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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bonus Birthdays

Doesn't everyone just love birthday celebrations? It's one of the few times a year when you KNOW you'll be getting some attention (around here attention is rare with Zach being the center so often haha). I like to milk a birthday for all it's worth and spread it out! This year we had many mini celebrations!!!

The Saturday before the cruise Mom took me shopping. We had planned on us picking out somethings together for my birthday presents but I just felt too awkward being like "buy this for me" so we instead just shopped, looked, and tried things on then I'd wait outside each store and Mom would pick a few things she liked best to buy me and then she wrapped them on my birthday :) It was SUCH a fun day and great girl time together. We BOTH starting crying in Old Navy (the girl at the fitting rooms thought we were nuts) just out of happiness that we get to be together for so many fun little things like that. I mean when was the last time Mom and I went shopping together? A LONG time ago for sure! Hopefully (once we get some money haha) it'll be a more regular outing :)
We waited to celebrate my birthday with Mom until after the cruise and actually ended up celebrating on Halloween night. (Another perk of trick-or-treating fun happening on the 30th!).
silly Mom
I love how he's watching me, so sweet
yay! clothes!
my helper
I have a silly mom and crazy husband

she got me the cutest pants from New York & Co (which us Valdostians still call Learner) and several matching tops along with a dress I wore on the cruise and an adorable tunic
It was my choice of where to go to dinner and I wanted to do something that would be fun with Kye so we went to Steak and eat free on weekends and they always have great coupons. Plus I just love the hat :)
Zach and "Deuce"
my sweet boy
instead of a cake Mom decorated my milkshake :)
26! 4 more years till 30 :(
(but my Stella & Dot Garden Party Earrings keep me lookin' stylish right?)
We bought Kye a junior milkshake but he had zero interest in it...he just wanted Daddy's
I love how happy Mom looks here, so glad to get to spend time with her grandson!
Zach gave up and drank Kye's shake and let Kye drink his haha
so good at sharing
The week of my birthday was also the week of Seth's birthday (mine is Nov 1st and his is Nov 2nd) so this year we decided to get together for a little celebration! We went to their house that Thursday after Kye went to bed and made ice cream sundaes. They even had a TON of toppings, just the way I like it!

Almost Birthday Twins!
That morning Zach was hit with a severe pain in his back. It had been hurting him since Mom's move but it just randomly started to hurt very badly. Badly enough to wear he left work and went straight to a doctor. This was on Nov 4th and we've been battling his back pain since :( He even ended up having to have an MRI done! Thankfully, he does NOT need surgery but just needs lot of rest to let it heal and has to be more careful in the future to not hurt himself again (this means when moving day comes...we need MEGA HELP!!! Any volunteers????). Anyways...even though he was in pain we still went over to Seth and Crissy's house but Zach just had to lay on the floor the whole time.

It was SUCH an awesomely fun night. I can't remember EVER laughing so hard. I really adore Seth and Crissy and love how easy going our friendship is and how we can just let lose and be ourselves. I love that we have kids and all but having adult-only time with them was SO great!!! Can we do it again soon please?
Originally we planned to all go out to eat with Katie for a birthday celebration too. I've been craving some pizza so I wanted to go to Sister's but then Zach has had to be out of town so much and I've been so stressed and everything that it just didn't work out (we actually had planned to go on Nov 2nd..when I had that I canceled). This year we didn't do a group birthday celebration and instead just Katie and I had a girl's night! It was great...we got pizza, talked, then went to her house and watched Grey's!
She hooked me up with a pedi! Gotta make plans to do it soon!
(btw I'm wearing the Rachel Necklace from Stella & Dot)
All in all it was a GREAT birthday filled with many of my favorite people...any excuse to get together is so wonderful. It makes getting older a little easier to handle :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

My 26th "Brithday"

Last year I went to DISNEY for my it'd be tough to compete with that this year! Plus turning 26 is pretty lame. It's one of those this-doesn't-matter birthdays ya know? It is pretty sad to be closer to 30 than I am to 20 - I guess I should quit telling high schoolers not to call me ma'am huh?

My big day fell on a Monday (which is also lame!) and Zach, obviously had to work. I spent pretty much the whole day on and off the potty with Kye but the weather was nice enough for me to lay out during his nap and read Hunger Games (Katie introduced me to the AMAZING!!!!!!!!). That night we decided to get ready for our date but to open presents before Kye went to bed so he could be part of the fun.

