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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kye's First Time Fishing

It's really sweet to me how whenever we visit Dad he and Zach have a fishing routine. They get up early and hit the lake for several hours together. I like that they enjoy each others company and make the effort to have "guy time." Audrey, Kye and I hung at the house and had a nice time catching up. I am always a fan of one-on-one time with someone because you can really talk and get deeper about things, ya know? It was nice to get to know Audrey a little better during our time together!

After their fishing fun Saturday, Zach had the idea to pick up some crickets on our way to the wedding so we could take Kye out Sunday. It was funny driving around Lawrenceville to the sound of crickets chirping!

Sunday morning we went down to the lake (Audrey is still recovering from a mega bad fall on her ankle several months ago, that required surgery, so she couldn't join us) and did some fishing. Dad said it was my first time going too. haha. Somewhat true though :)

Putting the cricket on the hook
 I love Daddy and son moments!

 He was very enthralled with the crickets

 I was told that since we had crickets we'd be catching fish every 3 seconds...umm...
 Taking a break with Mommy
 the first and only of the day :) (actually of the weekend...)
 Kye and his first catch!
(okay...I have to be honest Zach may have done the catching and just let Kye pull it in...but it's a cute memory!)
 I love how pumped Zach is :)
 Dad and Zach said it was a small fish, but that looked pretty big to me (I guess they all are when all you're used to seeing is goldfish though right?)
Dad is going by Grandpa with the grand kids...but Kye has decided to call him "Pee-Paw" which I think is HILARIOUS. It's so straight up country!!! I hope it sticks b/c my dad is from Maine and always calls me out anytime I sound the least bit ironic that his grandson calls him the most southern grandpa name ever!

Pepaw checking out the catch of the day!
 Kye's keeping a close eye on his prize

Zach let Kye practice reeling in a legit fishing pole (that other one was some kind of cane pole or something?). He enjoyed it...for like 2 seconds. He's two, and let's be honest fishing isn't very entertaining (I was bored myself after like 5 min down there, thank GOD for the camera to keep me going!).
 Watching Daddy and Pepaw fish
 And done with that too...
Once we realized Kye was done for the day we headed out on the boat! The water was still too cold for swimming (we're hoping we can get back for a visit before fall so we can enjoy the lake!) but the boat ride was super fun! Dad took us down to this area with a lot of trees and animals and Kye kept saying he saw monkeys in the trees. So silly!

We did see legit geese!
 And made them fly away ;)
 Kye loves to drive (and especially beep the horn)
 Checking for some fish...
 no worries all the fish were safe from our hardcore fisherman this trip :)
It was a fun morning and a great memory for us to have with Kye. I hate that Dad doesn't get to see all of Kye's milestones but I'm glad he got to be part of Kye's first fishing trip! I'm also glad that Kye's first time fishing was at Dad's house as I have so many wonderful memories down at that lake. How cool is it that his first beach outing was at the beach where I grew up and his first fishing outing was at one of my childhood homes? Love it! I'm looking forward to Audrey being completely able to walk again so they can come visit us and see the house. It made me so happy that Kye's old enough now to remember them and has talked about them once we got home. He'll tell you that Pepaw got him his monkey baby and has prayed for Pepaw and Grammie on multiple occasions!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Taylor's Wedding Weekend

Taylor was my maid of honor and super good friend in high school (and beyond!). OF COURSE when we got her wedding invitation in the mail we planned on going! I loved that Taylor was up front with me and said they weren't having kids attend. That way we could make plans to be there but also be sure to have plans for Kye. We decided to take the opportunity to visit my dad and stay the weekend with him and Audrey. As a bonus they agreed to keep Kye while we attended the wedding! Worked out perfect :)

We drove up to Dad's on April 29th (I'm over a month behind...not cool). Typically when we travel we leave at Kye's nap. This was our first road trip with Kye since Thanksgiving. A LOT has changed since then. He's fully potty trained, he's in a big boy bed, and he's done with the paci. It turns out he's hit another milestone...and one that we aren't too pumped about. He'll no longer nap fully in the car. It's just done :( Boo! So he didn't get but a 45 min cat nap the whole way up to Dad's which set him up for a baddd mood. Not good! I hated that Dad and Audrey didn't see him at his best especially since they don't get to spend much time with him. But it was a valuable lesson for us, from now on we'll be traveling prior to nap or after nap :)

