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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Megow Girls Visit

Isn't it a blessing when someone does you a favor and you can pay them one back? The day after Crissy watched Kye for us she had her 6 week post pardum appointment so I watched the girls for her. It was a super fun time and of course I had to take some pics for Crissy :)

Neela was sooo sleepy, they had an early morning
I LOVE having kids over to play as it's a great opportunity for Kye to practice his sharing skills
can you tell they are all at ages where they prefer to play on their own?
PS: I tried to be a "cool mom" and let the room be a disaster toy zone but it only lasted about 10 min then I felt like I was gonna have a panic attack
Kye really bonded with Stevie during this playdate
playing cars was a big hit
I feel ya Stevie...I don't get basketball either ;)
sorta playing together
Neela was so sleepy that she went down a little bit early for a nap. While she slept, Kye and Stevie went on their first "date!" We used Kye's little table and they shared a snack with a side of romance. It was SUPER cute how much fun they had. They talked and ate and talked and laughed. How many people can say they have a video of their first date? I guess Kye likes his ladies a little older :)

admiring her man while he admires his food - typical
things moved a little fast for my liking on a first date...footsie already?
don't let Seth see this ;)
I love how they are both trying to act like nothing is going on
After their date they were all excited and literally chased each other around the house. It was SO funny and so cute to see them having so much fun! I couldn't believe that Neela slept through all the craziness. Here's a video showing a taste of their fun :)

We really had a great time and if anyone else ever needs a couple hours break from their kids I'd be happy to have them over to play (and being friends with my kid makes them instant blog celebs haha)!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Play Day at the Megows

It's such a blessing to have good friends who you can count on when you're in a bind and need someone to watch your kid ;) Of course, Mrs. Charlotte is wonderful about keeping Kye for us, but they live about 25 min away which is a pain depending on where we need to be. When we went to make our first round of house choices, Crissy said she didn't mind keeping Kye and I was so thankful! Now that they live in Hahira they are only about 10 min away :) She took some pictures of all the kids playing together and I couldn't help but steal them. Enjoy!

Stevie, Kye, Neela and Titus (isn't Kye's hand on Neela's leg adorable?)
Kye: The Elton John wanna be ha!
he will be SUCH a sweet big brother least most of the time ;)
When we got there to pick him up he was having a BLAST in their ball pit...I think I need to let Santa know about that!
Kye has SO much fun with the Megow clan!
This picture cracks me up! Crissy is such a fun, cool mom to always do such neat things with her kids
Thanks again Crissy for watching Kye for me! I love that we have the kind of friendship where neither of us feel the least bit uncomfortable asking the other one to keep our children. Isn't it nice? Plus it helps that Kye ALWAYS has so much fun with your girls (and Titus too!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Round of House Choices

FINALLY we're getting started on our HOUSE! I feel like there is so much other stuff going on right now that I'm not really able to be as excited as I should be about building. I mean we may only be doing this ONCE so it's a pretty big deal!!!

I realized that I never posted the finalized house plans so here they are (you can click on them to make them bigger) Whenever I ask you guys for opinions or show you new things we're doing to it, I'll be sure to link back to this post so you can remember what the finished house will be!

front then back
Our builder had us go make our first round of choices on things. I was kinda surprised that we picked out windows and doors first. But I guess he had to have enough time to order them? Whatever the reason, it was just fun to do it! I knew going into all of this that I CANNOT even allow myself to LOOK beyond things that are in our budget. The number one question we ask when looking at stuff: "is this in the budget?" I've heard from plenty of people that the different companies you meet with for choices (cabinets, fixtures, etc) will show you stuff outside your budget to make you want it and therefore spend more. Our priorities for this house are to make it as big as we will need for our family and as structurally sound as possible. All the details of the house can be changed and altered with time as we (hopefully!) have more money. We have to keep remembering that as we make choices on the small details. Honestly though, it makes picking out stuff easier. In our budget (which is the CHEAPEST stuff they've got) there are typically only 3-4 choices for each thing so we always pick the most expensive or unique looking of the cheapest :) Smart idea huh? If you're unique then it automatically looks more costly because other people don't have it! I know, I'm a genius!