Birthday Girl!
(good to use my dress from Brandon and Chrissy's rehearsal dinner)
Everyone knows I LOVE icecream right (you do remember my list of toppings?)? So duh, I LOVE ice cream cake. Brusters is okay...but Dairy Queen's is the BEST by far. I remember my dad bought me a HUGE one for my high school graduation (with two pictures of me on it haha) and it stayed in my freezer at the apartment all summer. Remember Danielle: you, Tyler, and I killed that junk until Tyler left the freezer door opened and it got ruined. It was the only thing I had in that freezer next to the dead squirrel my dad found as road kill and had to keep. Anyways...I'm rambling (old age does that to you, ya know)...back to my cake:

Zach got me a DQ cake and I guess it was the girl's first time decorating one...
He swears that a girl WORKING there did this!!! Good 'ole South GA education haha
Isn't he adorable right before bed?
My two present opening helpers
Daddy did good and got me some Stella & Dot jewelry to add to my collection!
Also got me this mega warm yet super thin North Face Jacket (my first one ever!)
I wonder what the big box could be...
Yay! I've been needing a BIG tan Coach :)
I failed to get a picture with all my presents but I loved everything: Stella & Dot Starfish Brooch (and matching earrings), Stella & Dot Charlotte Charm Necklace, Stella & Dot Heirloom Deco Bracelet, North Face Jacket, Coach Purse, and LL Bean slippers (to replace the ones I had from 7th grade that got lost in Cancun!).  After Kye went to bed, Zach and I headed out (I LOVE having Gramma here ~ makes dates so much easier and it'll be just as wonderful when we move to the new house since she's just down the street!). I don't know how it is where you live, but in Valdosta Mondays mean that nothing is open. All the best restaurants (including my favorite, and therefore our standard birthday dinner place, Charlie Trippers) are closed so we ended up at Aligatu. I wasn't disappointed b/c I love Aligatu (best seafood sauce EVER)!
The one downside of Aligatu is that you aren't really alone at the table since it's a hibachi grill. The other people at our table happened to be one of the chefs that work there. It was semi-annoying but yet also really awesome. As you can see from the picture above, he helped us get hooked UP on the free food (you know we LOVE that) and he was super nice. Since it was my birthday he had them bring me some dessert and guess what it's called....MOCHI!!!! I had to try it and it was delicious. Zach was mad that I liked it because that adds another thing for me to order every time we go (my standard order: hot tea with tons of sugar packets, shrimp with double rice no veges, double soup no salad, double seafood sauce, and chopsticks).
We had to get a pic with the chef!
After dinner we went to a movie. I have to say it was my most favorite part of the night because we NEVER get to go to movies anymore and I love getting to see stuff with Oscar buzz. We saw Social Network and we both LOVED it. I loved it so much I went home and googled all about Mark Zuckerberg (which was very interesting...did you know that he's almost completely color blind and that the only color he can see very vividly is the shade of blue that Facebook uses?).  It was the perfect way to end the day and I had a great time (and got to use my new jacket b/c I was freezing in that dress during the movie!).
Another year...another birthday...can time please start slowing down? Seriously?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you ready for some COLOR?!?

I've been SO excited to show all of you our colors for the new house but wanted to wait until the paint was on the walls...and now it is :) Here's a reminder of our house plans if you need to see them!

If you've ever been to our current home (at least prior to repainting to sell) then you know Zach and I LOVE color. I love for people to walk into my home and be surprised, in a good way, at what they see. Don't get me wrong, I've been to many of your homes and the ones with tan walls are pretty. They just aren't me and I want our new home to be unmistakeably OURS!

That being said here's what all our interior paint looks like, what inspired the color choice, and even the paint swatch I chose from Lowes...I can't wait to hear what all of you think!

1. Main Living Areas: This was the very first inspiration for the new house. When we first decided to move, one of the main things I was worried about it how we would pick a color as fun, vibrant, and modern as the lime green we had in our main living areas. We wanted our new house to be modern yet also beachy and I happened to see this place mat in our pantry (we got it for our wedding and have NEVER used them!). It instantly became the colors for our new house and the item I took with me EVERYWHERE I went when picking house choices:
I took it to Lowe's and decided on this color for the darker teal
and this for the lighter
We decided to do the lighter color in the garage entry, laundry room, kitchen, breakfast nook, through the hallways, on the upstairs hallway, on the top section of the living room and on the ceiling in the dining room. The darker color we decided to use in the front entry, dining room, all the way up to the second story from the front entry, and on the bottom portion of the living room. I LOVE it and seeing it in person makes the house look like OUR HOME! My goal was to have every other room flow off the main colors and I wanted it all to look like separate spaces yet part of the same theme. I found this great brand at Lowe's that was all sea colors so I tried to pick all the swatches from that so they all went with the teals we had picked for the main areas.

