Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Recap: Week 7

Week 7 of summer was a BUMMER. We left from the Parker trip early due to my face situation and my week pretty much consisted of doctors visits and zero fun.  This week covers Monday June 27 - Friday July 1st.

The upside was all the meds I was on. I got a GOOD bit of stuff done thanks to steroids!!!

Timing worked out this week though for Kye to at least still have a fun week! He went to work out at Mr. Rusty's farm picking corn and preparing it to be creamed. It was a very "proud mom" situation. I wasn't there the whole time (he went one day then asked to sleep over at G-Mama's and went back a second day!) but heard NOTHING but positives about Kye. His behavior, his choices, and especially his hard work ethic! Not just from one person either but from multiple people who were there or who stopped by. It's always great to see your kids making good choices but it's even better to not be around them and hear it from others! He had a BLAST with his cousins and it was a learning lesson for me. I like to be PART OF all the fun my kid's have. But it's okay that they have fun without me (at least once in awhile haha). I hate that I wasn't part of this memory for him but sometimes being away from Mommy and Daddy makes it even more of a fun time ya know?

While Kye was gone Britt and Tess had a lot of "panty only" time. Kye often runs around in his underwear (which we're working on reminding him to put on shorts) and Britt is envious that she has to wear clothes haha So when the boys are away, it's time for panty play!

I was proud of Britt for how she handled Kye being away. She's just too young to be part of the corn stuff yet and she understood and had a BLAST with some Mommy time!

I took Tess's party pics this week (post to come b/c omg they are precious!) and was excited when she was featured on the Instagram page of Muffin Tops and Tutus!

On top of my multiple days of dr visits, I also ended up taking the girl in to be seen. Britt had some issues with her privates bothering her. I'm prone to issues down there and know they started as a young girl so I wanted to make sure she was good to go before our trip to the beach! Tess also broke out in a rash so I had them check her too. 

Both girls were fine! Tess always gets a rash associated with teething. And Britt just needs to take regular baking soda baths and use ointment occasionally to keep things operating smoothly and comfortably! I'm glad we went before the beach because the chlorine pool and the beach sand are not a good combo for female issues!

Face issues, dr visits, and LOTS of packing filled my week! I love to have the kids coordinate their outfits, especially when traveling. But, whew, it does take some WORK! I actually take a pic of all their outfits laid out together so while on the trip I know what they are wearing when ;) 

Girl loves to dunk food in her water? Yuck.

Britt had been asking and asking to cut off her hair. She wanted it "all the way to my chin" but Daddy wanted it to at least graze the shoulders. Zach really wanted me to take her to get it cut before we left for the beach as it'd be SO much easier to handle on the trip if it was shorter. I'm so thankful for a sweet friend who was able to get us in at the last minute!

Finished Product! She looks SO GROWN

We left for the beach Saturday and I was SO THANKFUL for a LOT of improvements with my face by Friday afternoon!!!

A tradition I've been looking forward to since Britt was born has been getting our nails done. A lot of "mother/daughter" stuff isn't really fun until little girls are older. Shopping and nails are two things you can't really do with a young baby! Britt had never been to get her nails done and I was SO PUMPED for this! We decided to make it a yearly tradition to get our nails done before our yearly beach trip. I looooove traditions, especially starting new ones!

We had an appointment set. She got a mani and pedi and I just got a pedi. Y'all. It's SO crazy expensive to get your nails done! I just can't justify it! The pedi is at least worth the experience so I'm glad we got to do that together!

She loved getting to pick out her colors :)

A little too short for the massage chair!

I could NOT stop smiling. I cried multiple times. It was just a dream come true for me. Growing up I'd always wanted a daughter and these are the types of experiences I was so excited to have. So thankful that God gave me the gift of not one daughter, but two!

Special water ;)

All of the nail techs are super nice but sometimes the language barrier is an issue. The girl kept messing up Britt's colors and I didn't want to just "let it go" because it was her first time there, she was excited for the exact colors she wanted and if I'm paying that much for something I want it done how she wants it!

She loved the leg massage!

4 or 14??!?!

We had THE BEST TIME. It was truly a dream come true for me and I'm glad I waited to start this tradition until she was old enough to really appreciate and enjoy it! 

