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BFBN Week: An Activity a Day

Friday, March 15, 2013

Today is the last day of Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week and the spotlight blogger for the week is Jessica from The Mommy Teacher

Personally I struggle with being in SUCH a daily routine that I don't do a lot of things outside from that.  Maybe Kye and I will occasionally do some play-doh or paint or something simple and quick...but I often fail to come up with fun, creative ideas for us in the activity department!

Jessica's blog is FILLED with EASY (and cheap/free!) ideas to create simple activities that can have a big impact for Kye as well as Britt and future babies! Her post today is all about how an activity a day can go such a long way. And isn't that true? If I added in even just 20 min a day to do something fun and creative I know it would make Kye's days at home WAY more fun and it would also foster more bonding time for us! I love how she is intentional in her goal: "Most of the time, I sit down & think of a daily activity that I think my son would enjoy and one that I know can be used to teach important skills."

I'm pretty sure Jessica has inspired me to put some of those Pinterest finds into practice around here ;) It doesn't take much time or effort to come up with ideas that can make a BIG impact on Kye's day! Thanks Jessica for the inspiration!

Be sure to check out her post today over on The Mommy Teacher!

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