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BFBN Week: 5 Powerful Reasons Babywise is Effective for All Babies

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Today we continue with our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week topic of sleep. Our spotlight blogger for the day is Christine from Christine Keys. She's posting on the topic of 5 Powerful Reasons Babywise is Effective for All Babies.

I am very passionate about my love for Babywise and I am a firm believer that it has endless benefits both for individual children as well as the entire family unit.

As Christine says: "Babywise isn’t rocket science. In fact, to most parents that take the time to read the book, it makes logical sense. The principles aren’t complicated and are simple to put into practice. That doesn’t mean that by doing ‘xyz’ your baby will respond a certain way. After all, they aren’t robots. But, it will encourage them towards the end goal of establishing healthy sleep habits."

Be sure to read her post today to see all 5 of the powerful reasons that Babywise is effective for all babies!

I also have several posts about the benefits of Babywise that you may want to check-out:

Come back here tomorrow for my post on how to tell if your baby is high sleep needs or low sleep needs and be sure to visit all of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network bloggers for their posts this week: 

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