In thinking about our criteria (unique/expensive looking yet the cheapest) we went a-pickin'! First up were windows. We decided on white trim right off the bat as we love how fresh and clean it always looks. Then we decided to go with something unique and have paneless windows. NONE of the houses in our neighborhood are just clear glass and I like that it's different and also that it'll make the house look "beachier" (I know we are straight up land locked in Valdosta but our house can look like it belongs by the ocean right?).

Originally on the plans the architect put transom windows above all the windows throughout the house. I know they are very "in" right now but I have been battling what I'd do when decorating. Do you put the curtains above the transom? Between the window and the transom? What about blinds? In searching for answers I realized that no one agrees on how to decorate them and I just don't like the idea that either way I decided to go there would be a good chance that someone would come to our house and think "that is not where that curtain should be." So I didn't want to have them. Turns out they are pretty dang expensive and that we would cut costs by not having them, score! We talked with the window guy about why the architect thought we needed the transoms - they add lots of extra light - and found a way for us to get the extra light the house needs without having the transom windows. We're going to have extra-big windows! The front of the house (the windows under the porch area) will have 7 foot windows as opposed to the standard 5 or 6 feet. Then the back of the house (in the living room) there will be three of those 7 foot windows bunched next to each other with pretty molding between them and they will not be able to be opened. The windows that we want to have the ability to open will still be paneless but will have a line through the center where you open the window. Well, the back windows won't have that line since we won't be opening them so they will just be big, tall, picture windows looking out to the backyard and pool! I can't WAIT!

Here's a sample of what a paneless window looks like (ours will not be the lever open type though)
windows that don't open (along back of house)
windows that do open (along front of house)
The window decision was pretty quick. As soon as we saw the paneless ones we knew they'd look awesome! For interior doors it was another quick choice. I actually made it on my own while Zach was on the phone. The guy showed me the 4 choices and I picked one. A lot of my friends have the "Cheyenne" style of doors in their house and I really like them.They look like an upgrade without actually being an upgrade, ya know? These are going throughout the inside the house and the door from the house to the garage will be an exterior one of this style.
interior door
The front door took a little more discussion. I cannot STAND that our current house has windows along the side of the door. I always get worried that someone will bust their hand through the window and unlock our door (don't get any ideas burglars, we have an alarm!). Without doing side windows you pretty much have to do a window in the actual door and I don't like that either. Sure, it looks pretty but again couldn't a robber just bust through the glass? Our original plan had the transom above the door to let in light and make the door even with the windows along the sides. Now that we switched it up to the 7 foot windows guess what that means??? We're getting an 8 foot front door! I LOVE the way an over-sized front door looks and I can't wait to see it in a funky color (which I hope you guys will help us choose once I post the choices!). We found the actual door pretty quickly because we liked how this one has a window but it's up at the top and we think the panes in it will be good to add a little something to all the paneless windows everywhere else :) It is the one in the picture but it will not be a wood color (they will paint it the color we pick), it won't have that little shelf thing below the window, and it'll have two lines in the glass making it have 3 panes.
front door

Obviously for the other exterior doors we aren't doing 8 footers...the door to the back porch will be a more basic door with a small window in it and a transom on top (to match the height of the tall windows in the living room). The door from the garage to the driveway and from the garage to the back yard (we are adding a door in that storage area in the garage to be able to access the garage easily from the back yard) will be pretty much like the one from the house to the back porch but maybe a little nicer since the one will be seen from the road.

