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Friday, April 29, 2011

8 Weeks Pregnant

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At this point in my pregnancy with Kye we started telling people I was pregnant so I'm excited to go back over old blog entries since this is about the time I started blogging (My very first blog entry was catching everyone up on my first 8 weeks pregnant! You can read it here). Here's what's up with Blitzen this week!
Baby Growth: Blitzen is about the size of a kidney bean (a little over half an inch) and is constantly on the move even though I can't feel him or her yet! Webbed toes and fingers are poking out from his or her hands and feet and the tail is just about gone. As of right now the baby doesn't have either boy or girl parts so technically any guess people have been having on the sex can't be right yet!

If I were able to have an ultrasound this week, here's what we'd see!
My Symptoms: I have been feeling less nauseated but still don't have any appetite and when I do eat I don't really like anything and it doesn't take much to make me feel full. At dinner last night even the idea of eating a biscuit made me want to vomit. SO unlike me! 

I don't want to jinx myself but my skin is REALLY clearing up (just in time for the wedding tomorrow yay!) and I feel more like myself again. I've had people say they want to see a baby belly picture but ummm there isn't any baby belly to show. What "baby belly" I have is still left over from Kye so there's no need for anyone to see that ;) I'll start doing weekly shots once I have a pregnancy belly to show. I actually feel skinnier than I have in AGES. I was in a sports bra a couple mornings ago and both Zach and I were like dannnnng at my body right now. My boobs HAVE started growing (and are getting tender too) and my stomach is smaller than usual. Better enjoy it while I can huh?

When I wake up in the mornings my body is kinda sore. Isn't that strange? And I'm so, SO worn out. I'm sure it's a combination of pregnancy and not eating enough. Zach said he never got sympathy symptoms when I was pregnant with Kye but that this time he's EXHAUSTED all the time too. Isn't that funny? I guess we both need to sleep more!!!

I have started having more vivid dreams (last night I dreamed that Neela was falling and I was trying to catch her...random!) and am starting to wake up having to PEE. I'm peeing quite often actually!

Weight: I've lost 1 lb 6 oz as of right now. You'd think I'd have lost more with how little I'm eating but I'll take it! And I'm sure the better I start to feel, the quicker that weight will GAIN rather than lose. 

Gender: So far everyone is saying girl (I'm not going to post a survey right now b/c seeing all the "girl" votes would just get me excited!) and I don't know if that's because they honestly think girl or if it's just because they know that's what I want. Zach and I both feel that it's going to be a girl, but again is it just because that's what we want??? I'm not good at gut feelings with stuff like this!!!

Maternity Clothes: still in the attic! I'm enjoying wearing clothes that were a little too tight on me before because now they fit!!!

Movement: None.

Sleep: It'd be GREAT to get a bunch more of it but I also feel like I have SO much to do so it's tough to decide which is more important. Several nights this week rest won out. I may not actually go to sleep earlier but I've been getting in the bed earlier and resting. Reading or just watching tv. I've also been enjoying hot tea and hot cocoa as it seems to really relax me!

Cravings: When I do have cravings I crave seafood. I'm not sure what is safe seafood-wise to eat but I am craving crab legs, shrimp, and lobster. I bought some of that fake crab (that comes in a bag?) and that seems to hit the spot right now! I do not want ANYTHING beef related. Yuck. Which is the exact opposite of how it was with Kye.  I also don't want anything dairy. No milk, no cereal, no ice cream. Instead the only eating out type food I want is Zaxbys! SO GOOD.

What I miss: Having energy!!! Cooking dinner and not feeling like I'm going to hurl at the sight of it.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: My massage for sure! Kye has been all about talking about friends. The other night we were talking about his favorite friends (right now being Colt, Aubrey and Stevie) and I asked him "Is Mommy your friend" he answered, "yes ma'am!" I then asked, "Is Daddy your friend?" Answer, "Yes ma'am!" I like to ask him open ended questions and hear his answer so I asked, "Who is your BEST friend? (assuming he'd quickly say Colt!)" His answer? "The baby is my best friend." So random that he would even think to say that!!! It's also been great this week finding out that like 5 other people are pregnant. I love being a trend setter haha

Questions/Concerns: Need to probably look up pregnancy rules about sea food eating. Also still praying about the tough choices I have to make regarding who will deliver Blitzen.I was also wondering if it's bad to sleep on my stomach still?

Goals for the week: Phhh did you read the goals last week? I sucked that up! This week I REALLY do HAVE to start walking/swimming. I also need to start an arm workout routine AND get cracking on the Bradley Method stuff. I'm slacking so bad! Hopefully my hardcore sick days are behind me and I can have more energy to focus on these tasks. I also need to get going on decorating Kyes room and the rest of the house so as time gets closer I will only be worrying about baby things!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Bachelor Style Dates

Zach and I try to go on dates when we can and I laugh when I remember my goal as a new parent was to still go on weekly dates. YEAH RIGHT. We still go out decently often and having Mom so close has made it even easier. Recently we had two date nights that we both themed from "The Bachelor." The first one was a night on the town. We had dinner at Longhorn's then went to the mall. At first I thought "omg Zach is going to let me SHOP." I mean that's so Bachelor style ya know? (Especially if he bought me some million carat diamond necklace to wear while shopping!) Instead he lead me around the mall tricking me about what my surprise would be. We eventually ended up at the cookie counter and he had ordered a cake for me! He got me flowers when we found out I was pregnant with Kye and I thought this was a SUPER cute idea!!!

"1 is great, 2 is better - let's get fat together!"
(shouldn't my husband write greeting cards?)
It was so sweet and thoughtful and DELICIOUS
(I'm loving getting to wear my Metropolitan Mixed Chains Necklace!)
We pigged out on cookie cake then went to see Hannah at the REAL movie theater. For us the "real" theater is a treat because we typically are too cheap to go there (um $9 a ticket is a JOKE) so we wait for the dollar theater or redbox :) I wasn't dying to see Hannah or anything but it was surprisingly VERY good. We both enjoyed it and would recommend it!!!

