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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Emily Day!

For Mother's Day Zach and Kye gave me the ultimate "Emily Day!" Zach had the WHOLE day planned out for me last Saturday and it was ALL about ME! Who wouldn't love that for a present?

We started off the morning by going out to eat at IHop for breakfast. I was a little nervous about somehow getting Kye to hold off on eating until then as he typically eats right when he gets up at 7:15 but he did awesome! He was so sleepy, cuddly and sweet. I was pumped for some IHop as I ate there ALL the time in high school and consider it my fav breakfast place by far. Unfortunately, the one thing I ALWAYS get is no longer on the menu :( So sad. Guess we'll have to find me a new favorite place as without that menu item it's seriously not worth the mega high prices ($2.99 for a glass of milk...are you joking?!?). It was still fun to eat out as a family though and good to know that Kye can handle it so we can do it again sometime!

checking out the menu choices
sweet boy with Mommy
he LOVED the french toast and Canadian ham!
After breakfast the guys headed home and I had some time to kill so I went to Goodwill (it was only 8:30, nothing was open) and looked around but didn't find anything worth buying. I also went to Hobby Lobby as I need some stuff for a project but they didn't have what I was looking for. Soon enough it was time to head to the SPA!!! 

For Valentine's Day Zach had gotten me a 1 hour pedicure at Lemongrass Day Spa. I still hadn't used it yet so he combined that with a Mother's Day present including a 1 hour massage and a 1 hour body sea salt scrub. So I had a 3 hour spa day total!!! Such a relaxing way to spend a day :) It started out with the body scrub thing and I've never had anything like that before. It was a mixture of salts and oils that she rubbed all over my skin and it helped to exfoliate it and get off any dead skin. It felt pretty good, and when it was done I looked like I'd spent the day rolling around at the beach. My masseuse had me go to their shower to clean off and it was a super nice shower and added to the relaxing experience.

Up next was my massage! I'm very sensitive to massaging and have to make sure they don't do it too deep and the girl who did mine, Tiffany, seriously did the best massage I've ever had! She asked me areas I wanted to focus on and I told her my favorite is my head/hair. She massaged my scalp for like 20 was awesome. I'm hardcore about being quiet during a massage and can't stand it when you pay to relax then the masseuse talks your head off the whole time. Tiffany hardly spoke to me at all and when she did it was a whisper so I could be completely relaxed. It was wonderful. After those treatments I felt soo sleepy and relaxed and was looking forward to my pedicure to complete the day. Unfortunately that was disappointing. Another place in town, Nails by Chris, is a thousand times better! This place didn't have massaging chairs and the girl who did my pedi talked my head off the whole time and was actually somewhat rude (she asked me what size my pants are and how old I am! I mean you know I'm an open book but you don't typically ask someone those type of questions!). 

When I got home Kye was taking his afternoon nap and Zach surprised me with a light romantic afternoon snack. He made me homemade chocolate fondue! It was super yummy and after eating I got showered off to get ready for our date night :)
such a great hubby!
don't I look relaxed and pampered?
For our date night Zach had originally planned for us to eat at our favorite restaurant in town (and the most expensive probably!) Charlie Trippers. With our decision to sell our house we want to save every penny we can so instead we used our movie theater coupons and went and saw a dollar movie. Mrs. Charlotte and Casey came to the house to put Kye down for us and we went and saw Shutter Island. For an extra treat we used some of our gift card towards getting popcorn and snuck in some candy!

The movie was pretty good...not my favorite but of all the movies out right now it got the best reviews so it was the best choice. My least favorite time of the year to see movies is the summer because it's when all the stupid blockbuster type crap comes out haha. The best time of the year to see a movie is Dec/Jan as that's when most of the Oscar worthy stuff comes out :) 

During the movie I was eating popcorn when I felt myself bite down on something hard. I took it out of my mouth, assuming it was a popcorn kernel, and tossed it. Then I kept eating and realized my temporary cap from my root canal had come out and was stuck on another tooth. I ran to the bathroom and saw that it was chipped pretty badly, meaning what I thought had been a popcorn kernel was actually my tooth! I put the tooth back in and chewed on a napkin hoping to help it stay. I was very careful the rest of the movie to eat on the other side of my mouth. 

