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Necklace Making and Movie Watching

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This school year Kye would start going five days for the first time. As summer was quickly nearing a close that reality hit me more and more. I wouldn't have him around in the mornings anymore!!! I wanted to make sure to have as much fun as possible with my sweet boy! One thing Kye LOVES is watching movies. And another thing he LOVES? Eating snacks! So I thought I'd combine the two and have a special movie morning.

I used some ribbon that I use when wrapping presents as the string for their necklaces and then let the kids use snacks as the "beads" for the necklace. I used pretzels, Cheerios and even bought special cereal (fruit kids RARELY get to have it so it was a special treat for sure!). 

Bless Britt's heart. When she fell at the airport I didn't think it was a big deal at all but goodness the next day she looked like she'd been beaten up bad! Under her nose, on her nose and even her eye?!?!? I felt so bad for her!!! I tried to let her string the necklace too but she didn't grasp the concept and just kept eating the snacks so I made hers for her :)

I put a sheet down on the floor and made sure to lock the dogs outside while the kids got to enjoy their treats. They LOVE having a special blanket on the floor and were super pumped about it :) 

They watched Toy Story 3 and did really well with it. Britt hasn't really watched many movies all the way through because movie time is typically only 30 min a day but she enjoyed it and I enjoyed cuddling up with them to watch it! I LOVE the Toy Story movies :) 

The necklace making was such a simple and easy thing to do but the kids really enjoyed it and it made for a fun morning. I wanted to soak up as much summer as I possibly could before it came to an end and this was for sure an activity I can see us doing in the future! Especially on rainy days or even in the winter when it's too cold to go outside and play :)

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