After the movie the Bachelor-ness continued when Zach surprised me by taking me to the CARNIVAL! No, he didn't close down the whole thing just for us...and I'm so glad he didn't because the people watching was seriously the most fun part :) We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the fun games and rides. We quickly realized what a straight up rip off the whole thing is and decided not to ride anything...but we did play ONE game. We debated between getting cotton candy or Zach winning me a prize and I chose the prize. What girl wouldn't? I envisioned my perfect date ending with a BIG stuffed bear in my arms. No such luck. My husband...who wins EVERYTHING...FAILED at the game. I even have the video to prove it :) It was still a fun time so I forgive him for losing.
Wasn't that so fun? What was even better was when our helicopter landed in the mall parking lot to pick us up for our AMAZING tour over Valdosta then dropped us off at home. So romantic ;)

It's tough to top that date but the other night Zach did just that! After our Bachelor date we had to have the fantasy suite night right???? I have been SO SICK like non-stop and we had plans for a game night with a former college professor of ours (random, I know) but I seriously couldn't make it. Who wants to a) play GAMES or b) play games with people you've never met when all you feel like doing is PUKING? No thanks. I felt bad canceling but I really didn't have another choice and with the busy weekend we had planned for Easter I needed my rest. And boy did I get it!

After Kye went to bed Zach ran me a bath (a first in our new tub!) and I sat in that junk for a straight hour. Zach was so sweet and sat in the candle-lit room with me (but didn't join me in the tub) the whole time and we just had "girl talk." I loved it. We talked and laughed and gossiped and it was wonderful!!! Once I was literally turning into a prune I got out and we went into the bedroom where he had stripped the bed and put down fresh sheets with candles everywhere for a massage!

He played music and used oil and legit and gave me a 40 min massage!!! He was so sweet and even had Googled tips for how to give a great massage...they def. worked. I was beyond relaxed afterward and even a bit sore for the next couple of days! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him and it really did help me feel SO much better. He even made me hot tea to enjoy and brought me a glass of ice water afterward. He thought of every little detail (including slippers from a spa we got awhile back and my spa robe from our honeymoon) which made me feel so loved and special.

Who needs Brad Womack when you have Zach Parker???

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday! {Giveaway!}

At this point most of you already play along with these fun weekly themed posts but be sure to link your blog entry with all the rest of us over at This Kind of Love! Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving that there are people in the world who take up for where the rest of us slack. I love animals but goodness I would NEVER be able to handle having 22 foster puppies living in my house!!! Courtnee Palmer is doing just that and she really needs some help! All of these dogs have been rescued and need loving homes. They are ADORABLE and you can read more about them (and see precious pictures like the one below) here! Please try to help out in anyway you can!!!

SUCH a cutie!!!
I'm loving our new Samsung Galaxy Tablets. I am NOT an I-Pad fan and never really saw a need to own a tablet but Zach really wanted one. The more we got to talking the more I wanted one too. Won't it be great laying out by the pool? And when we travel so I can keep my blog going strong? It's our big anniversary present to each other...a month early ;)
I'm loving Kye's Easter Bunny pictures. They went SO much more smoothly than last year for sure! He did SO great with the Easter Bunny and actually liked him...makes me excited to meet Mickey this fall :)

I'm loving catching up on THREE WEEKS worth of laundry now that my washing machine is fixed! Turns out it wasn't really "broken" but that the seal liner was torn due to someone (coughZACHcough) leaving golf tees and pens in his pocket when I wash them. Good lesson to learn right?

I'm loving that I have such sweet friends! I now am the proud owner of Adobe Lightroom and can't wait to take the time to figure it all out. I'm a faithful Picasa user but I know my pictures can be a LOT better with a little more work. It's just about finding the time to play with it and learn. Anyone know anything about Lightroom?
I'm loving the little baby countdown widget I found so every time I get on the blog I can see how Blitzen (YUP! We picked a nickname!) is growing and changing and I can see how many days I have until I get to meet him or her. LOVE IT!

I'm loving that Crissy is FINALLY back to blogging. With three babies all born within a three year time span you KNOW she has some great stories to tell. They are the most fun family ever and I'm so proud of her for getting back into the blogging world. Help me continue to encourage her to keep at it by visiting her blog HERE and commenting :)

The Megow Family
I'm loving that I just placed a Stella and Dot order last night to freshen up my jewelry wardrobe! I have lots of new, gorgeous, pieces on the way and can't wait to host some trunk shows and hook people up with FREE jewelry!!! Don't forget Mother's Day is right around the corner and jewelry makes a wonderful gift...especially these Garden Party Chandelier Earrings! I have been wanting these FOREVER!!!
I'm loving that the royal wedding is this Friday....JUST KIDDING. I don't care one bit about it! I think Prince William was super cute years ago but he peaked in his early teens and has gone downhill since! I think Kate is very pretty but I honestly just don't get why their wedding is SUCH a huge deal. They don't even live in America people!
I'm REALLY loving a wedding that is taking place in AMERICA this weekend and it's my maid of honors! Taylor has been my friend since high school and I'm so excited to get to see her marry the love of her life. It'll be so fun to visit with many of my high school buddies and get to re-live our own wedding moments. As a married couple we always do that during weddings, don't you? I'm sure Taylor will be a beautiful bride and it'll be THE wedding of the decade ;)

A picture from MY wedding weekend!
I'm loving that I just finished reading The Lincoln Lawyer (so good! ready to see the movie!) and can now enjoy laying out during Kye's nap and reading Water for Elephants. I know it's THE book right now and I'm eager to get started on it...
Who doesn't love getting to picture Robert Pattenson page after page???
I'm loving that I bought an extra copy of the book to share with one of YOU! I know the movie is already out and many of you probably already rushed to see it but those of you who enjoy reading a book before seeing the movie (like me!) are in luck!

