Kye’s Surgery ~ Meatotomy

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I can’t stand blogging out of order, but sometimes stuff happens where you just have to. I thank everyone for your prayers for Kye’s Surgery and didn’t want to leave you hanging for like a month to find out what all happened.

Kye had surgery on Monday April 2nd. We got home from Casey’s wedding weekend Sunday morning then had our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon (many posts to come on both, I promise!). It was nice to stay busy. It helped me keep my mind off things. Sunday night I started preparing for Monday. We made sure Kye had a LOT to drink right before bed since he wouldn’t be allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight (not that he has ever had anything to drink or eat after bedtime anyway!). We also put him to sleep in his favorite Woody pjs so we could just grab him and go the next morning.

To prepare for surgery I read this blog post from The Babywise Mom. I always trust Val’s advice on anything parenting related and again she really helped me out. I packed a diaper bag for the hospital with comfy clothes for Kye to wear home, his sippy cups (one with milk since he’d be skipping breakfast), lots of snacks, toys to keep him happily entertained, and his post surgery prize. I did have a break down that night and got pretty upset. It wasn’t just due to the surgery, a lot of stuff was going on, but a part of that break down was my fears for Kye the next morning.

Mrs. Charlotte got to our house at 6 and we woke up Kye, had him go potty, then left. We brought his friends with us in the car and he cuddled up with them and watched a movie. When we got there Zach dropped me off to check in while he and Kye parked the car. They were already ready for us to go back before Zach and Kye even got to the waiting room! We went back into a room and were treated like royalty. Two ladies (Connie and Laurel) greeted us almost immediately and were so wonderful with Kye. I made sure to tell every nurse and doctor that we do call him Kye. Since his legal name is Candler I was concerned that they would all call him Candler. I knew he’d be more comfortable being called Kye by everyone. 

Right away they loaded him up with goodies. We got him comfortable on the bed and they gave him a teddy bear and a coloring book. The book was all about a little bear who had to have surgery. It was very helpful to be able to show Kye what the bear was doing so he’d understand a little better what would be happening with him.

 A local Church of Christ makes these bears, so sweet! Of course Kye had zero interest in it and only wanted the crayons.

We got all checked in and everything then Ms. Connie gave Kye some medicine. It was a liquid and he drank it like a champ. It was what they called “happy meds” to help him relax and make things easier on the staff when taking him back and such. After she gave him the medicine she told him he could go for a ride in the wagon. I LOVE that they had tons of wagons for the children patients to ride in. It’s the ONLY thing Kye remembers from the hospital visit! He LOVED it! He got to take his friends with him and Daddy pulled him around and around.

When the guys wheeled on by it was obvious that the meds had kicked in. Kye had this goofy grin plastered on his face and was practically falling out of the wagon. We tried propping him with a blanket but he was just too flimsy. So we took him out and put him back in the hospital bed.

He was SO silly and goofy and it was funny, but it also bothered me to see him like that. I didn’t really like it. We turned on the tv and found Curious George because really he couldn’t even move properly to be able to do anything else. We had to put up both bed rails because he kept trying to sit up just to feel that strange feeling. He would try to sit up then fall over and think it was hilarious. I enjoyed the time just holding and rubbing his hand and loving on him.

He was so relaxed that he lost control of his bladder. He told us he had tee-teed in his pants. ONE thing I did not think to pack was a clean pair of underwear. I asked if they had any but they only had pull-ups. I took them but never did put them on him. We just let him go home underwear free. The last thing I wanted was for him to think he had to wear diapers again because of what happened at the hospital!

 He was so silly that we had to lay the bed down all the way to keep him from sitting up

In Valerie’s blog entry she said that none of her kids ever complained about being hungry because so much was going on. This was true for us as well. Once Kye was super dopey we changed him into his hospital gown (he was still able to leave on his pants). Both the anesthesiologist and the surgeon came in to meet with us. Even though Ms Connie had checked his lungs, I had the anesthesiologist check again just to make sure. He went over every detail with us and said that they weren’t going to put in an IV unless it was needed which was a good thing! Both were quick visits as there wasn’t much for me to say or ask. The surgeon said that recovery time should be quick and pretty painless, again good news!