We had to go ahead and kinda decide on doorknobs so that way they could order matching door hinges. This was our toughest choice and it turns out that our builder doesn't even order the doorknobs from this supplier, so we stressed and made a choice for no reason and will have to go through it all again somewhere else haha. The reason it was a tough choice is that all the cheapest options sucked. They all looked cheap and none were remotely unique. Boo. Zach wanted to go with the oil rubbed bronze and I almost went for it. I mean I do agree that it's the most expensive looking choice but it's just NOT us at all. Our style is pretty modern and these just aren't modern to me. In the end we told him to order the silver colored hinges and if he HAD to pick a doorknob that day then we would have chosen to go with the color of the top left knob in the first picture and the style of the right side bottom one in the second picture. The supplier said that color and style combo may be an upgrade we'd have to pay for, but we could NOT agree on any other ones so we would have just worked it out with the builder if it did cost more. However, now we know that it doesn't really matter what we chose since we'll be doing it all again. Let's hope the place we actually order from has a better "cheap section" selection :)
top one on the left for the color (it's a dull silver)
bottom one on right for style
We come to the end of my first blog entry about house choices! I have to ask which is more boring...reading about my kid or my house? haha! This time around we were quick and efficient with our choices. The windows were actually the CHEAPEST option (turns out that panes cost more dough) and that allowed us to get a more expensive door. We made all our selections within less than 2 hours and that included choosing a roof color (but I'm gonna post that when I post our exterior paint colors). Pretty good huh? We do want some help with shutter choices so I'll be posting on that soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

18 Month Pediatrician Visit

Two weeks ago (I know, I've been too busy living life to actually sit down and blog about it!) we had Kye's 18 month pediatrician visit. It was a pretty exciting one because it's the last of the 3-6 month well-visits and from 24 months on they'll only need to see him yearly for a check-up! Yay!

I didn't even realize we had the appointment until late that Sunday night after I'd driven home from my lack-of-sleep weekend in Atlanta. Needless to say, I did NOT have any type of question list prepared. We just kinda winged it like most non-anal parents probably do on the reg! When we got there we had hardly any wait which was WONDERFUL (mental note: make all of Kye's appointments at 9:45 on a Monday morning). They took his stats and they were: 27.5lb (70th percentile), 33 3/4 inches tall (85th percentile), and 19 inches head circumference (75th percentile). We (coughZACHcough) actually had them measure his length twice because the first time he was only 32 inches which didn't seem right. Guess it's good that they re-measured :)

Kye behaved wonderfully while the dr did her check-up and I HIGHLY recommend to all parents to invest in a dr. play kit I really think it's why he does so well. I enjoyed seeing Dr. Kelly again as she is the only one up at Dr. Griner's office who asks the milestone questions. It was funny because when she asked them I'd say "yes" to each questions (such as: can he stack 3 or more blocks, can he say 3 or more words, etc) and then Zach couldn't help but to put on his "Brag Dad" hat and tell her how many blocks he can stack, how many words he's saying. It reminded me of his mom telling everyone she meets about Zach's football accomplishments (I mean he was a baller haha) but, at the same time, it was cute to see him so proud of his son!

Shots this time around were the hepatitis A and diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis ones. They also pricked his toe to check his hemoglobin which came back normal. I left, as usual, for the shots but could hear him SCREAMING outside the door. I guess he's at the age where he knows what's going on and Zach said that the needles were bigger this time around.

poor baby! daddy's trying to show him pictures of himself to cheer him up
little pricked toe
Along the lines of Kye realizing what shots are, he's also realized what getting a hair cut is. We took him later that  week and physically had to HOLD HIM DOWN to cut his hair. He was bawling. Nothing helped. Not singing, not paci, not candy even! It was so, so sad and I felt beyond embarrassed! We think he freaked out because he hates having the hair on him and feeling that itchy feeling. After the cut, Zach bathed him there at the hair cut place and hopefully that'll help him behave better next time by not having to stay itchy the whole way home in the car.

Anyway, other than the shots the rest of his appointment went great. I asked her about his toenails because the seem to still be kinda attached to his skin rather high up and I worried that he'd get ingrown toenails. She said that it takes a long time for their nails to grow out like ours do and that I should just make sure to round all the edges when I cut his toenails so he won't get ingrown ones. Every time we go to the dr I ask about his little vein across his nose that has been pretty noticeable since birth and every time they tell me that it'll probably fade with age as his skin gets darker. I also always ask for them to look at his bottom teeth and how they are slightly discolored and she said again that it's probably from him having a fever when the broke through. I know I always get the same answers but I'll keep on asking every time anyway!