To Enter The Giveaway
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  • You must follow my blog (click "follow" on the right hand side)
  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite or least favorite book turned into a movie is and you're entered to win (Sample Entry: "I'm a follower and My least favorite book that was turned into a movie was My Sister's Keeper b/c the ending was HORRIBLE!")
  • Giveaway will end Sunday May 1st at 11 PM
Can't wait to read all about what everyone else is loving and see who will be reading Water For Elephants along with me!!! Good luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Pregnancy Dr Visit

The day I told Zach I was pregnant I made an appointment to go see Stacy at Southern OBGYN for my 1st pregnancy visit as well as my yearly. I told everyone I just had my yearly check-up to not get them thinking baby and the appointment was on Friday April 15th. They told me all we would be doing pregnancy wise was peeing in a cup so Zach didn't come with me. We need that dough and there will be plenty more appointments for him to tag along! I also didn't bring Kye as who wants a two year old chillin' during their internal exam? No thanks!

Most of the visit was a sit-down talk with Stacy. Reviewing family medical history, stuff like that. I did have a list of questions but not nearly as many as I did the first time around.
  1. Since I had an episiotomy the first time, would I have to have another one?
  2. Do I have skin cancer?
  3. Are all my travel plans this fall gonna be okay?
  4. Can she deliver me? 
  5. Did I have strep throat?
She told me I do not have to have an episiotomy the second time just because I had one the first time. It all depends on how well I healed up. Which I'm hoping, after 2 years, is pretty dang healed :) I know the skin cancer question is random but my dad has skin cancer and I noticed a new freckle on my skin that made me nervous. She reminded me to always check for A-B-C when looking at moles and that all of mine look fine. I had her check the "hidden areas" during the exam b/c I read that skin cancer often hides in those places (near genitalia and in butt cracks! whoa!). She said it was all clear :) Lucky her right? haha

She said a healthy amount of weight for me to gain this pregnancy would be 25-35 lb. My hopes were to gain only 19 since I lost 19 lb just during the 24 hours I was in the hospital. Wouldn't it be nice to go home with no extra weight to lose? However, she said it's not healthy for me to only gain that much and my goal needs to be at least 25 lb. I doubt I will have to worry about gaining that much, it's the not gaining above and beyond that magic number that will be tough for me!

The pee test confirmed I'm pregnant! Computer systems have been switched out up there so she couldn't tell me an exact due date but from her calculations it's Dec 11th. Which makes sense. I have a standard cycle and Kye was due on March 12th. So Blitzen would make sense to be due around that same time of the month, right? I'm not counting on my due date since Kye was born a week early I assume this one will be a little early too :) We'll do a delivery date guessing contest when it gets close enough!

I had to have blood drawn which made me wish Zach HAD come with me. Ugh. I freak out with needles and it took FOREVER. Luckily I told them I needed distractions so two sweet nurses came in and talked to me while the third drew the blood. I survived. AND I had to talk to the insurance lady for a long time too. She's super nice but it took a long time! Glad I didn't attempt to bring Kye with me for sure :)

When I got in the car from the appointment I broke down into the tears I'd been holding the whole time. I'm pretty upset. At first I was VERY upset b/c Stacy said there is no way in the world I can go to Disney World when I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I was willing to still go b/c 1) I'm a soldier and 2) if my baby has to be born somewhere other than Valdosta...wouldn't Disney be AWESOME?!?! Stacy didn't think so haha. I'm okay with it now b/c I rescheduled our trip for the end of September. I'll be 29 weeks pregnant. It'll be hot but it's as late as I can possibly book it before the baby comes and I want this trip to JUST be with Kye.

She also wasn't too pleased that I'll be on a cruise to the Mediterranean at 30 weeks pregnant and in Hawaii when I'm 32 weeks. But those are free Aflac trips and I'm NOT missing them. I called Delta before we tried to get pregnant and they told me that they do not require a letter to travel and as long as you're under 36 weeks you're golden.

I think I'll be fine with all the traveling so late in my pregnancy. Honestly, I'd rather be HUGE pregnant than be away from my young baby (like I was with Kye for Paris) and have to deal with pumping. Our next big Aflac trip won't be till April or May of 2012 so the baby will be plenty old enough to leave it with ease.

While I feel confident about the's also going to be INSANE. I'm going to Vegas with Katie for 3-4 days (at 28 weeks pregnant) then get back and leave 3 days later for Disney. After Disney for 6 days we get back and leave 6 days later for the Mediterranean Cruise for 7 days. Get home from that (I'll be 31 weeks at that point) and leave 6 days later for Hawaii for a 5 day trip. WHEW. I'm tired just thinking about all of it! Organization will be KEY to not getting stressed out and I plan to do a LOT of walking and exercising from now until then to stay in tip-top shape so I can handle all the walking.

She checked me for strep b/c my throat had been KILLING me. She said it looked fine and that I actually have allergies. I've NEVER had them before. So strange! I felt super cruddy and Stacy told me Zyrtec is safe to take during pregnancy so that night I took one. Um. BIG MISTAKE. I kinda forgot that I react extremely strongly to medication and it hardcore made me LOOPY. I was out of it all that night and the next day until it finally got out of my system. I hated the way it made me feel so I've decided just to deal with the allergies on my own. Not worth being crazy for the meds. I wonder if allergies could be related to pregnancy? Or if now that I have them they will be here forever???

I was mostly upset leaving the appointment because Stacy can't deliver me AGAIN. When I had Kye she was on vacation and this time she'll be on maternity leave with her second baby. I am pretty torn up over it. I know it's just one person, but she understands what I want in delivery and would be SO supportive. Last time, while I was happy with my experience, I also felt like Zach and I were having to battle the hospital with every little thing. I ended up doing a lot of things I didn't want to do simply because I was tired of fighting (the episiotomy being the big thing! pitocin too!). Zach and I are a team and I want my midwife or dr to be the third component of that team ya know? I know Stacy would be on board with us all the way! It's really really disappointing and I don't know where to go from here.