When we arrived Grandpa had put together a little Easter basket for Kye!!! It was SO thoughtful and seriously made me so happy (and Kye too of course). He picked everything out himself and knows Kye's love of monkeys. It's so "Dad" b/c if you tell my dad you like something then he will go all out with it ;) Kye got a new monkey towel for the pool, a monkey t-shirt, and a sweet monkey animal that is beyond realistic (we're using it for practice with the baby!). Wasn't that so sweet?
Kye likes visits to Grandpa's house because he gets to watch a lot of movies (it's not the most kid-friendly place on earth so I'd rather him be a zombie than break stuff haha)
When we visited Dad's in August, Kye enjoyed riding the argo with Daddy so they did that again this time too. I even rode for a few minutes...just long enough to remember how much I never really liked it (I always preferred the go-carts!).
Driving away into the woods!
Kye's favorite thing at Granpa's and Grammie's is the jukebox. He will stand there and push all the buttons forever. He also loves watching the cds shuffle and dancing to the Elvis songs.
Such a ham!
The Welch's yogurt snacks Grandpa got him came in handy for snack breaks
Taylor and Jordy's wedding was in downtown Lawrenceville so we left plenty early to make sure we'd be on time. I wrote down some basic instructions and set up a movie before we hit the road. It cracked me up saying bye to everyone...this is grandparent babysitting at it's finest...pop in a movie, give him some snacks and relax ;) Haha!
Taylor and Jordy have been dating forever. I can barely remember a time that they weren't together (although I do remember in middle school everyone forcing Taylor and Kenny Rowley to "go out" since they both had red hair...I think I have a picture of them together somewhere even haha). It was SO wonderful to see Taylor walk down the aisle to the man she's always loved. You don't get to see weddings like that very often and it was very moving for me. I LOVED that Jordy cried. To me, my favorite part of any wedding is when the groom cries. I just love it! It's so sweet to see a man so in love and so wrapped up in the moment, ya know?

I also really enjoyed the ceremony. The man that married them also married her parents and did awesome. Probably the best "sermon" at a wedding ceremony ever because he was straight up about it. He didn't sugar coat marriage and make it sound all fluffy with constant rainbows and smiley faces. He talked about the hardships, that it takes work, that it takes commitment and even his prayers were prayers for them to tough it out when it gets tough and put in the time and effort it takes to have a successful marriage. As a married woman myself, I really appreciated that because SO many people enter into marriage thinking one thing but then find out it's not as easy as they expected and are disappointed.

The reception was off Sugarloaf Parkway and it was a GREAT time! Zach and I had a BLAST hanging out with Danielle, Jonathan, Claire and Dan. It was only my second time meeting Dan (and Zach's first) and we both really like him. It was also Zach's first chance to really get to talk to Jonathan and he liked him a lot too. It made me SO happy that he likes two of my favorite friends husbands (well Dan is Claire's husband now but then he was her fiancee)! It's so important for everyone to like each other in a couple situation ya know? And duh, I'll be friends with Claire and Danielle no matter what - but Zach liking their hubbies (and I think they liked him too!?) makes it even better :)

Danielle, Me and Claire!
I included the second pic in case one of you likes it better than the first ;)
(and yes, I loved my dress from Easter
The guys! Dan, Zach and Jonathan (you know him from Danielle's blog as "Big Jon" but I personally can't say if the nickname fits or not so I'll stick with Jonathan haha)
We couldn't get them to be serious :)
We all had a fun time getting to know each other better and catch up on each others lives. I also learned that I am bad luck at Danielle's wedding I tripped UP the stairs in front of everyone, and at Taylor's I made an idiot of myself. They had awesome food stations and to save time I thought I'd help Zach out and grab us both a martini glass of mashed potatoes. I balanced my glass on my plate and had Zach's in my hand and realized he'd totally want extras in his glass so I leaned in to ask for a little more and BAM. My glass busted all over the floor. It was one of those moments that the whole room stops and everyone felt the need to go "Ohhhhhhhh." (One of those people happened to be my husband from across the room haha). I don't embarrass too bad so I just held the other glass in the air, curtsied and moved on. The ANNOYING part of it is when I took Zach his mashed potatoes he didn't even want them! He insisted on getting his own (massive) helping. All that for nothing!

