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  1. Goodness, my iPad doesn't like me reading your blog or posting comments! Kids are super cute in their costumes. I've never read the Lorax or seen the movie. My middle child was addicted to Hop on Pop and I absolutely love Oh the Places You'll Go. We read the in utero version to our first born every day of the pregnancy. I think it's what made him absolutely addicted to books and volunteering at the library.

  2. My silly iPhone won't let me comment on your giveaways hopefully this will count! �� Love your blog and tips! I have 3 as well 2 similar ages as yours. Keep up the great mommying!

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  4. Hi, I am a new mom and my son is 6 weeks old. I read the baby whisper and babywise book before he was born so we have been on a 3 hour schedule since we have had him. with that being said I can't get him to sleep more then 3 hours during the night. the babywise book says i should be at 5 hours but he won't stop the middle of the night feeding. right now my schedule has been 6 am , 9, noon, 3, 6, 9, midnight and 3 am. i am considering trying out your schedule but do you think that will mess him up even more. is there a way to adjust my schedule to help him sleep better. maybe a cluster feed somewhere? Also, when do you incorporate bath time. we were doing it after the 9 pm feed but it got to hard for me with having to wake back up at midnight to feed. so this week we have been doing it after the 6 pm feed so after the 9 pm feed i can just put him straight to bed and sleep. I need help! i don't do well with no sleep and i feel like i have re read the babywise and baby whisper book now 5 times over and can't figure out what i am doing wrong. so i guess to summarize my question. do you think it is okay to switch to the schedule you laid out this late in the game or can you help suggest a way to rearrange the current schedule i have to work. thank you so so much for your help!


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