible Study class in a shirt and pull up haha

Tess loves to sit quietly and color and draw. She and Kye are just so similar from infants to even now at the toddler stage. Britt was just my wild one ;) Tess is, overall, very very chill. 

She does awesome circles as well as lots of little scribbles!

She still very much loves to carry things around and especially items that can be put into larger containers to carry!

My little book worm :)

We went through and gave Tess all of Britt's too small play clothes and she's LOVING it!

She also loves playdoh and does so well not making a mess as well as following our rule of one container at a time. She'll completely clean up the container on her own before opening another one! 

When Kye was this age he was ALL about some Mighty Machines and Tess is ALL about some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I heard they stopped making new episodes of the actual tv show so I'm hoping that will mean DVDs will be cheaper. We only have a few DVDs and it's the only thing she wants to watch during video time!  

Tess has adjusted super well to going to school three days a week rather than 2. It's already (just in a month!) made a HUGE impact on her in the classroom. Her teacher says she's more involved in daily activities and is really opening up a lot more. I can tell she's loving it because she finally comes home singing little songs she learns at school ("circle like a ball" is on repeat around here). Someone even sent me this pic of her DANCING during chapel! How cute is that?!?!

Tess is also starting to have preferences about songs in the car...she LOVES "Shiny" and "Your Welcome" from Moana. She even sings along in the cutest littlest high pitch voice :)

One big thing I stress SO MUCH less about is FOOD. With Kye I stressed it but as we've added more kids to our mix, it's something I've worried less about. If Tess says she's done eating...then she can be done. But she is old enough now to understand incentives. Kye and Britt often want a little something extra (fig newtons and graham crackers are the usual "treat" around here #lamemom) and know they never HAVE to clean their plates UNLESS they do want something else then they must eat everything they are offered first. This has been a good thing for Tess and she's starting to really enjoy a larger variety of foods. Of my three she's always been my best eater. (I think it's b/c I have stressed the least about it!). But with the incentive of finishing her plate like her siblings (which is more of a motivator than the treat I think) she's really started to grub out!

I know that 2 can be a rough, wild age and I'm so thankful for my easy-going girl. We can run errands. Go to dr appointments. Drive or walk or pretty much anything and she's very easy going about it majority of the time. She's very well behaved and I love all the compliments from strangers about how straight up ADORABLE she is!

Britt's hair is SUPER straight and therefore is a struggle bc it just wants to lay straight no matter what I do to it. Tess can rock a cute pony like no other but, whew, when the child gets home from school it's hot mess city!

Tess truly ENJOYS being with me which makes my heart so happy. She will come up to me now and grab my hand and say "play with me!" and want me to come sit and play together with her. She's always been my most independent child and it's great for when I need to get stuff done around the house but I love that she's more interested in interacting with me now! She is still very cuddly and will always want me to hold her and sing to her before bed. She's not a "hip baby" by any means but does still let me carry her around when we go and do and will give such a great snuggles!

I LOVE those baby hands!

It's not always all roses with a toddler at home though ;) Tess struggles with first time obedience and gets upset easily when not given her way. She's got quite the stubborn streak and mixed with her independent nature it can create issues pretty often! Luckily I'm the parent and I can easily put her to bed early when needed ;)


Love this sweet girl!


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