Danielle was feeling mega sick and I was pretty exhausted so we didn't stay too late into the evening, but made sure to give Taylor big congratulations hugs before we left! Zach captured this little gem of Taylor and Claire haha!
Taylor looked STUNNING! I loved her makeup, loved how much her earrings shined (even during the ceremony you could see their sparkle) and loved seeing her SO happy. You could tell she was enjoying every second of being a bride. Have I ever mentioned I miss that feeling? ;)

Great friends!
The next day we waited until after Kye's nap to head back home. It put him a little late for bed but we'd rather him be a little late at night and get a full nap then go to bed on time with no nap ya know? We stopped through McDonald's for dinner and Kye had his very first Happy Meal! We all know I'm not a fast food fan but Zach and I agreed early on that we'd always do fast food on the road, it's easier for us and makes it a special treat for the kids. I was pleasantly surprised by McDonalds. I LOVE that they have the classic boxes still, the toys were pretty cool, and the food was decent for him. Chicken nuggets were only like 110 calories for 4 of them and they gave him apple slices (which he devoured) instead of fries and they had 2% milk.
Also on the way home we made one stop...and it's kinda random. I saw on Melissa's blog (who seriously needs to get back to blogging!!!) these cool letters and totally want to do them for Kye's room. She said she got them at Joann's and since we don't have one here, I had to stop while we were in town. I'm glad Zach was okay with it :) Sadly they didn't have the HUGE letters she had (which would have been awesome) but they had some that will work and I've just decided to put them in a different spot in his room.

While I was hunting the aisles I saw this random girl coming towards me doing some strange walk and I thought to myself "what the heck is up with this chick?" Then I realized it was RACHAEL!!! When you're in a random place you don't expect to run into people you know (especially not GOOD friends!). I mean I'm from Lawrenceville so you'd think I'd run into people all the time but I NEVER do until recently. Last time I went up for a girl's trip Danielle and I ran into Taylor and this trip I saw Rachael! I hated that we had to rush to hit the road (and that Kye was being bratty for her first time meeting him) but it was WONDERFUL to get to give her a big hug :) It was also wonderful to get to ask her what in the world has happened to the Gwinnett Place Mall area...every sign we saw was in some oriental language and we saw TONS of oriental people everywhere. So random? I guess it's a big Korean hot spot now! How things change!!!

So glad Rach is always thinking "blog" as she made sure we got a pic together! 
Seeing her made me want to hang out SOOOOOOOON!!!!
Overall it was a very successful weekend! Zach and I enjoyed time with Dad and Audrey, had a BLAST at the wedding (Seriously Zach still says how fun it was! He really likes my friends!), and got to see Rachael :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

12 Weeks Pregnant!

I truly do apologize for being MIA this past week. It's the longest I've gone without blogging in forever. I don't really have a valid excuse (although 3 out of town weddings and 1 week in Bermuda all in the same month probably is decently valid!) but it is what it is. I'm back and I'll be catching up ASAP! I missed posting on Friday as we were at the third (and final...for awhile!) wedding! I'm THRILLED to be into my second trimester and here's what's going on in week 12 of this pregnancy journey:
Baby Growth: Blitzen is now the size of a lime and just over 2 inches long. So exciting! He or she now has reflexes and if I poke my belly Blitzen will move in response (even though I can't feel it yet)! If we could look inside my belly, here is what Blitzen looks like:
Belly Picture: We were at the beach on Friday, which is when I officially hit 12 weeks, so we made due and snapped a picture before lunch. I LOVED the cute stickers Danielle had throughout her pregnancy with Charlotte and I found them on Etsy at Baby Shine's Store. I like having something I use every week to be able to compare pictures easily :) And I like the idea of getting more for when the baby arrives to take monthly photos with!

Front Shot
 Side Shot
(I'm wearing my Copa Necklace)
My Symptoms: I think it's safe to say I'm no longer sick. I'm still not pigging out or anything, and I'm hoping (praying?!) that I never will with this pregnancy. I think a difference with being pregnant for the second time is that I can CLEARLY remember how hard it is to lose that weight. With Kye I didn't worry about it, I mean breastfeeding takes it all off right? It doesn't! I know that now and I know that the baby doesn't need a bunch of extra food. That it's best for us both if I just eat like normal and eat when hungry. So that's what I'm trying to do. I am hardcore about eating something each morning for breakfast and it is the reason I think I'm no longer sick!

