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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waiting for Blitzen

It's amazing to me how different it is to be pregnant a second time. At this point with my first pregnancy I was dying for it to be over. I hated all things pregnant and just wanted so badly to meet my baby. This time around, while I'm anxious to meet Blitzen, I'm also not in as big of a rush. I'm enjoying these last days of us as a family of three and soaking up all the memories we can together. I'm SO thankful that I have such a wonderful husband. He, like me, wants to focus on lots and lots of family time before the baby arrives. Isn't it a huge blessing to have a husband who puts family first?!?!

Back on Nov 12th Kye and I attended a birthday party that morning while Zach did some finishing touches on the storage shed. That afternoon we had a family day and went down to Lake Park to pick out Blitzen's first outfits. We did this same thing when we were getting ready for Kye to arrive (you can see the post here!). We let Kye play with the Lego table they have in the store while Zach and I shopped for the perfect first outfits. We had Kye wear his at the hospital (you can see here) and plan to do the same thing for Blitzen. We actually ended up picking out pretty similar outfits to last time too!

Most people would assume that I picked out the outfits on my own and Zach was just kinda there. Um, you'd be WRONG. Zach is SO opinionated when it comes to kids clothing. He picked out the boys outfit and had a lot of opinions about the girls one too. He really wanted to get a frilly type dress for her and I told him that those could wait for Christmas outfits but that at the hospital she needed to be comfortable ;) While we were there we also picked out Christmas PJS for the kids to wear on Christmas morning. That was a tougher task than the first outfits!!!

Here's what Blitzen will be wearing at the hospital (we'll obviously return the outfit that isn't the correct sex!)
Ready for Blitzen!
We also went into Gap outlet while we were there and they had an awesome deal on Men's stuff. We bought 15 items that would have originally cost $347.85 and only spent $34.14!!! It was pretty great. On the way home we stopped at Zaxby's and had a fun family dinner (where Kye totally tried to hit on a table of college age girls...he said to them "hey ladies" with a flirty grin haha) to end out the perfect afternoon together. Zach had to leave that next morning for Louisiana so I was thankful Kye and I got to spend some quality time with him before the big trip!

Once Zach got home we had another fun family time planned. Since we were DONE with pretty much everything left to do before Blitzen arrives, we had the whole day (Nov 19th) free to spend time together. That morning was The Merry Marketplace Character Breakfast. I'd heard of it before but hadn't had the chance to go and Crissy scored some free kids tickets and had an extra one for Kye so we decided to try it out! Any chance to see characters is a good thing ;) didn't really go so well. Kye had started having a tough time at this point (I'm hoping to get a chance to blog about it...but kids can sense when a new sibling is coming soon and life is about to change and they tend to act differently...) and wasn't really in the mood for the characters. He didn't even want to go say hi to Buzz and Woody!!! On top of that the adult tickets cost us $12 each and all that the "breakfast" included was a sausage biscuit, 3 donut holes, a thing of jelly and a juice box. No joke. VERY disappointing and I thought, personally, that it was rather rude of them to do that. I would still probably go again for Kye to see the characters, but it IS a rip-off!!!

Here are some pictures from the morning:

Seth was Spiderman for the day (isn't that such a cool job?!?!) so Spiderman gave our table some extra attention!

Teaching Kye how to do the web shooter fingers
Kye wasn't really feeling it
He was, however, all about some ladies!

This Rapunzel makes me laugh...she could use a little help with the wig huh?!? 
BTW one of the top presents Kye is asking for from Santa is "Rapunzel Movie" how random is that?
Crissy had my camera and snapped this surprise picture for me of our kids pediatrician haha
(just for you Crissy!)

Kye's favorite part of the event was getting to be with Stevie :)
Since the breakfast was a dud we headed to Lowe's to buy the supplies Zach needed to make one of Kye's Christmas presents (we found a site where you can turn Ikea stuff into other things and Zach's making Kye a playtable!). Luckily they were also having a Builder's Workshop thing so Kye got to build something! He liked Lowe's much better than the breakfast :)

A sleigh with Santa!
Riding around in the cart was his favorite part of the morning
Following his nap that day we decided to go out and cut down our Christmas tree! I have a whole post coming devoted to that, but it was a SUPER fun day together. I was feeling very sick and probably wasn't the most awesomely fun person to be around but I'm still thankful we had the time we did. I was so miserable that some random person at Lowe's even said to me "you're sick of being pregnant aren't you?" haha!

Now that I'm 100% done running errands and such, Kye and I also have a lot more free time during our days together. I took him to get a (much needed) haircut one morning and thought it'd be fun to have a Mommy-Kye date to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. We ALWAYS have a blast together and especially at Chick-Fil-A. He played for a little while then we just sat and ate together and enjoyed each others company. Here's a video of how much Kye simply LOVES his favorite restaurant!
Even after Blitzen is born, I think it's critical for all of us to vary the types of quality time we have together. Of course I want the four of us to be super close and have TONS of fun...but Blitzen will be a little baby on a hardcore schedule for the next year or so and I don't want that to hold Kye back from making memories. I'm hoping Zach and Kye can do some stuff together, Mommy and Kye can have some "just us" outings, and I especially hope Mommy and Daddy can squeeze some quality time in there too! You gotta get it in when you can, and when Zach couldn't get anything scheduled to work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I thought it was a good opportunity for some quality time just the two of us.