Of course I'd like to see Stacy for all my appointments but that doesn't really make sense does it? And honestly I'm not sure if there is anyone else at that office that I feel would be as supportive of natural childbirth as she is. Debbie, who delivered Kye, would be a good second choice to Stacy especially since she's been through it with me once already. However, she's no longer working there and I have never seen her for an appointment. When we see each other she doesn't even know who I am (which I get...I mean she'd prob recognize my vag better than my face since that's where she was during the whole delivery haha).

I looked into having a doula. Stephanie's birth story is A-MAZING and I'm totally jealous of the awesome support she had from her doula! Zach doesn't like the idea of it b/c he feels like it takes away from his job during delivery, and I do agree with that so I'm not going that route. I feel like the only route left for me to take is to find a new dr or midwife and potentially a new office. I HATE the idea of doing that because I'm comfortable at Southern OBGYN, it's super close, everyone is super nice there, etc. But having a pleasurable delivery experience is the most important thing right? I'm planning on meeting with Stacy again for our next appointment (get to hear a heart beat! May 17th!) then discuss what she thinks I should do about all of this. Hopefully she'll have a great midwife or doctor at their office that she recommends. I know many of you live you recommend anyone that's pro-natural childbirth????? I'm actually considering switching to Smith Northview Hospital instead of South Ga as I've heard they are WAY more natural-birth-friendly?

I'm really praying about this situation and hope I can meet the perfect person to complete our natural childbirth team! :) I'd appreciate any prayers, input, and advice! Can't wait for our little family to get to hear this baby's heartbeat at the next check up!!!

New Name For Baby #2 (at least until Dec...)

Thanks for all the fun name suggestions! I think MANY were a joke right? They were good for a laugh and Zach especially enjoyed that so many of you took his opinion into consideration. He hated the nickname "Clover" the first time around so his opinion weighed heavily in this decision!

Here were our top favorites and why:

1. Jingle: My personal overall favorite! Very holiday, very short, and an obvious nickname. Sadly Zach didn't like it. (Sorry Rach!)
2. Ice: Zach's personal favorite. I vetoed it though as it's not holiday-ish and I just can't picture calling my sweet, cuddly baby ICE?!?!
3. Little Elf: We both liked this one, but would simply call it "Elf." It actually ended up being the runner up for the nickname. Zach narrowed down to his final two and I picked the final one, and I just didn't like this as much as the other choice :)
4. Tinsel: My personal second favorite to Jingle. But Zach said it reminded him too much of Tenley (like from The Bachelor Jake's season) and he actually kept saying "Tenley" anytime we mentioned it.
5. Tidbit: Zach's personal second choice. It IS super cute. But I like doing each of our kids a nickname like the holiday nearest their due-date. I agree with MANY of you that technically baby #2 will probably be born closer to Thanksgiving, but since it's a Dec baby I like sticking with Christmas themes.

The winner of the $20 giftcard is.....


Baby #2 will be nicknamed BLITZEN! Zach really, really appreciated that Danielle put honest thought into her suggestions and really took his perspective into account. I like that it's very holiday without being overly holiday themed. And I like that it's an obvious nickname so (hopefully!) people won't get confused and think we're legitimately naming our kid that haha. Zach also said it just goes to show that Danielle REALLY knows me super well since she picked the winning name :)

I haven't bought the gift card yet for the prize so since you're going to be decorating a new home soon let me know if you'd rather have one to Pier 1 :)

Thanks again everyone! It was a fun thing that we'll have to do again when #3 comes around!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trying to Conceive

When people "accidentally" get pregnant it always surprises me! Zach and I are very well planned when it comes to growing our family and take the necessary steps to grow our family when we are ready to grow it. I do believe that if God felt it was time for us to get pregnant we still would and I don't ever think babies are in anyway accidents. Whenever someone tells me they are pregnant by accident the first thing I tell them is when that baby gets here you'll never remember life without it and that you'll always love it and be thankful for it!

Pretty soon after we got married Zach was ready to start a family. We talked about it and decided to get our dog, Levi, first. Zach hadn't really grown up experiencing raising a puppy and it REALLY is good training for a baby someday. Puppies are tough work but when you're ready to go out to eat or to a movie you can just stick 'em in their crate...not so true with babies right? ;) Levi was good for us and we decided to start trying to get pregnant on our first wedding anniversary. I went off the pill a few months prior and started taking prenatal vitamins when we went off the pill. We got pregnant in our first month trying!

This time around I was a little nervous. I have heard of SO many women not getting pregnant as easily the second time as they did the first. We discussed when we wanted to have #2 and both agreed that we want Kye to be a senior in high school when the next child is a freshman in high school. I like the idea of him being their to sort of introduce his sibling to high school life but then graduating and letting that kid "rule the school" without always living in big brother's shadows ya know? Had Brandon and I gone to the same high school we would have been that distance apart and I would have loved it! Zach and Casey had that experience and it was great for them so I'm excited for Kye and the new baby to have that same bond.

I like to take a few things into account when we think about when to start trying: 1. The baby can't be too young for us to go on an Aflac trip or I can't be too far along in my pregnancy to go on them. 2. I really don't like the thought of being mega pregnant in the summer. Having a baby in the winter time is great because it's not hot and I have enough time to lose (at least most of) the baby weight before bathing suit season. I know those seem like DUMB reasons but I felt less stupid when I read in What to Expect the Toddler Years to actually sit down and plan for your next child around reasons like these! We typically have Aflac trips in April or May and then in October. So I can't have a baby due those months and I can't be 36 weeks or more into my pregnancy for those months. Kye was cutting it pretty close to the Aflac trip deadline (remember he was only 6 weeks old when we left him for Paris!) and this time around I really didn't want to go through all of that again.

I went off the pill in September and we sorta tried for the month of Sept and of Oct. If we had gotten pregnant then we would have had to leave the baby for Aflac trips pretty early on in its life so I wasn't hardcore about getting pregnant then. We figured it'd be a good chance to try some tricks I heard about to help decide the sex of the baby (post to come!). I honestly think the Lord was looking out for me when I didn't get pregnant. It was a CRAZY time in my life and very stressful (remember my venting post????). Between Kye's potty training, building a house, living with Mom, and Zach's back issues and surgery how would I have managed if I was pregnant? I sure as heck wouldn't have been able to move so many boxes on my own like I did!