Still having the vivid dreams. I had one about the baby where we had the ultrasound where from that point on the dr. all know what the sex is, but we don't. I was meeting with Stacy and went on and on about how I just FEEL that this is a girl. Like I KNOW it is. She was so sweet and said, "As your friend I don't want to give anything away...but I also want to just warn you not to be too sure." So then we knew it was a boy and had to keep that secret from everyone until he was born (side note: I wasn't upset that it was a boy and was kinda glad she let me know so I didn't get my hopes up on the girl thing). On another note I also had a yummy one where Curtis Stone tried to, unsuccessfully, woe me. So my dreams mean nothing. Haha. 

Still exhausted. Now it's honestly worse because the 2nd trimester migraines have begun!!! It's the first REAL symptom that I'm having with this pregnancy that is exactly like mine with Kye (it also started at the same can read it here). It's horrible. I don't go to bed with them, I wake UP with them. I have one now actually and it's a big reason I'm so behind on blogging. I've been in the BED all the time trying to sleep off the headaches :( I think I can take Tylenol? What strength? I need to get some!

Skin is looking MUCH better (knock on wood...) and I think my hair is starting to look somewhat thicker too. I also tried on clothes for the wedding this weekend and now have many things that make me look fat. So I'm at that embarrassing part of pregnancy where you don't look pregnant but you look like you have a beer gut. If you are ever out with me in public, I announce to EVERY ONE I meet that I'm pregnant b/c I don't want them thinking I'm just chunky ;)

Weight: Didn't weigh myself at the beach, will do it this Friday. I'm positive I've gained which is fine by me! I'm proud of myself for not gaining during the first trimester as there is no reason I needed to gain!

Gender: So glad we don't find out! I can't WAIT to get all kinds of cute little newborn Christmas outfits. You think I take a lot of pictures at holidays now?!?! Just WAIT until this Christmas. We better have an awesomely beautiful tree b/c a sweet little baby is gonna lay under it!

Maternity Clothes: Officially down from the attic! I won't be wearing them anytime soon but plan to go through everything and get organized. I stretched out SO many of my "normal" clothes last time (mostly when I had lost the weight but still nursed so my big boobs stretched it out) and want to organize it all so I only wear the things that are already stretched out and don't make the same mistakes I did last time! 

It's funny b/c the weekly update says at this point most people are in maternity clothes, especially if it's a second pregnancy. My little gut I have going is pretty high and honestly ALL my pants are still comfortable. And I'm even in my smaller sized pants. Zach should be proud at me for saving us money and not having to buy a bunch of summer maternity clothes yet (with Kye I was in the winter so most of my stuff is long sleeved!).

Movement: nope!

Sleep: Sleeping great still, other than the migraines. And I am waking up more to pee and then it's tough to go back to sleep. Also still sleeping mostly on my belly.

Cravings: Milk, milk and more milk. No sweets really. Seafood. BIG TIME. Sometimes cereal. Nutty Butter Bars are a sweet craving right now of mine. Still strawberry koolaide. Not anything fried. Not really any fast food. At this point in the game last time around I started to pig out and love a lot of can read what I was craving here.

What I miss: I'd seriously trade these headaches to go back to being sick all day. It's HORRIBLE to be in constant pain. And Zach gets really annoyed by it b/c it means he can't sing (you don't know how many times a day I have to say "please honey stop head hurts...")

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Kye and I were laying in his bed when I tucked him in and we say prayers and cuddle a bit. He has started to pray for the baby on his own which is SO sweet (He says "Jesus thanks baby"). He also said he wants to hold the baby so I lifted my shirt and he thinks my belly button is either the baby or is like a portal to the baby. He reached out and touched my belly button and said "the baby is all done mommy!" I thought that was cute. I like that we spread the ages out enough to where Kye at least somewhat understands.