The night before Kye spent the night with Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty. It was Little Mama's birthday and since we were all together for that, it made sense just to let him stay there since I had asked her to watch him the next day anyway when I got my massage and pedicure. That meant Zach and I had the WHOLE day of just us! We spent the whole morning finishing up every last thing that was on our Pre-Blitzen To Do list and, even though we were doing chores, it was nice time together. Being able to talk and focus on US and have adult conversation was just nice! It's the simple things right? :)

After my massage Zach and I met up at Nails by Chris for pedicures. Robyn got me the gift certificate for my pedicure as a birthday gift so I told Zach I wanted him to come too since mine was free! He couldn't refuse and I never realized he hadn't been to Nails by Chris before...he LOVED it. I'm hoping since he enjoyed it so much that we can make it a good date place for us ;) After the pedicures we got a "snack" at Steak and Shake (planned to just get shakes...but we couldn't resist! After the awesomeness of the food on Twilight night I indulged!) then headed to Mom's. She had picked up Kye from Charlotte and we got to spend some time with her and the other family that had come to town for Thanksgiving! A great day for sure!
Our ENTIRE Thanksgiving break was about family time together. Thursday we spent the day at Mom's (post to come, assuming Blitzen doesn't get here before I post it!) and Friday we spent the morning golfing (well the boys golfed - I rode the cart over every bump I could find!). That afternoon we walked down to the park and I did laps while Zach and Kye played. Saturday morning I was feeling pretty depressed. I had myself a pity party and cried a lot because I REALLY wanted to deliver while Stacy was on call and it just wasn't happening. Plus I was really feeling crudy and it didn't help things! What did help was how wonderful my husband and son are! 

They went to town making Zach's famous pancakes. He is teaching his son well :) Kye helped with the whole process and had his first burn :( They put m&ms in some of the pancakes and Kye went to sneak one out of the pancake to eat while it was cooking on the stove and burnt his pinky. I don't think he'll be doing that again!
Pancake time!
Don't mind Zach's sexy's from his Tacky Christmas pjs haha
The boys went shopping for Kye's gift for me and I had a little sulk fest while they were gone. They came home with another surprise - Subway for lunch! And we enjoyed a family picnic on the back porch. We thought about walking down to the park for the picnic but neither of us felt like going all that way and the back porch worked just as well :) I looked like death - hence the black and white ;) That evening we went to Mom's to eat left overs, hang out, and let Zach help her with a couple "manly" things around the house. Robyn knew I was feeling down and invited me out to dinner so I didn't eat at Mom's and instead met her at McAlisters. Then I got home in time to watch the 2nd half of the FSU/UF game with Zach and see us win AGAIN this year (it was so great to be in the stands last year...hope we'll get to do it again next year!). We ended break by attending church services as a family (maybe our last time as a family of three?!?) and I cooked one of our favorite meals for dinner as a thank you to Zach for being such an incredible, sweet, loving, involved, husband!
This week we've continued enjoying "us time." Monday I had to go to the dr b/c I felt SO sick and Kye went with me since Zach was working. By the time we left the dr Zach was done working and since we'd have to pick up my prescription anyway, I suggested we grab dinner then Zach could take Kye home to get ready for bed and I could grab the meds. It worked out great and we hit up Zaxby's again (what can I say? It's my favorite right now!). Kye enjoys eating out since we don't do it super often and we got to see a little baby which made his night. He kept smiling at the baby and asked if he could "pet it" (I said no...seeing as I'm sure those parents didn't want some toddler handling their kid!). He's excited for Blitzen/Isis to arrive and so are we!!!
If Blitzen continues to wait to be born, I'm sure I'll be having a "Waiting for Blitzen Part 2" post. I'm still not to the point where I'm DYING to end this pregnancy. I'm actually looking forward to this weekend as Friday night Kye is staying with Gramma and Zach and I are having a date night then our Christmas morning Saturday! We are all looking forward to adding the newest Parker to our clan, but we have also cherished the past 2 1/2 years of it just being the three of us. I'm no longer sad to see this time end (like I was in this post) but I'm thankful that we've had this extra time to spend together! I think it'll help ALL of us in the transition phase of having a newborn :)

Blitzen...we're ready when you are!!!

Breaking Dawn Part I

I have gone to the midnight premiere of all the Twilight movies. I'm so hardcore ;) It started off with just a few of us, grabbing Steak and Shake before the movie and has turned into an all-out girl's night including dressing up and everything! I've written a blog entry for each movie night: Twilight (I was pregnant with Kye!), New Moon and Eclipse  (so funny that Crissy was pregnant for the Eclipse night and Breaking Dawn)! It's always a great time and this year didn't disappoint. I may have been 1 day shy of 37 weeks pregnant but I didn't let it slow me down one bit!

