Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kye Monthly Summary: June

This is Kye's summary from June! I'm enjoying the weekly recaps and love how they make these posts MUCH shorter and easier to write. It makes me dread them less ;) I know my kids will really enjoy these someday but they are my least favorite blog posts because they are so time consuming!

This month we spent a LOT of time having FUN.  I really, really love summer with the kids and this summer was especially important to me because Kye will start all day school in the fall. If you haven't read our summer recaps, they are full of a lot of fun stuff as that was my goal this summer!

We swim a good bit in the summer and this has been the first year Kye has needed to start wearing goggles. Even though we have a salt system his eyes are just sensitive and they started getting really red when he did a lot of swimming. It's hilarious because I just let him use my goggles and they fit him just fine haha. Big headed child ;) 

Checkers is Kye's favorite game. I feel bad for him because no one else really ever wants to play. I personally am not a checkers fan. Man it's sooooo long and I just don't have the time or mental space anymore for that. I always feel like I have a million things I should be doing and Kye loves playing against me because he typically wins ;) Britt is old enough now to where she wants to play with him but she also gets bored with it quickly. Usually she and I will be on a team and I will tell her where to move each piece and then she gets bored so Kye and I just play and then I get bored and line myself up to get jumped haha! I do good up until there are just kings left. Then I'm over it!

Kye really blossomed in his reading towards the end of the school year so I really wanted to keep that ball rolling and make sure he stayed on top of his reading. He no longer sleeps during naps but still has nap time. During that time he has a journal he writes in every day and then he will read books. He LOVES to read! And he's so great at it! There are no pauses or sounding out words...he just READS :)

Kye still very much loves to do for others. He is always making me little notes and thinking of ways to make me feel special. He is such a blessing to others!

He finds boxes and fills them with crafts he's made for me

The only downside of Kye's ability to read is card picking. I used to be able to just sit there and read a few cards and find what I wanted to buy but now Kye wants to pick out the cards and sits and reads through a bunch of them...and has to be reminded to stay in the 99 cent section :)

He picked this one for Big Papa and he's starting to use humor in his card writing...just like his daddy always does!

I always have read that at about this age kids stop thinking chores and such are fun but not Kye! He loves it and will constantly ask me what he can do around the house! It's awesome because he's able to LEGIT help!

He's even getting legit helpful in the kitchen too! Finally!!!

With his abilities comes that desire for more responsibility and independence. He's started begging me to let him make lunch for everyone. One day I had a bad migraine (which rarely happens to me anymore thank the lord) and he told me to just go lay in bed and he'd watch the girls and make their lunch. Tempting offer haha but I did let him make the lunch for them, at least most of it. 

Another day, more help from my lunch partner!

He and Britt picked these flowers for me one evening :)

Kye is really into photography and is constantly using his or Britt's camera to take pictures or asking if he can use mine. I don't mind letting him use mine at all and hope he enjoys it enough to where we can have some soft of photographer talent in the family ;)

I'm so thankful for my days at home with him. I know this era is coming to an end and I just want to soak it up as much as I can. One afternoon I told him to get up early from nap and we had a mini date where we drank some hot chocolate and just shared our hearts. I love my boy!

Kye is the best big brother. He truly looks out for his sisters and takes such good care of them. Britt does test his patience though but with Tess he's yet to ever be annoyed or bothered. I'm interested to see how that evolves and changes over time!

This is everything haha I can tell he's thinking "Oh sister!"

More About Kye This Month:

  • Kye does not like getting hot outside, he would much rather do crafts inside!
  • He really needs his alone time and I'd for sure say he's an "introvert"
  • I downloaded Dubsmash this month after Courtney and Jolee were obsessed with it on our beach trip...I don't get the appeal? And neither did Kye haha he thought it was super dumb!
  • I do have two apps Kye can utilize on my iPad: one for math facts and another for site words. I allow him to do those a couple times a week and feel that with those combined with the journalling and reading he should be good to go for school!
  • Phillip Phillip's song "Home" is Kye's FAVORITE. I love it too and we blast it on the regular!
  • I was SO proud of Kye on our Parker family trip. Mr. Rusty is that type of person that always, always has the TV on. I'm thankful that it's at least on sports so it's not as bad but I still don't like my kids watching tv...especially commercials. We've trained the kids to turn away and not look when they know something bad is on tv and while we were on the trip I saw Kye, on his own, turn his head away so he wouldn't see the commercials when he was watching sports with Big Papa! 
  • Kye prays a lot for "bad guys" and prays that someone will tell them about Jesus
  • I asked Kye what he thinks his best quality is and he said his heart :)
  • I love that Kye is so into taking pictures now. I mentioned how it'd be cool for him to take lots of pics when he grows up and he said that he's going to give his wife the camera and tell her to do the same job I do (blogging) with the pictures he takes of their kids ;)
  • Kid can GRUB. He is constantly asking for 2nd and 3rd helpings at dinner. Grocery shopping is about to get more expensive! I told Zach that really Tess in the family is doubling our grocery bill because Kye is eating twice as much and Tess eats the same amount as Britt already!
  • When we went to the library to see the animals Kye raised his hand to speak when they were showing the kids the alligator. In that room full of people he went on and on about the Bible and related the alligators to some story about kings in the bible. It was a little embarrassing because he was rather long winded but MAN I was so proud of him. He speaks the truth about God's word whenever possible and brings everything back to God! He's going to touch so many lives and lead so many to Jesus if he keeps that up!
  • He adores Tess but has started to get a little rougher with her. I had to explain to him that he's strong like Daddy and that he doesn't like it when Daddy is too rough with him so he needs to be careful not to be too rough with her too! 