Another great pediatrician well-visit! Hopefully we'll luck out and won't be back up at the dr. office until his 24 month appointment :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Winner Is...

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the contest for this adorable Stella & Dot Owl Pendant Necklace!
Here is the random generator letting me know the winner (1 comment on the blog was just a "congratulations" comment and therefore does not count as an entry. I also deleted 2 comments that didn't follow the rules!)

True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 32 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

The 32nd contest entry is....
Susie 1 day ago
I love that jewelry. My favorite pieces are the sofia pearl bib, the avery chains and pearls necklace and the cascading chain in silver. 
I really, really appreciate all the support this week from you guys about my new adventure with Stella & Dot! If you didn't win you can order this necklace for yourself at:  
I'd LOVE to host a party for any of you and help you earn FREE jewelry so be sure to get with me on that! I also have these great catalog look books I can mail out if anyone wants one. I enjoyed reading the comments about your favorite pieces and think it'd be awesome to get to see you have them in your jewelry collection!  

Currently I'm at 91 people who "like" my facebook page and I'd love to make that a nice round 100 so keep spreading the word for me! I know that having 39 entries for the giveaway probably isn't that many but I thought it was super fun didn't you?!?! I hope to be able to earn enough with this business where I can do giveaways like this one pretty regularly (I have to prove to Zach that I can earn some dough if I'm gonna spend it to do giveaways haha!). 

Congrats again to Susie! Once you get the necklace please be sure to get me a picture of you wearing it so we can show it off to everyone :)  Thanks again for all the support!

Gramma's House

It's official! As of this morning at about 8:30 our little family is homeless and I've never been more thrilled :) We had the closing to officially switch over our house into my mom's name! I'm BEYOND thrilled for her to get to move up here and SO happy for us all that everything has worked out so perfectly (God's plan for sure!). We are heading out of town tomorrow for a LONG trip, well many mini trips actually (we're going up to Big Canoe, GA then I'm going to Danielle's for more wedding fun this weekend, back to Big Canoe for the week, meeting Mrs. Charlotte in Atlanta with Kye on the 1st, going to Danielle's wedding that weekend then flying out to Jamaica after the wedding..WHEW I'm exhausted just writing it...imagine how stressful packing has been!) and when we get back Mom will already be here!!! She starts her Aflac training then we are ALL going to Melbourne to move her here that weekend! I'll do my best to blog while I'm away...I promise ;)

In honor of our house now being Gramma's House I thought I'd post a poem my mom wrote about being a Gramma and what it means to her. She always writes the cutest poems and I'm so happy for her to get to live the life she's been wanting to have! I don't think there's ever been someone so excited to be dubbed a "Valdostian" haha! 

Gramma Poem
By: Jody Sedgley

I long to be the Gramma whose lap they rush to share,
the one who they can't wait to see,
the one who is always there.

(Kye's first Gramma kisses)

I long to be the Gramma who's eyes twinkle at the sight,
of grandchildren running to her arms,
as she hugs them oh so tight.

(can you tell we've been dealing with a newborn?!?)

I long to be the Gramma whose stories they love to hear,
the ones that speak of yesterday,
of family times so dear.

(meeting Nana)

I long to be that Gramma who sees only the good,
in everything they do and say,
like only a Gramma could.

(Kye's first beach trip - Satellite Beach!)

I'm going to be that Gramma,
that I've dreamed of from the start.
I'm going to be that Gramma,
that loves with all her heart.

(Sedgley family vacation 2009)

I've left my mark as a mother,
as teacher and as friend,
I've left my mark as daughter,
who cared until the end.

(Kye's first Halloween!)

It's time to lead a different path,
Oh what a journey it will be!
It's time to live as "Gramma"
That's what I want for me!