After the movie it was only about 7 so we decided to take advantage of our free night out together and go to dinner. We went to Red Lobster and it was so good as usual! I did my best to chew carefully but while I was eating a biscuit (don't you LOVE their biscuits?!?) the suction from chewing pulled up the cap again and I didn't realize it and chomped down...shattering the tooth. Thankfully the tooth is towards the back so it wasn't noticeable but I had to live without it until Tuesday when the dentist could finally see me to fix it. (Side story: I had to get Mrs. Charlotte to come keep Kye while I drove 30 min away to go back to the dentist on Tuesday. They made a new "tooth" and put it in then I left, drove 20 min back and it popped back out! Of course it was LUNCH when it happened so I turned around and kept trying to call them but their recording was on since they weren't there. I got back to the office and thankfully caught the dentist himself leaving for lunch and told him it needed to be fixed. This time he use permanent cement stuff to get it to stay and it's gonna be an interesting appointment to get it off for the real cap!!! Whew, this root canal has been a HUGE pain for me!) I wasn't going to let the tooth ruin my night and I just tried to eat the best I could without it and move on!

the biscuit that did me in
After dinner we headed home and passed a Hollywood Video going out of business. Duh, we had to stop! All the dvds that were left were 98 cents or 48 cents! They were mega picked over but we had fun laughing at the movies that were left. We ended up buying 4 of them because we figured they'd make good airplane movies on the way to Cancun for our anniversary trip the next week! We bought: November (some Courtney Cox movie), The Marc Pease Experience (this has to be awful as they had like 100 of them there but it has Ben Stiller so we'll see), some basketball movie Zach wanted and Spread (it's Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche and reads like it's a porno!!!) I'm very interested to watch all of these and see how awful they are.
Even with some not-so-great-things (IHop not having my fav meal and my dumb tooth) it was still a GREAT day thanks to my AWESOME husband. I know all you ladies are totally jealous that I have a good looking guy who treats me so great ;) Too bad he doesn't have any brothers or I'd hook you single ladies up for real!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Anniversary Trips

I have loved to travel my entire life! Over the years Zach has learned to love travel as well and we enjoy packing as many vacations as we can into our agendas :) Since our honeymoon we have vowed to go on a kids-free trip every year on our anniversary. One of the benefits of getting married over Memorial Day weekend is that it's a great time to take a trip! Today we've been married 3 years. I swear I keep thinking it's been four years but it's only been three! I wonder why I keep wanting to add that extra year? Maybe I'm just in a hurry to go on our BIG 5 year anniversary trip!

Our first trip to celebrate our marriage was our honeymoon. We went to the Maldives in the middle of the Indian Ocean and even got to stay in an over water bungalow! It was AMAZING and probably the best trip either of us have ever been on. While our anniversary trips can't compare to this one, so far anyway, they are all still fun times we get to spend bonding together and celebrating our marriage. Want to see more of our honeymoon? We went to Ft Lauderdale, Maldives and NYC! Here are the Facebook albums (this is back when FB only allowed 60 pics per album so there are several) all about our amazing trip! Album 1, Album 2, Album 3, Album 4, Album 5, and Album 6!
For our first wedding anniversary we decided to go to Cancun, Mexico. We go on timeshare presentation vacations all the time and can get great deals on them (and if any of you want some too let me know!). We had a package for Cancun so we decided to take advantage of it. We also flew for free using our Thank You points through our credit card! On that trip we started trying to get pregnant and actually conceived Kye! We went to Cancun expecting it to be similar to the Bahamas but we LOVED it. We also LOVED the place we stayed, Laguna Suites, and hope to go back there again someday. Here's the facebook album from that trip!
Last year we were new parents and very broke. Zach couldn't afford to be taking off more work and with nursing I didn't want to go far from Kye so we decided to just go away for a weekend. We dropped Kye with my mom in Melbourne and went down to Ft. Lauderdale on another timeshare deal trip :) It was nice to have a break from parenthood and a great chance for us to reconnect (as everyone knows it's tough being new parents to still put each other FIRST!). At this point I was actually blogging so here's a look back at the blog entry on our 2nd anniversary! Can you believe we didn't take a picture of ourselves together? Oh's one of each of us on our own!
This year money is still tight but thankfully we'd already paid for the trip before we put our house on the market! While you're reading this blog entry at home or at work we're enjoying CANCUN! Technically we're going to Playa Del Carmen but it's close enough. We again are using a timeshare deal trip (here is where we are staying) and are flying for free with the Thank You Points! Get ready for some great pictures when we get the meantime just imagine us laying out and pigging out (but not having the goal of coming home pregnant!) here:
Happy Three Wonderful Married Years to US!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Fun at the Park