 breakfast nook looking into living room
 living room (you can click to make larger to see the pretty molding)
 looking down into living room from upstairs balcony
 looking down to front entry from upstairs balcony
 dining room (aren't you in LOVE with the ceiling?!?! Omg I totally am!)
2. Nursery: Choosing a nursery color was going to be tough. I mean I'm not even close to being pregnant yet so I had to basically go ahead and decide on a theme for a baby we haven't even created and a sex that we are (obviously) clueless about. I have REALLY loved Kye's shark pjs and wanted to use those colors in the house somehow (remember this blog post with the adorable pictures of him in them?). I decided (with Zach's approval, of course) to use the brighter blue color on the walls. If we have a boy we'll pick up the rest of the colors and do a shark theme (wouldn't that be cool?) and if it's a girl I think it'll look beautiful to add hot pink and white and do mermaids!

the paint swatch
it's VERY bold...but I think it's going to look BEAUTIFUL with the white furniture from Kye's room (Kye will be getting big boy furniture once it's time for him to move to a bed and we plan to use his white stuff for ALL our babies...if it holds up that long!)
3. Downstairs Guest Bathroom: I'm really anti-children themed bathrooms. I think it's cute in bathrooms that are attached to the children's bedroom and not used by guests but since our downstairs bathroom will be the one we use for the younger kids and the one everyone who comes over will use, I wanted to go with something fun yet adult appropriate. When Zach and I went to San Diego we both fell in LOVE with the duck centerpiece we won at one of the Aflac dinners. We wanted to use it somehow in our current house but it just didn't fit so we stuck it in the attic and decided to make sure we could use it in the new house!
Here's the paint swatch we went with
I'm a little nervous about finding a matching shower curtain but I was thinking since the wall color is so bright that maybe just getting a white curtain and having it embroidered with our monogram in the colors to match the duck would look good???
4. Kye's Room: If you haven't noticed I pretty much made sure to base our colors off of a physical object that would be in the room we were painting. When it came to Kye's room I have NOTHING to go from. Sure we're pretty decided on what furniture he will have (the Camp Bunk System from Pottery Barn) but that doesn't really help decide what colors to go with. We also decided we'd go with a golf themed room. I started hunting for ideas and omg have you seen how ugly golf themed stuff is?!?! And kids room stuff? They have every sport under the sun except for golf!!! Seeing how "un-popular" it is made me only that much more determined to use it as a theme and make it awesome. In my hunting I found this picture of golf tees and have used it as my inspiration for the colors in his room. I'm going to use the green and tan on the walls and pull in some red and yellow in accents.

paint swatch for three of the walls
paint swatch for an accent wall
For the accent wall I plan on having specialty wall stickers designed into about 20 white golf balls in various sizes to cover the wall! Won't that be cool? I think out of all the rooms I'm the most worried about Kye's coming together only because so much of the design I have to create on my own!
5. Master Bedroom: I'm a PLANNER. I like to shop around for good deals and think, think, and rethink every choice I make. Well, time simply hasn't allowed me to go at my own pace on this house building thing. Steve said we needed to pick house colors so I had to start buying up everything I wanted for the rooms that I needed inspiration for and Zach and I needed to pick a comforter in order to pick a bedroom color. We are using our white furniture from our old room and while I have LOVED the romantic feeling of our all gray and white room, it's time for a change. We went with this bedding from Pottery Barn . I really feel like it's a relaxed, romantic, beach type pattern and in person it's even prettier because it's kind of faded in a way that makes it look antique.
 I want to incorporate this blue as the accent color shown here as I think it'll help tie in the blue in the rest of the house as well (but for now I only ordered the duvet cover and 2 matching shams!)
Here's the paint swatch we went with - a green color
It's Zach's favorite room, it turned out GREAT!
I wanted to show off the curved wall edges too...isn't that a neat touch?
6. Master Bath: Zach and I are young and haven't been married long so we don't have a lot of fancy artwork and stuff. Pretty much everything in our other house was stuff from Ikea and doesn't really mean anything to either of us (hello garage sale!). All of Zach's football stuff is important to him (and going in his office) and there is only really one picture that is special to us both. A family friend of my Dad's named Bryce (who actually was killed a few years ago in a car wreck) drew this picture of my great Uncle Spear's lot in Bowdoinham, Maine. My dad is from Maine and I have had MANY fun trips up there to visit. Zach and I actually got to spend some time at this lot and have such great memories of that trip. I LOVE this picture (showing an old out house on the land) and wanted to make sure it had a special place in our home. Why not have it in our bathroom where I can see it everyday (we will probably have the matting and framing changed out)?
When it came time to pick colors, Mom Kye and I ran up to Target and I literally just bought shower curtains right then and there. SO not me!!! But it was just fate I guess as this shower curtain looks great with the picture and really helped me to pick a color for our bathroom.
Here's the swatch (matches the picture, curtain and our bedding!)
It looks awesome going from the green to this color!
7. Upstairs Bathroom: Eventually this bathroom will be used by the older children (Kye and Baby #2 once #3 and #4 come along) but for now it'll be used by guests staying in the guest bedroom, by Zach coming from his office, and by Kye coming from the playroom. So again, my whole fun-yet-adult-look applied. Mom and I grabbed this shower curtain too and loved that it incorporated the exact color from the living areas.

