Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tess Hospital Stay {Day 2}

On Tess's second day of life it was her due date! I couldn't believe I had my baby in my arms instead of in my belly. I had been so nervous about going past my due date. So worried about the appointment I had scheduled for that morning. I was BEYOND thankful to not have to go to that appointment!!! She arrived at the perfect time and I'm so grateful for God's timing in it all!

Leading up to her birth I was very excited to take a LOT of pictures in the hospital. Again, I knew once we got home life would be crazy. And I also knew that my easy-going-letting-the-baby-sleep-wherever attitude would be ending once I went home. I wanted to take as many sweet newborn baby pics as I could while in the hospital. Sure, it meant I wasn't sleeping when the baby was sleeping. But I got through okay and have no regrets about that :)
Other than her busted blood vessels in her eyes and her clogged tear ducts, she was such a perfect new baby! Her skin was SO PRETTY and just everything about her was flawless. Katie said it best...she said that if we lived in Hollywood and talent scouts were at our hospital looking for babies for tv shows and such that she'd FOR SURE get picked haha. I def agree ;) 

Everyone constantly says how much she looks like Britt. I'm planning to do a comparison post but I really don't think she looks all that much like Britt at all. Her lips are one of my favorite things about her and it's funny because I always loved Britt's lips too. But my girls have drastically different lips. Britt's are MEGA full on the bottom and Tess's remind me more of Kye's where they are fuller on the top. 

Love her sweet little ears and those MEGA long lashes!!! I have NEVER seen a baby with such long lashes!

Her hair looks a little wavy doesn't it? I'm interested to see if she ends up having some curl in it! It looks black but actually has a LOT of light hair mixed in so I'm sure it's going to lighten up like her siblings. She looks like she may have a small stork bite on the lid of her left eye but it's barely noticeable. She was also born with SUPER long finger nails and I had to nibble them down in the hospital and were super mindful of keeping mittens on her. She didn't get scratched up one bit!

Both Kye and Britt held their heads up pretty much right at birth...but not Tess! She was truly a doll baby and couldn't hold hers up. I assumed its because she is my smallest newborn? She was 7 lbs and 20 inches, Britt was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches, and Kye was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20.75 inches. 

Even though she's asleep in pretty much all of these pictures, Tess was MEGA alert right at birth and continued to have wide open eyes for our hospital stay too. She opens them so wide and I love making eye contact with her. She also smiled constantly, especially when she heard her daddy's voice which I know he loved ;) She is similar to Zach in that she sleeps with her mouth open much of the time and that she marks easily. If I held her she'd have little red spots on her skin from where I had touched her. Zach's skin also turns red easily! But I do think her darker skin tone comes from me ;)
I REALLY wanted one of these hats when we had Britt but they didn't have any so I asked for one when Tess was born. I love, love, love the little bow :)

When we ordered the baby bedding for the nursery we sent the designer the ultrasound picture that revealed if we were having a boy or a girl. We'd never gotten an ultrasound picture showing "those parts" before! And, no, we weren't tempted AT ALL to look! I had them put it in an envelope and then I mailed it to the bedding designer so she'd know which set to make (we planned both a boy set and a girl one). When she sent me the bedding (which we left unopened and in the nursery closet until after Tess was born!) she also sent a separate envelope with the ultrasound inside! It was neat to check it out (although I have NO CLUE what the heck I was looking at haha) and to see "it's a girl!" on it! 
I was pretty excited to take these pics! I bought a set of "Hello My Name Is" tags and brought along both a pink and blue marker so I could make them girly or boyish for some pics!

And I packed several bows too :) I had a couple boy accessories ready too!

Pretty blue eyes!
Good view of those long lashes...and bushy eye brows ;)

Her little feet were so wrinkled and precious!!!

Even though I was tired, I was feeling GREAT! I did ask for some pain meds to help keep me from hurting and they worked great (it was some kind of Tylenol). I wanted to prevent pain as much as I could. My arms were a bit sore but my legs felt fine. Having the big postpartum room meant I was pretty far from the bathroom and I think that walking really helped in my healing. I stayed out of the bed as much as I could and my bleeding was not nearly as much as it'd been in the past. I didn't originally plan to wear my pj pants but am glad I packed them because I wore them the entire time! I also took a shower both nights and did not pass out this time :) I was careful not to stay in too long. Our town has had water issues lately and there was zero water pressure so it wasn't like I wanted to stay in anyway haha! 