Questions/Concerns: How much seafood is okay??? I've been eating 1 can of chunk light tuna in water a week, but I'd LOVE to have more. Is Tylenol the only safe thing to take for the migraines? How many, how often, what strength? I hate the idea of taking anything but I can barely function like this! Also nervous about being able to get good bras this time around. It was nice having to drive to Melbourne to visit Mom so often b/c we'd stop at the St Augustine outlets and hit up the maternity store there for new nursing bras as needed...I need to find a good local place this time around :) 

Goals this Week: House completely, deeply, cleaned. Go through ALL the baby stuff and maternity stuff in the nursery and organize it. My plan is to divide it into piles: keep for new baby boy (Kye's old clothes and such), keep for baby if boy or girl (gender neutral stuff like bottles), sell, pack away just for Kye. I plan to keep a notepad handy to start registering for things. I know that seems WAY too early and, duh, no one is gonna buy me anything right now. But I like to have a running list so it reminds me of what we need to buy down the road or what I want to research further. Also want to organize maternity/stretched out clothes. Possibly go ahead and order a Bella Band or something similar to be ready when that day comes...any suggestions???

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter 2011

When I get super behind like this, you get super long blog entries! Easter is a rush-rush-rush kind of thing because it always falls on a Sunday which is already a full day for us. The Easter Bunny hid all of Kye's eggs in the living room and we hunted as soon as he woke up. We're trying hard to get better about taking more family videos so here's the video of Kye hunting his eggs (I realize none of you watch these, I don't expect you to...they are 100% for us!).
 He had a BLAST and was too cute!

 He found them all (mostly) by himself
 "Happy Easter!"
 all those eggs got pretty heavy!
 The Easter Bunny went a little overboard on the presents
 He's an at age where he's super easy to please, cheap toy cars make him pumped
 Here's a video of Kye digging into his basket!
 Ugh, I wish the Easter Bunny took returns, this is the most aggravating book b/c every page is a puzzle

 A new Veggie Tales movie!
 Kye doesn't watch tv shows but the Easter Bunny knows about our Disney trip so he thought it'd be a good idea to get some toy Disney characters!
 The favorite toy? An army man set!
It wasn't too crazy of a morning. Since Kye is so young the egg hunting and basket opening last under 30 min total. It was my personal favorite part of the entire holiday. I LOVE stuff with just our little family. We do so much with our extended families that I cherish the little traditions that just the three of us share.

Mom came by before church to exchange Easter goodies with us since she didn't tag along for the Easter festivities. She got Kye some cute new Cars pjs and other fun gifts!
 Helping Daddy open (as usual)
 Chalk set for Gramma's house
 Levi is worse than Kye when it comes to "helping" people open presents
 New reading material for me :)
 Easter pic with Gramma
 We got some good family pics and in an ideal world I'd take my face off this one...
 and put it on this one, then this would be a perfect family photo!
We attended church at Lakeland that morning with Zach's family. It worked out well because they start an hour later than we do so we had more time to get ready and we'd be going out there later that day anyway to celebrate Easter so why not worship there too? Kye really enjoyed having church with his cousins!

After services we hurried to Mema's and got all our family photos then put the kids down for naps while we ate lunch. After lunch we hunted eggs then headed to Seth and Crissy's for our last egg hunt of the year. A BUSY day that had me completely exhausted. It was fun though! Here's some Parker Family pictures:

Sweet Cousins
 The Fleming Family
 Our family
 Zach with Mema (she's Mrs. Charlotte's mom for those of you who try to keep up with this family tree of ours!)
 Kye with G-Mama and Big Papa
Proud Grandparents
 Let's see how many of you comment about how good looking my in-laws are. I do agree! I always joke that the reason I married Zach is because he'll look just like his dad as he ages ;)
 Trey, Zach's cousin, is living with Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte as is Casey right now so they have a full house again!
 The girls
 Zach practicing for pictures with two kids ;)
 We're all about a good picture and if Kye wouldn't cooperate we'd just get one of the two of us :)
 The whole Parker clan! (Colt is very anti-pictures, someday we will get a great photo of all of us together. Poor kid was just over it!)
 I loved Kye's Easter outfit this year. I went with something more casual and thought it was cute. The pants had little sailboats all over them and his undershirt was green with white stripes. And he wore cute little boat shoes :)
It was a WONDERFUL Easter and filled with many good memories. I love that Kye is at an age where he gets into hunting the eggs, gets excited about presents, will smile for (most) pictures, semi-understands who the Easter Bunny is, and fully appreciates a fun time!
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