Now that Kye's full fledged walking I was excited to take him to our neighborhood park to see how he'd play on the playground. I thought he'd be running like a wild man but instead he quietly practiced his new skills!

He worked for ages at putting the pieces of mulch down these little holes
and we spent majority of our time there walking up and down the stairs
(like the Guy Harvey t-shirt? Thanks to Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chrissy!)
he had to have Mommy's help a little bit
but by the time we were done he could go up and down by himself!
another favorite thing to practice was getting on and off the slide
he tried to climb up the slide but that's a "no sir" in my book!
he could get down all by himself!
the guys were cutting the grass and he loved watching the lawn mowers
of course his favorite thing hasn't changed...swings!
I REALLY hope we can stay in our neighborhood as we'd miss this park SO much!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cookout at Katie's

After Katie's housewarming party we really all wanted to get together so we made it happen! She hosted a cookout at her house this past Tuesday night and it was a great time! I got to make the Pampered Chef Bread Spread recipe I love and Zach and I got to indulge in the leftovers after the get together ;)

Katie made her famous Caesar Burgers for us and they were DELICIOUS (of course!)
Katie's sister, Hannah, lives with her so it was nice to get to hang out with her too! Zach and I love the entire Hitchcock family (lucky them!). We also quickly started liking Hannah's friends, Amber and Jared. 
Amber was SO great with Kye...future babysitter?
Kye was not very well-behaved. This night was a good lesson for Zach and I as parents. Kye is very well-behaved at home. He's even better when he stays with people and we aren't there. He's at his worst when we are in a group setting with him. Zach and I talked about the reasons why and we realized it's our fault. When in a group setting it's easier just to give in and let him do things we normally wouldn't let him do because we don't want him to make a scene. From now on KYE comes first and being consistent with our parenting needs to be top priority, not being afraid of being embarrassed around other people! We ate at 5 and Kye doesn't eat until 6 so it was just a bad situation with him (we also decided he doesn't do well when we try to eat early so if we're in a situation where we need to eat earlier than 6 then Zach and I will take turns eating and playing with Kye until he's hungry enough to eat). He also picked that day to start teething really bad (we think it's 1 year molar time?). We finally let him play with the discarded cards while we played a game of Apples to Apples and it worked out great! He was a much happier kid (and he never even ate dinner poor teething boy!)
I really liked Jared as he actually managed to beat Zach to win the game! Anyone who can beat Zach is a friend to me haha
Even though Kye wasn't at his best it was still a good time. It felt great to just hang out like we used to back in the day and I think Katie would agree that we must do stuff like this more often! As parents it's SO easy to get wrapped up in the daily routine of family life and to forget that you need to let loose and have fun too!!! I can't wait for the fun times to come :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Boy

Last time we were in Melbourne (for our late Easter celebration) we planned on going to the beach with Kye but I didn't feel well so we ended up napping instead. This time we were going to the beach for SURE! We decided to go between lunch and Kye's 1:00 nap as we had to shower and get ready for Susi's graduation that night. That gave us about an hour to enjoy the beach as a little family and I figured Kye would tire of it long before that hour was up. Well I was wrong!