The Laurel lady was the one who worked with the kids and took him back when it was time to go. She went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable and happy. She had all kinds of toys and games and stickers. When they wheeled him away she was blowing bubbles the whole way and my last image of him was reaching out his hands to catch the bubbles as he rounded the corner. I did shed a few tears once he left. I wasn’t nervous about the surgery or anything, I just was nervous about him waking up and us not being there. I thought they’d have him back with us prior to him waking up but they actually kept him until he was awake then brought him back to us. I didn’t like the idea of him being scared and not knowing the people who were with him. 

Literally I only had time to respond to some texts (thanks to everyone who checked in on me!) and then the phone rang in our room. It was a nurse calling from the operating room letting us know he did great and that they were finishing up. SO impressed that they did that. It was a nice feeling to know everything went well. When they brought him back to us they told us that he had been asking for his mommy, which made me a little sad. They said he had no issues at ALL with the mask (what they used to put him to sleep) and that he did so great they didn’t even have to put in an IV.

I had heard a lot about children waking up and not acting like themselves for a bit. This was somewhat true with Kye. I wouldn’t say he was super grouchy but he was SO bossy! It irritated Zach but we both tried our best to be patient with him because he didn’t realize what he was doing. They did not want me to give him milk and I couldn’t give him any of the snacks. They said a lot of patients get nauseous after coming out of anesthesia. A nurse brought him grape juice (which I cut with a lot of water and put in his sippy) and some crackers. He snacked on those and we talked to the dr. 

Again, he said everything went well. He went over all the post-surgery care we needed to do. Which is minimal. We have to spread open the opening three times a day and apply a triple antibacterial ointment to it (which is just Neosporin) after we open it. We have to go back to his office in a month for them to check him. They gave us some Tylenol in case he had any pain and printed off all the instructions for us. I LOVED how thorough they were about everything. I appreciated having it all written down and that so many people checked in on us and went over things with us. 

We had to wait an hour so they could monitor him before they would let us leave. Again, so impressed with this hospital (Tift Regional Medical Center). It was 9:00 when they were going over everything (yes, we got there at 7 and they were DONE by 9 – very fast and efficient!) and Zach asked if we could leave at 10 because then we’d make it home for me to nurse Brittlynn at 11. So thoughtful of him and so sweet of the nurse to say it wouldn’t be a problem! We gave Kye his present and he loved it. He loves getting stamps at school (the reward system they use for good behavior) so I found him his own stamp set for our house.

As he felt better and better he wanted to go ride in the wagon some more. He was pretty bossy about it (and didn’t allow for a picture) but I catered to him since it was his surgery day and all 😉 I took him around and around while we waited for the time to pass. After we finished it was about 9:45 so we went ahead and changed him back into his shirt (I tried to get him to wear the clothes I had brought but he insisted on staying in the Woody pjs…great gift Grandpa and Grammie!) and Zach took him potty. I was nervous for his first time going but he didn’t complain of any pain or anything and Zach said he could already tell a difference. 

Right at 10:00 Ms Connie came back by and said we could leave! It’s funny that we left the hospital with a lot more than we brought with us. They gave Kye lots of stickers, that bear, the coloring book, a toy snake, a toy rocket, a top, and they gave us a super nice cup. Like Zach said…it was a nice, $7000 cup 😉 She was so sweet though she even let Kye ride in the wagon all the way to the car and pulled it for us! We made it out of the parking lot in time to get Chic-Fil-A for breakfast and Kye was pumped. Although he was still rather grumpy and did not want a picture!

By the time we got home Kye was back to himself. We promised him ice cream so we drove through McDonald’s by our house and took it home to him. When we got there Mrs. Charlotte had just started feeding Brittlynn (I told Zach I did not want to rush to be able to nurse…this day was about Kye and it was okay if I needed to pump) and had some cute “get well soon” letters from Colt and Payton for their favorite cousin!