I love this precious boy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Recap: Week 7

This week of our summer was from Saturday June 27th through Friday July 3rd. On Saturday we celebrated Zach's Father's Day and you can read all about it here :) 

We attend church services twice on Sundays. We have Bible Study then morning worship then go back for an evening worship service (we also attend a Wednesday night Bible Study as well). Our church has started having Spiritual Enrichment Group meetings once a month where we meet with a smaller group of people to get to know each other better and have a small Bible study together instead of Sunday evening services. Zach's family's church doesn't do SEG meetings but does have a double church morning ever-so-often where they have potluck after morning services then immediately go into their "evening" worship service but at like 2 rather than 6. Sometimes it works out where we have SEG and they have early services on the same Sunday. It happened this week so I thought of a fun idea to have everyone over to swim and eat a simple dinner (tacos). It was a blast! 

Tess loves to "jump" in the pool!

They are twins even in their random confused faces haha

Wherever Uncle Jordan is...that's where you will find Britt!

Of course the boys made up a game!

One of our plans for summer was to have a cousin sleep over! It made sense to just have Colt and Payton stay after the swim party :) They had a BLAST playing and the boys got to stay up and play Mario Karts with Zach before bed. We let Kye play for 20-30 min a week with us and only Mario Karts. He's done really well with it and it hasn't caused any issues and has been a good lesson for him in winning and losing. Colt enjoyed getting to play too! And the girls were so sweet reading books together in Britt's room!

I've given a LOT of thought to sleep overs. I've read a LOT of articles about the advantages and disadvantages to having them and I've reflected a lot on my own personal experiences with them growing up. And I personally just don't see us having sleep overs with friends. I think cousin sleep overs, for now, are fine but I can also see us not allowing them to sleep in the same room in the future. And if there are friends who spend the night I also don't see us ever doing in the same room sleeping arrangements. And I don't see us being okay with our kids spending the night at other people's homes. It's still something I'm praying about and thinking about and I know we're getting close to spend the night party ages, especially for Kye, and it's going to be something Zach and I will need to be on the same page about. But I believe in the saying "nothing good happens after dark." What good things really happen when kids/teens spend the night together? They can have JUST as much fun having a later playdate or even staying in the same house over night but sleeping in separate rooms! 

It was super cute listening on the monitors to them though. Kye and Colt were debating whose dad is stronger haha! It was hilarious. Zach and I were CRACKING up! Then the girls were reading to each other and poor Payton was ready to go to sleep but Britt wasn't having it. I felt bad for Payton but she handled her own and they both, finally, went to sleep!

This was the sleep over aftermath and adds another reason to why I can see us deciding against them in the future. Both kids were a MESS. Exhausted and just really unable to function. It took Britt a good couple of days to get back to herself!

This week I got wind of a rumor that my beloved Gap Factory store in a nearby town was closing it's doors. When I heard earlier this year that the Gap brand is closing a lot of stores I had a bad feeling. The "outlet" (using that term extremely loosely here) we have near us has literally like 4 stores left in it. I'm honestly surprised we've kept Gap as long as we have. But man y'all. I cried real tears over this news. Lame? Maybe. But Gap Outlet is my JAM. Kye even prayed "please let Gap stay open because it's where Mommy gets all my shirts" haha. I legit love Gap and it's been a place of some awesome "me time" over the years. I've nursed my babies in their dressing room. I've gone on shopping sprees with friends. I've cried and vented about issues while loading up on sales. I just love it. Plus it's cheap and I get GREAT deals there. I'm super, mega sad to see it go and called an emergency shopping session with Casey! It did end up being our last shopping adventure to Gap together. :(

For the memories...

This week Kye and Britt decided to put on a show. I really think Kye has a future in the business world. Kid is just a straight up entrepreneur. He had his show and also set up a stand with stuff for sale. He wanted to grab people's attention by offering something for free and then charging for other items ;) 

You can see a video of his performance here
Entrepreneur? Yes. Singer? Probably not!
At least the message is good and godly :)

Kye had an intermission and served us water and cookies

Then it was Britt's turn to perform! You can see it here :)

This week I took the big kids to watch Zach and Jordan play in the basketball tournament. I took Tess to Mrs. Charlotte's and she did her bedtime routine then met me with her after the game. It was still past her bedtime when we got home but it worked out and Tess did fine and it was worth it to support Daddy and Uncle Jordan :)  We got there super early and the kids' favorite part was getting to play basketball!

It was kid's night at CFA so I drove through and got us some dinner too!

While basketball is sooooo annoying in that it's every week and super late at night, I do love to watch Zach play. Basketball isn't my favorite sport and it's no where NEAR like watching him play football but it does always bring back those memories of my time in the stands cheering him on. He even makes basketball look good ;) 

It's also so funny to see him and Michael (my friend Kori's husband) matched up bc they are so similar in size and build!

 I had to keep reminding Britt to cheer for Daddy too...

This week Zach gave the kids a job of picking up sticks in the yard. I asked him to please not ask them to do that again unless he's home to supervise b/c omg the drama. Kye of course loved to help and was eager to help and was all about it. Britt, also of course, cried the whole time because she didn't want her shoes and hands to get dirty haha. It FINALLY got done and they got popsicles! 

Probably crying b/c the popsicle was cold haha

The fire station was our big outing this week (you can read about it here!) but I spent most of my time packing for our BIG beach trip! Y'all. Packing with a toddler is insane and packing us all for a week-long trip took me a full week to prepare for! It was SO WORTH IT but whew it was work! We've realized now that when we have a big trip or I need the house deep cleaned for an event we're hosting that it works best for Zach to come home early from work one afternoon and take all the kids up to the playroom. They play and I get stuff DONE :) 

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