Crissy, Casey and I were the only really hardcore ones who decided to make shirts again. I just think going ALL OUT for stuff makes it SO much more fun and memorable. Crissy and I are different in many ways, but this is one way we are exactly alike. Originally Zach was supposed to be in Louisiana so Kye and I planned to spend the night at Mrs. Charlotte's. Lucky for me Zach was home! So he and Jordan went out to eat while us girls did shirts then he came home when it was time for us to leave :) Thanks to Crissy for taking the pictures so I could steal them for this post!

Ironing on my letters

Crissy wore her "Team Jacob" (puke!) shirt while making her "Team Charley" one
Robyn and Casey were very helpful in the shirt idea department!
Casey is also a (lame) Team Jacob fan
The funniest thing to me in this picture is my stomach in the background! I'm wearing a long-length maternity tank top. That junk would not stay down!!!
Robyn was hardcore about my need for an apostrophe ;)
Casey's shirt said "Team Baby Ware Wolf" (and no, not even Robyn who teaches English realized that werewolf was spelled wrong!) What made Casey's shirt even funnier was that she ran out of A's and had to use a black letter "A" for the "ware wolf" part when really she should have used an "e" haha. AND on top of that she copied a picture of Robyn's ultrasound on her shirt. AND she felt like this was the pose she needed to have to go along with her shirt?!?! Hahaha.
Is this your "pregnant woman face" Casey?

Everyone always has high expectations for Crissy's outfits. I mean she and Seth tend to go all out for stuff so we knew hers would be hilarious. Of course, it was! What was even funnier to me was that she didn't have to buy anything for her costume...she had it all around her house. Instead of being Team Edward or Team Jacob Crissy decided to be "Team Charley." Who is Charley? He's Bella's dad...duh. And probably the worst (I mean most awesome...) actor in all the movies. Katie and Hannah especially love them some Charley moments and I think Crissy mostly did the costume with them in mind ;)

Typical Charley pose...
Duh, I'm hardcore "Team Edward." All these dumb girls who love Jacob are sooo lame. Edward is WAY hotter and WAY cooler. Who would ever want to be a werewolf?!?! Now a vampire...I'd be down! My original idea was to have my shirt say "Vampire Baby on Board" but I thought that'd be too much like my Halloween Costume and I didn't have enough letters. So I went with the first thing that popped into my head...and I honestly like it even better than my original idea ;) I bought an XL mens long sleeved shirt from Hobby Lobby to decorate and the thing was huge. It was pretty comical but it was that or a small and, duh, this belly ain't fittin' in no small!

You know you want some of this sexxxxxinesss haha
I didn't get the memo to be "in character" but then again what type of face would Edward's lover make? Probably one of straight up pleasure haha!

Ashley and Robyn both came and hung out but didn't do shirts with us! At least they were fun company :)
Charley...cracking us up (btw Robyn - super pretty pic of you!)
Zach came home in time to get a group shot!!!
We left my house at about 9 and then went by the theater to pick up our legit tickets. It was funny to see ALL the people waiting outside so early. Why would you wait that long when you know you'll get a seat?!?! This time people were even selling drinks and stuff! We had more important places to go than just the theater though...we had to continue on our Steak and Shake tradition!

Trying to decide what Charley (or I guess it's Charlie)
Hannah and Katie arrived late for the party (I think this is a trend ladies...) but cracked up seeing "Charlie." The food at Steak and Shake was AMAZING. I seriously scrapped my plate and asked for double cheese and at it all. AND downed an entire large sized milkshake. This is the first movie that I didn't get an iced coffee for...but since my leg cramping started the same night I drank one last time, I decided not to risk it and I really didn't have any issues staying awake!
After Steak and Shake Crissy and I ran into Walgreens for some movie snacks and her Charlie attire kept me cracking up the entire night. Best moment for me was then the cashier guy at Walgreens said to her "I like your mustache!" hahahaha that's one compliment I doubt she'll be getting ever again! We also saw some young girl who pointed at her and said "does that pregnant lady have a mustache?!?!" Priceless. I love having friends that enjoy being silly and making fools of ourselves. It really does make for some great memories :)

In case you couldn't tell...none of us are actually that into Twilight. I loved the books (Crissy hasn't even read them) but I'm not a Twi-hard or whatever they are called. We just love having a fun tradition to take part in! I'm SO sad that there is only one movie left but Hunger Games is starting up in March and I think we should for real carry over the Twilight tradition to the Hunger Games movies. Although with Hunger Games, the books were even better and the movie looks wayyyyyy more LEGIT. I'm may become a Hunger Game Die-Hard!!!

Have you seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1??? What did you think? Personally it was my favorite of all the movies. For one reason: WAY less action scenes. I love all the love moments and this movie was filled with them. Plus there was a lot more Edward than Jacob so that especially made me happy :)
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