I didn't really expect much out of our little beach outing. I assumed Kye would be okay with the whole thing because he did so well last summer with it, but I also know that around this age kids start developing fears so I worried he might be afraid. I know all the little kids I see on tv (like I remember an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8) seem to be terrified of the ocean. The sand is sticky and hot, the waves are big and loud, and the whole environment is just different! I can see how it'd be a scary experience for sure!!!

While I expected some fear, I NEVER expected what actually happened. Kye was all about it ALL!!! Now that he's a walking kid he was all about testing out his walking skills in the sand. None of the sand bothered him one bit and he would stand up, take a few steps, and fall back down just to get up and try again. He kept saying "ugh oh" whenever he fell which was adorable.

heading out to the waves
I love pics of him walking holding our fingers
saying "ugh oh!"
Then came the water. He LOVED it. Not just enjoyed it, he literally loved it! While most kids his age run FROM the waves Kye was running towards them!!! He laughed and laughed when they hit him and even knocked him over. One time his whole face went under the water and he thought it was hilarious. Zach took him out to "deep" waves and he cried and cried when it was time to come in. When we just let him down and let him go on his own he crawled or walked towards the waves every time. We had to keep stopping him from going too deep! I know many of you probably don't bother watching the videos I put up, but these two are seriously so cute!!! In this video he's running towards the waves while holding onto Daddy and in this video he's trying to walk on his own out there but ends up crawling instead. Seriously two of my most favorite videos of him ever! Seeing him having so much fun makes me SO happy :) 

 so happy in his element
I love his open mouth concentration face
more waves = more smiles
It was SO precious to see him having so much fun and it made me SUPER pumped for all our beach trips this summer. I wish we lived closer to the beach so we could go more often! It also helped Zach see the value in us having a pool in the backyard as we have a child who adores the water :) I wonder where he got that? Zach and I had a great talk about the importance of getting out of the house and letting our kids experience life and the world around them. Sure seeing a picture of a bird is great but Kye got to see two birds running and flying around the beach which was so much better. Same with boats. Kye got to see a fishing boat out on the water which was much better than him seeing one in a book. Hands on experiences are so important and I'm thankful that Zach and I both see the value in them!

watching a bird flying over the water
big wave
Mommy's turn to play
We had the BEST time and Zach and I just couldn't get over it. We were very happy parents with an extremely happy child. A couple on the beach actually stopped Zach and told him they enjoyed watching Kye so much and that they'd never seen a child so fearless around the water. We wished we could have stayed all day!!!

jumping waves with Mommy
making the SAME face
While it was SO fun it did make me nervous too. Having a fearless kid is fun and adventurous but it's also dangerous. He really would have gone out to sea if we weren't watching him. Last summer we used a float for the pool to put him in but I just don't see that working this summer. I know he's too active to just sit in some baby float and I can just picture myself struggling to hold on to him while he squirms out of my arms to "swim" on his own. I'm debating on what to get him though for the water...any recommendations? I'm leaning towards this as it got great reviews and I think he'd be able to use it long term. But this also looked pretty good.  They are both on sale so maybe I should just get one of each? We plan to have several trips to the beach, to hotels with pools and I hope to hang out with Robyn at her mom's pool and at Ashley's pool too! Plus we hope to have a pool of our own by next summer so I need something for sure! I don't want to do floaties as they all say ages 3 and up and I feel like they don't really help him learn to actually SWIM. Any advice would be much appreciated!!! Enjoy more pictures of my favorite beach boy :)

playing in the water
big boy standing up on his own
making a "sand castle" with Daddy
ready to head back out to the water
Crazy Boy Kye crawling ALL over the beach
"look what I found Mommy!"
I will never forget how cute his happy face was when covered in sand :)
probably the happiest day of his life yet!
Can't wait for more water fun soon!

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