We had to go to CVS on the way home to get more meds for me so I let Britt hold my phone to look through our special nail pics ;) 

Blue fingers, pink toes! All of which were GONE by the next morning. For real. 

It was a pretty bummer week but I'm so thankful for the time to HEAL and REST and just prepare for our beach trip. It's my favorite trip every year and I didn't want to let anything get in the way of making the precious memories with my family! 


Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Tips to Ease Transitions and Avoid Meltdowns for Toddlers

We've all been there. You're at the playground with friends and it's time to leave. And, sure enough, your toddler has an epic meltdown. How can this be avoided??? Today the topic of Babywise Friendly Blog Network Pinterest Day is transitions and I'm talking about ways to help your toddler transition to avoid those dreaded meltdowns! Toddlers feel emotions in a BIG WAY and communicate those emotions through tantrums, sobfests or just straight meltdowns. Transitions are SO important at this crucial age. Communicating with them, letting them know what's coming next, and preparing them when it's time to switch gears all help them to juggle these tender emotions and avoid meltdowns. 

1. Meet Their Needs: It may seem obvious but making sure your toddler is full and well rested are both important elements to avoid meltdowns. All the transitioning prep in the WORLD won't help your toddler avoid a tantrum if they aren't previously set up for success. As a parent it's easier to see that a baby is overtired or hungry than it is a toddler. Often we become more slack on the toddler schedule because they are at such a fun age to go and do and experience the world. But without their set routine in place you can't fully ENJOY the experiences with them because those meltdowns will occur and they will occur often.

2. Prepare in Advance: When you pull up to the playground, let your toddler know your expectations. "We'll be at the playground for a little while and we will have fun but if you choose to pitch a fit we will leave." Lay the groundwork to let them know if THEY choose to misbehave then the fun will end. Letting them know the plans in advance also helps prepare them to transition from sitting in the car to playing and having fun but while knowing it's for a limited time and with expectations attached. I also don't recommend preparing too far in advance. Toddlers have short attention spans and it's best to communicate with them right when the event is about to happen rather than before you leave the house or that morning when they wake up etc. 

3. Begin The Transition Early: You know you have to leave the playground in 5 minutes. Toddlers don't understand time. I've heard SO many moms say "ok son, 5 more minutes." That child has no clue how long 5 minutes is. And when that 5 minutes is up they surely won't be ready to leave. Instead it's better to put it in more concrete terms that the child DOES understand. Instead of a time frame let them know "Ok honey, we are leaving in a few minutes so we have time for 3 more slides." Make sure you require a YES MA'AM response. Not only does this let you know they heard you but that they understood. And as they go down the slide? Remind them "that's have two more." Then "that's two...this is the LAST TIME." 

4. Praise Praise Praise: When they come down that slide for the last time? Tell them to come to you and that's it's time to go and PRAISE LIKE CRAZY! They obeyed, they did awesome and they need to be cheered on for it. Having that happy attitude when it's time to leave something fun is contagious. They will feel happy because you are happy and they will be less likely to have a breakdown. 

5. Say Bye Bye: My favorite tool for transitioning is saying goodbye. When I put my daughter down for nap she has NO issues putting down whatever toy she's holding. She puts it down and says "Bye bye toy!" She thinks it's hilarious to tell everything in her room "bye bye" and it makes it so easy to transition from play time to nap time. Same goes for leaving the playground. Say "Bye bye slide! See you later!" Telling something (or someone) goodbye helps the toddler to realize they are leaving but also reminds them that they can see it again (or visit again) in the future. It's a clear transition term. We're done with this and moving on to something else. 

These tips work in ANY and EVERY situation. I used the playground as an example because that's SUCH a common place for toddlers to have breakdowns. But, as I mentioned, it works great at home when it's time for bed. Or time for bath. Or time to get in the car. Or really anything! Make sure those needs are met in advance, prepare for what's coming, begin in advance of the change, praise like crazy, and say "bye bye" to give a clear marker of the transition occurring. Bam! Happy, meltdown free toddler! 

Be sure to visit all of the Babywise Friendly Bloggers today on this topic! And if you're not already following me on Pinterest you can do so here (tons of resources on parenting, party planning and more!) and also the Babywise Friendly Bloggers have our own Pinterest page here!

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