I stayed off birth control though and we waited to try again until I would be under 36 weeks pregnant for our Aflac trips this October. The timing worked out perfectly to start trying on Kye's birthday! The first day of my last period was actually his 2nd birthday and we officially started trying on Wednesday March 9th.

Here's a few tricks for trying to conceive that I feel work (and I think I can say that with experience since I got pregnant easily both times!):
  1. Do not have sex everyday! It lowers sperm count. Instead do it every other day. With Kye we didn't worry with ovulation or anything, we just did it every other day and BAM! pregnant!
  2. Missionary is always a good position (at least to end on) as it helps things flow in the right direction if you get what I'm sayin'.
  3. Afterward I lay with my legs in the air for what feels like an eternity. I've heard 20 min is good, but we will usually watch a show together during that time so I try to go for 30-45. DO NOT get up and clean up first or anything. Immediately put those feet in the air. We also always prop my butt up on several pillows to help.
  4. We both take multivitamins when we're trying (I always take them...Zach notsomuch) as it's supposed to lower spina bifida risks and help sperm count.
  5. I think the BEST thing we do is don't talk about it. We will have a discussion (or 2 or 10) about our plans but those talks are never in the actual bedroom. We don't say "let's make a baby!" or "do you think I'm pregnant right now???" None of that stuff. We don't even talk about it outside the bedroom. We never get our hopes up. We never put pressure on the situation. I think SO much of conception is mental. When you put stress on the situation it doesn't happen ya know? We do all the steps to get pregnant, we just don't talk about it. No one ever knows we are trying and we hardcore deny it when we're asked about it.
This time around I actually picked up a pack of ovulation tests when I bought a pregnancy test. I think it's good to go ahead and have a pregnancy test at home (I like to buy one with 2 tests in it) so that way you can do a first-morning-pee test when it's time since that's the most accurate time of day! I'm blessed with a very, very regular cycle (typical 28 days) so I guess I didn't really need the ovulation tests but figured why not? I got confused about the instructions and took one of them when I had peed like 30 min prior and I guess you're supposed to hold your pee for like 4 hours or something before doing it? So the test didn't work and I waited until the next day to take it. I took the test on Wednesday March 16th and it said positive. Which the directions said it meant I'd be ovulating within the next 48 hours so it was the best time to try to conceive.

I was leaving for Atlanta that Friday morning so we tried both Wednesday and Thur night. I'm pretty sure that on one of those nights our newest addition was made! The ovulation test does make it kinda cool to be able to pin point an exact time! Not as cool as getting conceived in Cancun but hey it works :)

I hope and pray that we are as successful in our conception with babies #3 and #4 (and beyond?!) when the day comes. I KNOW how blessed we are to be so fertile and able to make babies pretty easily. I don't know if any of you are trying to conceive right now but I highly recommend the tips mentioned in this post and would love to know anything else that worked for some of you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Weeks Pregnant

Pretty excited to start doing my weekly pregnancy posts (and glad Rachael and Danielle have been posting theirs so I can copy the layout)! In this one I'll also cover some stuff from previous weeks, just to be all caught up. Wondering what the heck happen to Kye? I promise he's still here! Lots of blogging to do with all our recent adventures, but also lots of posts to catch up this pregnancy thing too. Barely pregnant and already juggling two, at least in the blogging world ;)
Baby Growth: Baby #2 (can't wait for the new nickname...go HERE to help us pick one!) has doubled in size this week and is now the size of a blueberry and is 1/2 an inch long. It still has a tale but is starting to form hands and feet from its developing arms and legs. 

Here's what he or she looks like right now!
My Symptoms: I had a few symptoms before I even found out I was pregnant. Several overly-emotional outbursts, very bad skin breakouts, and my pee looked kinda filmy if that makes sense? Like clowded pee? So I kinda thought I might be pregnant before even testing. Also when I last went to get my hair done (which was like the day after we think we conceived) the foils (YES I color my hair haha) were mega hot. Renika went on and on about how that never happens and that I must be pregnant! She didn't even know we were trying and that got my hopes up quite a bit!

This week my skin is still horrible. It seems like every day I have a new, painful, disgusting pimple pop up. So gross and something I'm not used to having so I feel extremely self conscious! I never had that issue when I was pregnant with Kye and I also didn't have nearly the amount of sickness that I'm having. At first it would only be for like an hour from 10-11 each morning and now it's ALL day. Today has been the worst yet. I don't actually throw up (I'm not a throw-up type person, like EVER). But I just feel so queezy and can barely even stomach eating a few Saltine crackers so I can take my vitamins. It's pretty miserable but at the same time it's comforting to be reminded that I'm pregnant AND it makes me hopeful that I won't gain too much weight this time around. :)

Zach swears my boobs have already started growing...I think it's just his mind playing tricks on him but I def won't mind those changes! I miss the BIG pregnancy/nursing boobs (when they weren't leaking of course!)

I'm for sure tiring much  easier than normal and I'm trying to take it easier. It's hard to slow down when I've gotten accustom to having plans after plans after plans and such a go-go-go lifestyle. The first pregnancy I could laze around all day but that's tough to do with a toddler! I'm also having a LOT of lower back pain...any tips for this? I've already pulled out the pregnancy pillow to try to get in a better sleep position!
If there was ever any doubt that I'm pregnant, Levi (our Chihuahua) reminds me otherwise! He has become overly protective and loving, much like he did last time. Then I enjoyed his cuddles, now I'm rather annoyed by him. Actually he's BEYOND annoying. Since we moved in he's regressed to going to the bathroom in the house? And he BOLTS for the street to run away anytime he can get out the front door? Any tips for that???? I'm about ready to stick him on Craig's List!!!!

