Baby Bedding oh Baby Bedding…

Google has become my new best friend lately (or enemy depending on how you look at it). Since we have already ordered our nursery furniture I decided to start searching the internet for baby room theme ideas! I figured we’d pick bedding first then decide colors etc…well it’s been WAY more difficult than I’d imagined.

Originally I liked the idea of painting the whole room navy and doing “star light star bright” theme with white wooden stars everywhere and the words to the rhyme somewhere in the room. This idea created two issues: one I googled for hours and couldn’t find any matching bedding and two Zach hated it.

So I started googling again. Now before I went through the effort at looking at ALL the baby bedding in the world I talked to Zach and he said the only bedding he will really be happy with is sports themed. Keep in mind, we are not finding out the sex!!! So obviously that idea is out.

After spending a lot of time and energy annoying Zach pretty much to death I came up with a list of Zach’s baby room criteria:

  1. Must not be “gay” (he feels that if our child is a boy that since the first three years of life are the most forming ones that if our baby room is too “gay” looking our son will thus become gay himself)
  2. May have animals (as long as those animals are not gay animals which he decided only Lions or Fish are not gay)
  3. If it does have animals they cannot look gay (meaning anything baby looking, anything with faces on it, anything cartoon looking so basically just the outline of an animal is ok)
  4. Cannot be too busy (and by too busy he means if it has animals they cannot be a pattern, it cannot be both stripes and checks or dots and stripes etc.)
  5. Cannot have any girl colors (as in pink, purple, too much yellow etc)
  6. Cannot have any nursery rhymes (all of them are gay)

I have to mention the animals that he especially won’t allow: monkeys, hippos, elephants (he’s the most firm on the elephants), birds, octopus, bears, turtles, cows or anything farm related.
Many women wish they had an involved husband with these kinds of things…I do appreciate that he wants to be included in each area of everything however this list is near impossible!
Now for my list of criteria:

  1. Cannot have too much Brown and Blue (it’s wayyy to common)
  2. Cannot have that velour feeling (it totally grosses me out)
  3. Cannot be too boyish (since Zach’s criteria leaves mostly boyish looking things I have to counteract that and make sure it would still work for a girl and yes this means NO SPORTS)
  4. No Jungle Theme (I just really don’t like jungle themes haha)
  5. No bears, butterflies, ducks, or dolphins (really those are the only animals I don’t like)

As you can tell there is an impossible task set before me. How in the world can I google allll these criteria? I have looked and looked and looked and it seems the best way to go is a modern baby room with some combo of stripes, squares, dots, chckes etc (but that doesn’t negate Zach’s 4th criteria of course). I am not a HUGE fan of this idea as I really hate doing what is popular and right now that type of baby room is VERY “in.” But I know I can make it my own and ~maybe~ we will even find a compromise on the addition of some animals somehow!
Last night the whole topic came up because I found 25 I could live with, emailed them to both my mom and Zach and asked their opinions. Mom liked several of course Zach said he honestly didn’t like any of them. I got so annoyed so I told him to sit down and google some! And ~finally~ he realizes how difficult this is!!! He said “Dang allllll baby bedding is so ugly!’ Thank you thank you thank you Lord! I am hoping that now he will be more willing to like something since he feels nothing out there is exactly what he would pick!
Wish us BOTH luck as I think we are both sick of each other about this!!!

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