The first 24 hours my nipples were tender and hurt pretty bad. I let them air out as much as I could and loaded up on lansinoh cream between feedings. I think every nurse in the hospital saw my boobs by the end of my stay haha I kept apologizing about it and they told me that they had pretty much seen it all. Speaking of having seen it all...the first day when we had Tess seven other babies were also born. Zach made a joke to one of the nurses that three of the babies born that day were his and she believed him!!! Haha! She said it legit happens often that she'll see the same daddy up there multiple times with different baby mamas. SO funny! Also when we checked into my room my phone was missing and they said people steal them all the time. I mean who would steal a hospital room phone?!?! SO random! I tried, even when tired, to be super nice to the staff and I was VERY impressed with everyone this time around. They have seriously made a LOT of improvements since I had Britt and I enjoyed my stay the most this time...I really considered it a mini-vacaation and was in no hurry to leave ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hospital Visitors {Day 2}

Even though I didn't get much sleep that first night in the hospital, I still wanted to get up and get ready for the day. I remember with past babies that it was tough to get ready between visitors and I wanted to start the day off feeling fresh!

They told us that they would have to come and get Tess from us at 6:15 in order for her to be seen by our pediatrician that morning when he made his rounds. I remember very well how long they kept Carter from Casey and how it totally messed up his day so I wasn't about to let them keep Tess too long! I told them that they could take her when she was done nursing and that I needed her back to eat again. Of course, she wasn't back when we wanted her back. I called down there to them and they said our dr hadn't been by yet and that they needed to keep her until he came by. Zach got pretty crunk about it and told me to tell them she's my baby and I want her. He takes nursing seriously and she was late for her feeding! I told them I'd give them a few more minutes and when I got off the phone Zach said "that's it. I'm going to get her." 

Luckily, the lactation consultant (who is new and I LOVE HER) happened to be in the nursery when I called and she and Zach crossed paths because she heard me on the phone and when I hung up with the nursery staff she brought Tess to me!!! While I was feeding her the pediatrician came into our room, I unlatched her, and he took like 5 seconds to do his exam then I could go right back to feeding her ;) Worked out great!

When he did the exam he said she was perfect! I asked about her fluid and he said it all looked fine (I think it'd already cleared up a lot from the day prior). He did say she had a clogged tear duct (her eyes were very goopy and yellowish) and just to massage it throughout the day and it would clear itself up soon. He also said she did not have any tongue tied issues. We didn't catch Britt's tongue until after we got home and if Tess needed hers clipped I wanted to do it while at the hospital! Luckily, it wasn't a problem!

Rachael text me that morning asking for a pic! I think this was the only time she was even fussy haha I told Rachael that she was saying she missed Auntie Rach ;)
Zach and I had a little time with Tess that morning and he enjoyed loving on her before the big kids arrived. I love this video he took of her hiccups :) Our plan for the day was for Mrs. Charlotte to bring the older kids to the hospital around 9:30. Zach would take them home and Mrs. Charlotte would go do some baby shopping ;) The kids had a lot of fun things to do while Mommy and Baby were in the hospital. We had talked about it a ton leading up to the birth and I knew they would be eager to get things going!

Kye and Britt were SO excited when they arrived! I really am so in love with the pictures from Tess's birth. Zach's face showed his love all over it and these that I took of Kye are very much the same. You can just SEE his adoration for his newest sister!!! So yes, I took a lot of them ;)

Britt loves her too!

Proud Big Sister

Haha Britt ;)

My three greatest blessings!

Timing worked out well for Mrs. Charlotte's shopping trip. Whenever we have a new baby she has a tradition where she goes shopping while we're in the hospital. Since we don't find out the sex of the baby no one can buy us any clothes while I'm pregnant so G-Mama likes to spoil 'em with new clothes once they arrive! This was a tradition that she always did with my mom. I'm thankful Mrs. Charlotte didn't forget about going and that Mr. Rusty even supported her spending the money on our Tess. It meant a lot to me and the timing worked out great because it was Tax Free weekend! Plus I had an awesome coupon I gave to her that was good for that weekend only. Maybe Tess was waiting to arrive so she could get those good deals on clothes ;)

Jordan came up to visit for a bit while Zach and the kids were still there. He's such a great uncle to our babies!

Zach and the kids headed out to get started on all of their plans (that included going to buy Tess a present from each sibling, decorating her nursery with the bedding, making a welcome home sign for us, and having lots of fun with Daddy!). I was very tired but had no plans to nap that day. With Britt I had her sleep in her little crib at the hospital, but with Tess I just wanted to savior our quality time together. I knew once we got home that life would be crazy and that my attention would be very divided. I wanted to enjoy my one-on-one time with her as much as possible. Since Zach wasn't there I could get away with holding her more haha. I loved on her a lot, took a lot of pics (post to come) and let any visitors that stopped by hold her too! She got some great spoiling!