Weight: I weighed myself within minutes of taking the pregnancy test and I weight exactly 8 oz less than I did when I got pregnant with Kye. This is almost four pounds over my desired weight. If after almost three years I'm still around this weight maybe I should quit worrying about those four pounds and just call it my weight huh? I will weigh myself weekly and am curious to see if I've gained or lost any since then with all my sickness, but I just got out of the shower so we all know wet hair adds pounds! I'll do it next week!

Gender: We aren't going to find out again! We LOVED the surprise and can't wait to be surprised with this one too!!! So fun!

Maternity Clothes: They are in the attic. I'm not in a hurry to pull them out because I think I'll feel so fat when I start wearing them again haha. I'm enjoying wearing anything from my closet and not caring if it's not super flattering. At this point in the game when people hear I'm pregnant they immediately say I don't look it (which duh, I'm not far enough along TO look it!) so even if I look a little pudgy in the midsection who cares? I'm pregnant!

Movement:'s only a little blueberry.

Sleep: I'm SUPER tired alllll the time and not as fun as usual. I sleep okay but morning always comes too soon. I'm enjoying the last days of being able to sleep on my stomach!

What I miss: Eating ice cream! I have ZERO desire for it right now for the first time in my LIFE!

Cravings: Zaxbys. Which is random seeing as you'd think the Zax sauce would make me feel sicker. But I've eaten it twice so far and it's SO good. As is the Birthday Milkshake. I have cravings but then when I go to eat them I'm always disappointed. I was pumped for some Rice-A-Roni the other night and it was so gross once I ate it. Same with some ford hook butter beans. Vomit. I haven't even sipped milk in weeks and it's usually my fav. I am enjoying my Pineapple-Orange-Banana juice though! So yummy and I've always enjoyed it when I'm "sick" :)

Best Pregnancy Moment this Week: Announcing our news, Hearing Kye pray for the baby, Having Kye tell me that his crib is for the baby, and hearing Kye say (on his own, randomly) that he's going to be a good big brother. So sweet! Another exciting moment was having Kye go to his big boy bed to sleep in his underwear! Def ready for #2 now that #1 is completely out of diapers and we have the crib ready and waiting :)

My Concerns or Questions: Still nervous since I'm early-on in the pregnancy. I've just heard from SO many people that have had miscarriages with their second and it makes me so worried! I need to try to get off my feet more often for sure because I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm also trying SO HARD not to get my hopes up. With symptoms that are very different from the ones with Kye it's hard not to think "it's a girl! it's a girl!" I know each pregnancy is different, no matter what the sex of the baby. I will NOT allow myself to think pink!

Goals for the Week: To start getting into the Bradley materials to prepare for natural childbirth round 2! And to get going on a solid walking and swimming routine to stay in tip-top shape for the months ahead :)

Help {Nick}Name Our Baby Contest!!!!

Majority of you were not around for my pregnancy with Kye so I'll fill you in. We do NOT find out about the sex :) We didn't know what Kye would be until he was born and we didn't share our name choices either (In fact, if #2 is a girl we are using the same girl name we had picked for Kye...and no one knows it!). Keeping the sex a surprise is SO fun. There are downsides (no clothes shopping be the biggest one) but overall I think there are more pros than cons.

Pros of Keeping the Sex a Surprise:
  1. People can't buy you clothes so they get you stuff you ACTUALLY need!!! (and you're not stuck with a bunch of ugly clothes you don't really like haha)
  2. There are SO few surprises left in this world, why not enjoy a little surprise when you can?
  3. People get SO much more excited when the baby is here b/c they are DYING to know what you're having
  4. It makes the moment the baby comes out so special b/c you get to hear the dr say "It's a.....!"
  5. By keeping the name a surprise too you don't get a MILLION opinions about it. Once the baby is here, that's its name and people won't complain as much if they don't like it b/c they know it won't be changing :)
I know many people keep their first a surprise but find out with the second. Which makes sense. And we talked about it. I mean there isn't a ton of baby stuff we need this time around so getting clothes would actually be fun. And it would be nice for Kye to be able to practice the baby's name and such. But overall, we'd rather be surprised. The baby sleeps in a bassinet in our room for the first 6 weeks anyways so I plan to pick out both boy and girl themed nursery stuff then just order it all when I get home from the hospital. The rooms already painted so we don't have to mess with that :) Also our moms LOVED going shopping together when Kye arrived to pick out lots of cute boy things and that's a tradition they want to do again this time around :) Plus if #2 is a boy I can see people asking what I'm having and me saying "another boy" and them not being over-joyed for me about it. When I hear people are having "another whatever" I am not as pumped for them b/c I know they were hoping for the opposite sex ya know?

Another thing many of you probably don't know is that up until Kye arrived in the world we called him Clover. I felt like the baby needed a nickname for people to call it until we would know who the little one was and Katie came up with the nickname Clover since Kye was due near St. Patrick's Day. It's funny b/c MANY people asked me if we were going to nickname this baby. Um...DUH! :) With me being due in December, there are SO many fun Christmas-themed nicknames to choose from! And it's hilarious b/c I got the strangest looks from people when I called my baby "Clover" and when he was born tons of people thought that was his name. Haha!

This is where we need your help!!!! I am not creative and extremely in-decisive so I thought it'd be fun to let all of YOU come up with what we will call baby #2 until it arrives! Zach and I are going away together Monday (for something SO to come for SURE about it!!!!) and I think it'd be fun to get to read over your suggestions together on our way home on Tuesday. So between now and Monday night please help us out!!! Here's the rules:
  1. Leave a comment ON THIS BLOG ENTRY (I just know a bunch of people will comment on facebook and it won't count) telling me ONE nickname for our baby - I'm assuming it'll be Christmas related, but it doesn't have to be
  2. You may suggest more than one name, but put each nickname in a different comment to make it easier for me!
  3. You may also comment a nickname that someone else suggested, however the credit will go to the person who suggested that name FIRST
  4. I'll be reading through them around 9 AM EST on TUESDAY April 26th so it'd be great if everyone could have their ideas posted by then :)
  5. Whoever suggests the nickname we choose will win a $20 TARGET GIFTCARD!!! (everyone loves a fun prize right???) Plus you have the honor of seeing me refer to my unborn child as the name you picked! I know that right there is all the prize you'd need ;)
I'm excited to see what you guys come up with and even more excited to be able to call this baby something other than baby #2!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Okay...had a blog error at the WRONG moment haha! I was so pumped to share who won too :( I went through each and every comment and checked to make sure no cheating happened and that everyone got credit for their entries. I typed it ALL up (which took ages) and posted it on the blog as proof of who was what number. Well guess what? When I posted it for some reason the post cut off during the list so only some were shown? And of course I didn't save the document! SO now I have no proof that I didn't personally pick the winner but I PROMISE (and I love the Lord so I wouldn't fib!!!) picked entry #148

