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This page is a work in progress but will contain links to post regarding pregnancy, Babywise, and other parenting topics!


I started this blog when pregnant with my first baby. I wanted a place to share about my pregnancy experience and a way to keep those memories for him some day. Since then my blog has grown and I've become a little more organized with my posts! I blogged throughout my entire second pregnancy and also included lots of info from my first pregnancy in the posts I wrote during my second one. I have created a "quick reference" post that covers my entire second pregnancy from conception all the way through to delivery! It includes weekly posts, details about OBGYN visits, parenting courses, baby showers, maternity pictures, etc: 

Posts related to conception:
Announcement Posts:

Hospital Classes:
Maternity Pictures:
My Baby Showers:
Baby Showers I've Hosted/Attended:

Fun Keeping the Gender a Surprise:

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