(Happy 1st Birthday Kye)
Mom: We are all so grateful for you and the fact that you WANT to come live closer to us. It's so awesome that Kye will get to have his Gramma so close by and I'm excited to be able to have my mom close too :) We've been beyond blessed in this whole situation and I can't wait to get home from all these crazy trips so we can get this adventure going! Gramma's House is ready and waiting for Gramma to be in it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quality time with a good friend

I have known Rachael for a really long time...but I don't really know how long?!?! Growing up she actually lived right across from my neighborhood so I know we went to the same school all the way through, but did we ever even have any classes together? The only ones I can think of were in high school!

I don't really know how it happened but when I was pregnant I stumbled across her blog (I must have been Facebook stalking?!?!). I was thrilled that she kept so many details of her pregnancy with Macy and parenting tips and struggles on her site and I became an instant-fan. She was SO helpful throughout my whole pregnancy and inspired me to start the very blog you're reading now. (So all of you who just couldn't imagine life without this thing...thank her!).

Our friendship is proof that the online world is LEGIT. We REALLY do know each other. We REALLY are friends. Yes, it's ALL online. But that doesn't make it any less real.

A couple weekends ago when I went to Atlanta for all of Danielle's wedding celebration fun, I finally got to spend some face time with Rachael. Since high school graduation I've seen her a couple times but only in a group setting (a few of those random "reunions" we had and I think even once when visiting Danielle at North GA), at my bridal shower, she came to one of my baby showers down here, and then at Tripp's funeral. That's it. Other than one time in high school I can't think of a single time that we legitmentally hung out just the two of us. And it's a real shame b/c our personalities click SO WELL!!! I wish we would have gotten to know each other better when we were younger because I think we both missed out on an awesome friendship, but I'm SO thankful we connected now as she's a true friend that I simply adore!

Over the weekend Rachael came to both wedding showers but our quality time really came after the couple's shower. She spent the night with Danielle and I and we stayed up until 5 AM just bonding. We talked, did a little crying, but did a TON of laughing. It was really AWESOME!!! You'd think after talking all night that we'd run out of things to say but when Rachael and I both woke up we started right back to the talking and I ended up not even leaving to go home until after 2 because we were having such a great time.

I LOVE this picture of us!!! If I framed pictures it would be in one :)
I know all of you know Rachael...probably as "Macy's Mom" at first and now probably as "Tripp's Mom" too. We ALL know how unexpectedly Tripp passed away and we've all prayed for Rachael through this horrible time in her life. For me, getting to spend the quality time with her was priceless. It's easy to be blinded by Tripp's death and to only worry for her, to only associate her with that pain. But guess what? She's still a person who has an AMAZING outlook on life, an honest take on every struggle she faces, and who loves to laugh. After our time together I don't think about Rachael and feel overwhelmed with sadness. I think of Rachael and smile because she's my good friend. Sure, we talked about Tripp but I LOVE that we could talk about him and it not always bring us to tears. I LOVE that we could share intimate things with each other about our lives and know that they are safe between us. Our time together wasn't to "help Rachael feel better" our time was just as much for ME as it was for her!  Danielle  has always been my she-gets-me friend but now I am blessed to have TWO friends that totally 100% "get me" and connect with me on a level that other people just can't quite compare to. I know I can call (or text...or email...) either one of these girls and I'll have someone to help me work through my problems, offer awesome advice, or just take my mind off things when I need it!

Rachael was sweet enough to treat me to breakfast (well it was almost 1 but we still ate breakfast! who can eat lunch without eating breakfast first?!?!) and Greg surprised us with a visit from Macy! I glanced up and was about to say "that little girl looks just like Macy" when I realized it WAS Macy haha. I hadn't seen her since she was a tiny, tiny baby at one of Kye's showers. In pictures she looks SO much bigger than she does in real life. She's actually smaller than Kye and lighter too but just as beautiful as all Rachael's pictures show :) And Greg looked good with a shirt on for a change hahaha!