The first time Kye went potty at home he cried. I wasn’t in there with him but I know Zach did look at it and Kye said it hurt him to go potty. There was a little bit of blood as well. I realized the meds had probably worn off so I gave him some Tylenol and it worked great. While he napped I ran and bought the Neosporin. The next time we went to check him and put it on he got pretty upset. It made me nervous as we don’t want him to have “private issues” or something! I gave him some more Tylenol (yes, it’d been 4 hours) and then explained to him that it might hurt a little but that we had to do it and that the medicine we were putting on him would make it feel better. He did great and hasn’t complained about any pain or anything since!

I’m in awe at how quickly he fully recovered from everything! I was a little nervous that he’d be in more pain on Tuesday since he was drugged up on Monday…but he wasn’t! No pain and 100% himself. He’s used the bathroom fine as well and I too can tell a difference. It sounds different when he goes and he does get it all out now. He used to go potty before nap then have to go again right after we got him tucked in. It was funny because on Tuesday we tucked him in and he said “I gotta go potty” like usual then when I took him he tried to go and said “nothing came out!” He didn’t have any left in there to go, and that was a great thing! We’re working on breaking the habit of going to the bathroom twice in a row but I don’t think it’ll take long. He couldn’t take a bath on Monday but has gone back to bathing (and swimming) since and, again, no pain to mention! We still have to open it and put the Neosporin on it three times a day (when he first gets up, before nap, and before bed) but it honestly already looks healed! When I checked it today Kye said “it looks like Nemo” kinda a funny observation but also pretty true if you think about it…

I’m so thankful we went ahead and did the surgery now while he’s so young. He still only has positive memories of the hospital. It’s where we got Brittlynn and it’s where he got to take his friends and ride in the wagon. I asked him about the mask and he said “they didn’t give me a mask!” He seriously has zero memories of any of it but says “thanks for the hopstible” every time he prays 🙂 We were so blessed that he potty trained young so we could catch this issue as soon as we did. We were also blessed that the doctors noticed it at Britt’s visit and continued to be blessed by the AMAZING hospital staff at Tift Regional. Seriously, if it wasn’t a 45 minute drive I’d probably look into having my future babies there. They were AWESOME! 

More than anything though we’ve been blessed to have such a wonderfully happy, healthy boy! Thank you again for your prayers, they were for sure answered and I’m thankful to have this behind us!


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  1. Vaughnm
    April 6, 2012 / 10:09 pm

    Glad everything went so well.  I remember Brody have a big issue with the ointment as well, but my babysitter had the idea of allowing him to "help," and that seemed to make a big difference.  Good luck!

  2. Ashley Troutman
    April 7, 2012 / 5:16 am

    What a blessing that all he remembers is the wagon ride!

  3. Robyn Mullican
    April 7, 2012 / 6:13 pm

    I am SO HAPPY that this day went well for all of you!!  You guys had so many blessings in this whole process! 

  4. Dsmith01
    May 1, 2013 / 4:36 am

    Thank you for sharing the experience. We are taking one in this week and really wanted to get a parents version. God Bless 🙂

  5. Xochi
    May 14, 2014 / 1:35 pm

    Hi Emily! I read your blog and it gave me a boost of confidence that we are doing the right thing by going forward with the procedure. My son is 3 months old and we just found out he needs the procedure. Any advice?

  6. lily
    May 18, 2014 / 3:44 pm

    Not to come across as weird but I didn't know what a meatotomy was so I typed in meatotomy toddler on google image and just wanted to let you know that the majority of the pictures was of your children. I know that would bother me with it being so public even though you write a blog. I just felt that you should know.

  7. CLB77
    June 20, 2014 / 3:13 am

    My son had this done today, I googled pediatric meatomy and found this blog. This is such a private matter that shouldn't be public fodder for your blog. Children have HIPAA rights, too.

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