Courtney came by for a bit!
A visit from Auntie Katie on her lunch break!
That afternoon Mrs. Charlotte came back from shopping and Casey was able to come visit for a little bit as well which was perfect timing to see all the clothes! G-Mama did AWESOME and got such cute things for Tess. Having a girl is SO FUN!!! 

Once the kids were up from naps they headed back up to the hospital to visit some more. Zach didn't like being away from me and Tess for too long which was super sweet. They brought their gifts for Tess and my push present with them. I had packed the gifts I put together for them with me and had them ready at the hospital for them too! I felt bad b/c ZACH was the ONLY person without a present!!! Oops! 
Zach and the kids got me a beautiful ring and matching earrings! They are the August birth stone. I know Tess was born in July but the July birthstone is Ruby...which I'm not a big fan of and Zach didn't really like it either. He went with the August one (a pretty green color) because she was due in August and he just knew I'd like that color better. Plus it's his birth stone so that's special to me too! I love, love, love the whole set!
Zach did not luck out with it being Tax Free weekend. He took the kids to Target and it was a MAD HOUSE! Britt picked out an adorable baby doll for Tess! I love it and it's her first baby :) Kye got her a squeaky elephant that I'm sure will get played with (and annoy me to death) often! 
Oh Tess, get ready for a life of overstimulation haha

The kids never expected a present and were just so happy to give me my gifts and gift Tess hers. But I'm glad I put together a fun little bag for each of them and they were so pumped about it! You can see everything included in them here

Had to put on my new jewelry :)

LOVE this man :)
Nursing went really well that whole day. At 11:45 that morning she started eating and then ALL she wanted to do was eat. She didn't stop eating until close to 3:00! I just let her nurse as much as she wanted. Mr. Rusty, Katie, and Sarah (friend from church) all popped in for a visit while she was hardcore nursing. She'd take little breaks and be held and such but then she'd just want to eat some more. Since she went so long the day before without eating I just wanted to let her do her thing. Plus MY MILK CAME IN. I couldn't believe it! She had white milk around her mouth and I could feel the let down and fullness. I was in shock that it came in that FAST! I had just birthed her 24 hours prior! I figured maybe that had something to do with her need to nurse for so long? 

By the evening I was EXHAUSTED. Between the lack of sleep and the hardcore nursing session I was pretty out of it. Robyn came to spend the night with me and I showered and we got ready for bed pretty much as quickly as possible. I cannot thank Robyn enough for staying with me that night. It's such a big sign of a TRUE friend. Not only did she offer to stay, but she legit wanted to. I am so, so thankful for her friendship! It was def a bonding experience and it's a night I'll always look back on with fond, happy memories :)
Changed my first diaper! And it was NASTY poop! What's crazy is my milk came in AND her poop already started to transition to the yellow, seedy poop! All just in 24 hours! She pooped so, so much and had so many wet diapers that I had a hard time tracking them all. 
Not happy about the diaper changing!

The first night when they offered to let Tess and I both sleep as long as 6 hours I was hardcore about refusing that offer and told them I HAD to have her at 3 hours max. That second night though I was so, so sleepy. Even that afternoon when the nurses and such came in they could tell how exhausted I was and one sweet nurse offered to take her to give me a little break. I think I maybe got a 30 min nap haha. I talked to Robyn, texted Casey, and talked to the nurses and decided to let Tess go a little longer that night, if she would. I needed my sleep and she had nursed SO MUCH that day! Of course she ended up not sleeping any longer than 3 hours from her last feeding haha. She did go one spurt where she went 4 hours between feedings so I was able to get close to 3 hours of solid sleep which was amazing! I still didn't get much sleep that night but enjoyed those late night feedings and tried my best to let Robyn sleep! 

I don't typically take pictures nursing but now that it's my third baby I just LOVE it in a way I didn't fully appreciate with the others. Having that closeness and having her sweet little hands holding me is just the best thing in the world. I'm thankful to have a couple pictures of this experience as it's something you do quickly forget and I always want to hold tight to these sweet moments! 

We didn't get much sleep but we had fun and Robyn got a lot of quality Tess time which is super hard to do when we both have kids running around all the time ;) So thankful to not be alone that night and to have such wonderful company! 

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