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I first discovered the book Babywise when my first baby was 3 weeks old and it was a total and complete game changer for me as a first time mom. It truly shaped my parenting style and gave me my confidence in motherhood.

I am a "hardcore Babywise mom" and LOVE the opportunity to help other mama's navigate the Babywise waters! Here are all of my posts related to Babywise (page is in progress and does not currently reflect all of my Babywise content...use the search bar at the top of the blog to find the posts you're looking for if they cannot be found yet on this page):

Babywise in General:
Benefits of Babywise:
Baby Gear:
Sleep Props:

Babywise Friendly Blog Network:

I'm a member of an incredible group of women who are all Babywise mama's and bloggers! They have a TON of awesome Babywise resources on their blogs. You can read more about each of them here :) 

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