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More of my hat lovin' boy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kye really, really loves hats. For Christmas I totally want to buy him play dress-up clothes b/c I think he'll be allllll about that kind of thing. I will find him all the time at his closet doors asking me to go in so he can get a hat to wear. Recently we were all playing on our bed (a new Parker family pastime) and he got a hold of Daddy's hat and wouldn't let go. Thought I'd share some more pictures (the original hat boy post is here!) of my hat obsessed child :)

 Aunt Casey got him the shirt when she visited Italy :)
so proud to be wearing Daddy's hat
not too happy when Daddy took it away and traded him
"don't you do that again Daddy"
Levi kisses make it all better
kissing those tears away
trying to check out his new hat
liking what he sees in the mirror, of course
"hey ladies!"
"how you doin'?"
way too cool for this photo shoot
If anyone has any tips about dress up clothes and where to get good ones or even what kinds to get fill me in!

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