During our time together I also got to visit her house (where she's welcomed Zach and I to stay the night before Danielle's wedding ~ so sweet!). I saw it when they first moved in back during my wedding shower but hadn't seen it sense. I LOVE Macy's new room and totally think Rach needs to blog about it and show it off - it's ADORABLE. I got to see the nursery too which was Macy's and Tripp's (and will hopefully be baby #3's someday!!!). It was sad to see Tripp's room and not get to meet him right along with everyone else but I was SO excited to get to see the bench and tree in person. The tree is SO much bigger than it looks in pictures - it's BEAUTIFUL as is the bench. I'm so pleased with how they both turned out and I think Greg, Rachael and Macy will enjoy them for years to come!

the bench
Tripp's Tree
I am so, so thankful for the quality time Rachael and I got to spend together. I realized while I was up there that it was what would have been Tripp's 6 month "bday." I feel like God really had a hand in the timing of our reunion. Greg was out of town and I'm sure it would have been such a difficult weekend for Rachael to face alone. I'm thankful there were so many fun wedding things to keep her busy and that I was there with her to help keep her focused on fun, happy things and not thinking too much on the sad stuff. I KNOW that Rachael had just as much fun as I did because she has already made plans with me for the upcoming weekends during more wedding activities! I can't WAIT! I'm so glad we've gone from "stalking" to true real life friendship. Let us be an example to all you stalkers out there that blog/facebook following can translate into friendship! Well at least for some stalkers...maybe not the creepy ones ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Shower for Danielle #2!

After the fun family shower that morning and staying up so late with Casey the night before I was EXHAUSTED but still pumped for the couple's shower for Danielle and Jonathan that night. Between showers, Danielle, Chelsi, and I just hung out and caught up which was nice. I mean on a girls weekend the more talking the better right?!?!

before heading to the shower
couldn't decide which I liked better so you get both ;)
this is a GREAT pic of you two!!!
The shower was at Chelsea's house (a different Chelsea than the one pictured above but she's also a bridesmaid!). I'd actually met her and Laura (who co-hosted) back in April when I visited Danielle's church and I liked them both right off the bat. Chelsea is a mom of three (you cannot tell by looking at her though...she has a 3 year old and twins who are a couple months younger than Kye!) so I knew we'd connect right away. She also has an ADORABLE husband (who has a hunting habit I'm not to crazy about and a room to match it...) and you can just tell that they have a truly happy marriage. Laura is so, SO tall, thin, and beautiful that I was worried she wouldn't like me (us insecure girls ya know it?) b/c I'm a lame mom-mom haha. But she's SUPER cool too and I had a BLAST getting to know both of them better!

laughing it up
Laura, Danielle, and Chelsea
It was a really chill shower which was good for me since I was so out of it :) We got to watch Laura and Chelsea attempt to lead a shower game that ended up being funnier watching them host it than the actual game itself! 

LOVE this face Danielle!
I swear Jonathan looks like he's high in ALL the pictures I took of him haha
I'm really, really glad that Rachael decided to "crash" the shower as it was a couples shower and my husband was 4 hours away! Rach made an excellent stand-in hubby and we had a BLAST after the shower ended just hanging out in the kitchen (Danielle, Chelsea, Laura, Rachael and myself) laughing and laughing and laughing. It was some SERIOUS bonding time for sure and I feel like all these girls are now my super close friends!

Chelsea was hopin' to make a blog appearance but I warned her that ONLY good pics of ME make the cut...lucky for her this one did ;)
We didn't leave until around 11 b/c we were just having too much fun! Rachael ended up staying the night with us and it was SO SO fun (she's lucky enough to get her own blog entry next so be jealous!). We were so busy, busy, busy that I felt like I didn't get much alone time with Danielle but duh she's the bride so she's Ms. Popular right now! We have more wedding stuff to come and I'm confident that we'll get OUR time soon ;) It was SUCH a fun-filled weekend that I honestly didn't want it to end! There are eight bridesmaids total and I know I adore four of them so hopefully the other three are half as cool (which from what I know it sounds like they are!). If so I'm PUMPED for the crazy-good time we're going to have at the Bachelorette party next weekend (don't get too excited for wild fun...we're painting pictures people not partying it up!). 

Rachael you look SO tall in this pic!
I can't wait!!! I wish I lived closer so I could hang out with all these great girls on the reg :)

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