which is:
Bobalu14 1 day ago

CONGRATS BOBBIE!! I have no doubt that you'll contact me within the 72 hours and I can't WAIT to see what you pick out with your gift certificate! If you loved the jewelry but didn't win...get with me and host a Stella and Dot trunk show! You can score TONS of jewelry for FREE!!!

Thanks again for all the blog love :) Many more mini-giveaways to come and another biggie when I hit 200 followers!

Finding Out About #2

I know everyone is excited for our news and I've been getting comment after comment wanting to know MORE. You know me, this pregnancy will not be lacking in details :)

I was planning to start in order and do our trying to conceive experience (not hardcore details there though...SOME stuff is sacred, right?) first then how we found out and shared our news, but I know you guys wanna get to the good stuff so I'll come back to the conception goodies later.

On Thursday, March 31st I decided to take a pregnancy test. I kinda had a feeling that I was pregnant (there were some early symptoms...moodiness and acne. Yuck!) and Zach would be out of town until that night so I thought it'd be neat to get to surprise him. I wasn't supposed to even start my period until sometime that following week but figured why not? The test said it had early results and it worked :) I had actually planned to take it the morning before and forgot when I woke up so before I went to bed Wed night I put the test on the toilet seat so I wouldn't forget! The "positive" sign showed up immediately!
When we found out with Kye it was also first thing in the morning but we were both home. It was SO fun this time to get to surprise Zach, but it did make the moment less exciting for me. I immediately prayed "Thank you Lord, thank you!" when I saw the positive sign but couldn't really get as pumped as I felt b/c there was no one to share it with!
As a second timer there wasn't a rush to do a bunch of research or to call a dr. I knew they would schedule my appointment a couple weeks out and I didn't really need to know anything. It's pretty awesome having been through it all before! Saves me a lot of time and hassle with Google ;) I did research to see about my due date (Dec 8th or 9th depending on if you base it on the first day of my last period or the day we conceived) and to see the baby's development so far (the size of a sesame seed!!!)
That morning we had a play date with Robyn and Lorelai at the mall and it was SO tough b/c I was pretty much straight up rude to her. I knew Zach would be home soon after Kye's nap and I really wanted Kye to wear a "Big Brother" shirt to surprise him. Luckily our play date was at the mall playground but I had to make up every excuse under the SUN to shop and I had to sneak away from her so I could look for the shirt. Like I said, I was pretty dang rude. AND I had zero luck. I did as a lady in Old Navy and she said to check Kohl's so once I left Robyn (which was like 30 min prior to nap time...stressful!) I raced into Kohl's. I told them I NEEDED a Big Brother shirt and luckily I found one. Sadly, it was a 3T but I didn't care. I used a gift card so it was free and figure by the time he can wear a 3T he'll be a Big Brother anyways so it's not like it'll be wasted! I felt like a TERRIBLE mother as my kid has NEVER gone down that late for his nap (20 min late!!!) and it put him in a HORRIBLE mood when he woke up, but it was worth it to be able to surprise Zach when he got home!

First pregnant belly pic: 1 day shy of 4 weeks pregnant!
Before Zach got home I told him to call me when he got to the neighborhood b/c Kye was DYING to see him and I wanted to video tape it. Such a lie because Kye was actually screaming and being mega annoying (I had to BRIBE him to stand by the door), but it worked b/c I video tape random stuff all the time. He didn't think twice about it. Here's the video when Zach found out we're adding to our family!!!! I love two things about it. One that I had to keep videoing when Kye obviously wasn't happy to see Zach and two that Zach pretty much throws our kid aside once he finally reads his shirt haha. 

I was ready to tell everyone THAT DAY. Seriously. Last time it was easy and FUN to keep the secret. We found out early on and managed not to tell anyone for like a week (I blurted it out to Ashley and Katie like an idiot at dinner!) but kept it from all the our family and the general public for over a month! Now that I blog so much I just wanted to start blogging it! Keeping the secret was soooooo hard but Zach wanted to wait until I had my dr. appointment just to make sure and I wanted time to get a better shirt made for Kye so it worked out. I am SO proud of myself because literally only Zach and I knew (well us and every single random stranger I could possibly tell!). 

I'm a first born and now that I have a child I see SO many advantages of being a first born. I married a second born. When putting together our wedding video montage thing guess who had like triple the amount of childhood pictures? And guess who had hardly any? And the ones he did have had his older sister in like every one of them? I really and truly want SO badly to treat ALL our children as much like "first bornes" as possible. I know that's IMPOSSIBLE (I mean how many times I have already mentioned my first pregnancy in this post?!?) but in all areas that I can control it, I will do my best!

That being said I wanted to come up with creative ways to tell everyone. I thought I did pretty good with Zach and wanted something special for each person closest to us. I googled around about it (see I have researched some...) and LOVED the idea of a Christmas Card Announcement! Since the baby is due in Dec - isn't that cute??? I thought about ordering some on Etsy but then realized I could totally make them myself. I spent quite a few hours putting them together and I'm proud of how cute they turned out!