this is kinda a foamy green color that matches one of the circles perfectly
I can't wait for some lighting to come in so I can REALLY see how it looks!
8. Playroom: We debated about how to decorate what will be the temporary playroom until we finish the BIG playroom. We talked about it and decided that Kye does NOT need anywhere close to that big of a playroom right now, or anytime soon, and that even when baby #2 comes the two of them will be just fine in a regular room sized play area. So we went ahead and decided to make the room a legit playroom and decorate it like one then once Kye moves up to that room as his bedroom (when #3 comes along) we'll repaint and have the big playroom finished. 

We spent a lot of money on Kye's baby bedding and I hate to see it go to waste so I figured we ("we" meaning Zach's grandma who can sew) can turn his bumper into a valance for the window and at least use the pillow in there if nothing else. So I used this pillow from his room as the color inspiration.

I really like the idea of a yellow room - so fun!
It's really a lot brighter than I expected! I'm thinking we may wanna add a chalk board paint wall to help tone it down
9. Guestroom:  Zach and I used this bedspread in our first house together and then as a guest bedroom set in our most current home. We both really still like it (don't you have it in your house too Katie Green? I thought I saw it in a picture!) and want to use it in the new house guest bedroom (until we have baby #4 then it will become baby #2s room!).
In our first home the colors of the walls were tan and in the second one they were blue...this time around I didn't think the new house needed any more blue but I like that the duvet cover will pick up the blues used throughout the rest of the house. I went with a gray/tan color that will match perfectly. I think it'll make for a really pretty guest bedroom!
turned out great!
10. Zach's Office: The color of Zach's office doesn't really matter as I promise you the walls will be covered from floor to ceiling in all of his football stuff (framed jerseys, tropheys, footballs, etc). He wanted to go with red but I've read all about how red can create a hostile environment and the last thing we want is for Zach to be mad the whole time he's working! Plus while VSU colors were red, his high school colors were maroon and that would clash sooo bad with red, ya know? I finally talked him into going with a silver gray color since both VSU and Lowndes use silver as an accent color on everything.
We'll probably never see these walls this bare again!
11. Closets: I printed out a copy of the house plans and labeled all the rooms with what color went where and then I realized we never picked out a closet color. At first I thought we could just have them paint the closets to match the bedrooms but then what if we decide to change the room colors? Painting a closet would be a PAIN. So...the only area of our house that has any tan is the closets haha
The girls painting thought it was funny and said they have NEVER seen so many different colors in a house!
Picking out paint colors was pretty stressful as Zach and I have never had the luxury of having someone else paint for us and we wanted to make sure we REALLY liked the colors since we both hate painting and don't want to do it again for awhile. I pretty much cleaned out Lowe's paint swatches (I took each of my inspiration items with me and walked the aisle with each thing to decide what colors matched - it took me almost 3 hours) and felt guilty throwing them away so if anyone needs some paint colors let me know.

I'm really happy with how everything turned out so far - it all looks so much better in person so hopefully many of you can come see it once construction is finished! (Side story: Casey, Zach's sister, was over looking at the house the other day and ran into a random neighbor who was checking it out and he said to her, "how many kids do they have?!?!" hahaha kinda funny to have this many rooms with only one kid!)

Kye's even worn out from all the deciding
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