I mailed 22 of them and kept 2 for the baby book :)
 the inside says "Kye is excited to say 
an early Christmas present is
heading our way!
Baby Parker Due:
Dec 9th, 2011"
I didn't want to, but I had to add a little disclaimer at the bottom basically telling people to keep their mouths shut until Tues April 19th when I'd be announcing the news to the "world" (aka blog/facebook). You just KNOW some idiot would get that card then put on Facebook "Yay! You're pregnant!" and ruin it! So the little note at the bottom helped prevent that from happening :)

I timed out the mailings of the cards so everyone would get them on Monday April 18th. Of course some people did get theirs earlier (on Sat the 16th) but no one ruined anything with our immediate families finding out that day so it was fine! I LOVED getting all the texts and phone calls on Monday from everyone! It was pretty funny b/c most people were thrilled and even honored that they got a card but I did have a few who said their feelings were hurt. Um...if I took the time to HAND MAKE a card for YOU then that's something to feel good about. Sorry we didn't tell everyone in person. Telling in person isn't half as cute as a card and we saved the in-person thing for immediate family only :)

We decided to tell the family on Sat April 16th. Courtney's birthday is on the 15th so as soon as we realized we were pregnant I offered to host her birthday party. This should have thrown up a red flag b/c I've never done that before (it's a BIG group of ppl to feed!) but we do have a new house WITH a pool so it actually made good sense to have it at our house! I also hosted a baby shower that morning at the house (post to come) so I was pretty stressed. I napped and rested between the shower and party and was ready to go once Kye got up from his nap.

waiting to share his news!
We put him in his Big Brother shirt (the same one you saw when you found out our news - it was sewn by Lorelai's Closet!) then I called Mom and told her to go ahead and come over. I told her Kye was SUPER pumped to see her and that I was gonna video tape it (again, this is nothing strange to anyone around here!). She took what felt like forever to come over. We were DYING. Here's the video when she got here and found out she's gonna be a Gramma twice over! We knew Mom would catch on right away because she's always commenting on Kye's clothes and she didn't disappoint :) 

I had planned to call Zach's parents and tell them the same thing about the video taping but didn't get a chance to. They showed up a little sooner than I figured they would so I just rolled with it and taped them. It all happened so fast I don't think they had time to even register it. Here's their video! I hate that their video turned out so dark but it was hilarious b/c Mrs. Charlotte saw his shirt and made a funny face then realized what it meant :)

We didn't video tape everyone else as they came in but Casey said "cool Big Brother shirt" and didn't even realize what it meant. She thought it was just random play clothes I put on him since we were going swimming haha. Then Courtney TOTALLY was clueless. To her credit though she was handling her two children and Kye was more interested in Colt at that point than he was his shirt :) It was neat to get to tell everyone and that we have a video showing reactions!

My Dad and Audrey happened to get their card that day as well and we had a GREAT talk that night! They conference called me and it made me feel so special to hear how excited they are about everything. This little baby will def be loved by all - no doubt about that!

With Kye I kept an actual old school journal of everything and I want to dig it up so I can put some of it with this baby's pregnancy as I don't remember much of all of that and it's much easier to look things up on here! 

As you can tell I'm THRILLED as is Zach and everyone else! Kye is clueless. I mean he's TWO people! But I know he's going to be a wonderful Big Brother :) I hope everyone who got a card enjoyed the little surprise from us! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm LOVIN' Wednesday!

I think this will be a weekly thing for me...I sure do love linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love to share what I'm loving each week!

I'm loving that you all FINALLY know that we're expecting baby #2! I only had to keep it a secret for a little over 2 weeks but OMG those two weeks felt like an ETERNITY! Didcha miss the big announcement yesterday? You can read it here!
I'm loving that I get to pick a winner for the HUGE giveaway I'm having! TODAY is the last day to enter! Over 132 entries have been posted which makes me excited! If you haven't entered yet here is where you go to do so. Can't wait to see who will be showing off this beautiful bracelet and the other goodies :)
I'm loving that I have badddddd morning sickness this time around. It's no fun but I'm hopeful that it means I won't gain as much weight as I did with Kye haha! And it's a great excuse to be lazy and love on my sweet baby boy right?
I'm loving that I ordered all of Kye's bedding! I got the Madras Quilts and Pillow Shams for his bunk set from Pottery Barn Kids. When I went to check out my total was around $360 but then when I put in my coupon codes and reward certificates guess how much I actually paid???? $16!!!! So awesome!
I'm loving the updates Kelly @ Built Ford Tough has done to her blog! The header picture is BEYOND adorable and she was well deserving of the stylish blogger award I gave her over the weekend. Be sure to check it out!
I'm loving that I just finished reading The 2011 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World cover to cover! I was feeling SUPER sick all weekend and took a day of rest on Sunday so it gave me a great chance to plan our upcoming trip. I'm literally dreaming about Disney right now and I LOVE it!
I'm loving that today, on the techs 5th and (hopefully) final trip to our house, we should have our intercom system all set up and running. It's pretty bad when the tech guys had to take home the instruction booklet to study right?!?!?
I'm loving that The Children's Place Store has a TON of little boys dress shirts on sale for $4.99!!! They are regularly $14.95-$16.95 so this is a STEAL. Just in time for Easter too! I stocked up on plenty in both Kye's size now and his next size up. Cute dress shirts are tough to come by and I like my little man to look sharp :)
I'm loving the movie 500 Days of Summer. I watched it on Sunday and it's SO good. Zach actually saw it on tv a couple weeks ago and told me I needed to watch it. My hubby knows my movie taste b/c I really, really LOVED it. I highly recommend it!
I'm loving that Zach was asked to play in a local Celebrity Golf Tournament as a CELEBRITY! How funny is that? It was such an honor and he got to play in the tournament for FREE and got hooked up with a ton of cool free goodies too. Always a plus! What's next...Celebrity Apprentice? ;)
I'm loving that last night Kye slept in his big boy bed (post to come!), without his paci, and in his big boy underwear! He stayed dry all can I be DONE with diapers now?!?! That means he's hit ALL the major milestones needed before age 3 (and PLENTY early before baby #2 arrives!). I'm so proud of him!
It's been such a great week filled with SO many blessings! Can't wait to see what's in store for us this coming week and what all of you are loving :)
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