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Friday, April 30, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Zach kept Kye while I was out of town for my girl's weekend to Atlanta. He'd been really looking forward to a fun-filled weekend and even though the rash had to change up some of his plans, I think they still had a great time together! I left Zach my OLD camera (as in my very first digital camera!) and he captured some pictures throughout the weekend. I asked him to write a guest entry about their "guy time." Enjoy!

I will warn all the readers like I did the first time I blogged, I am not as good of a writer as my wife.

This was the first time me and Kye had a guys weekend, just the boys. This situation was not normal though because of the whole rash thing (see rash blog). But, luckily Kye was just starting to get back to his usual happy self. First things first. In order to try to introduce my son to the world of manliness, I had a few items on the agenda.  I tried to man it up all weekend in order to combat all the sissy stuff his mama does with him every day. 

When Em left we went on a bike ride through the hood (Grove Pointe, very gangsta).  We stopped at the playground to talked to some ladies that were hanging out, but they were a little too old for Kye. You never know though maybe early cougars.  After that is was back to the crib and spent a little time in the sand box.
Then it was grilling time. It was his first time grilling, and he did a great job. I told him to play it cool and not smile so I guess this is his thug face. Ladies love a bad boy.
If your wondering after looking at the next picture, no I didn't wash off the spatula after he flipped the pine straw.
We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and of course he loved them. Here is Kye flipping the burgers all by himself.
I do appreciate a little more how difficult it is to cook when he is all over the place.  Em does a great job with that because dinner is usually ready by 6 pm. After we ate there was a little time before his bath. He decided to climb up in the his rocking chair and also stand in it and rock back and forth. And I didn't stop him, if he fell he would learn not to stand in chairs, that is how I learned. 
The next day he did a pretty decent job on his naps and the day was smooth overall (Mommy note: yay for Daddy sticking to the schedule!!!). We had planned on going golfing with Big Papa but the boils Kye had changed those plans. He was not supposed to be in the sun for an extended period of time. I still took him outside to "go golfing" and of course lathered him in sunscreen. Yes, I want Kye to be a manly man, but looks still count and I didn't want the rash to scar.  
First time connecting with the golf ball. It is hard to tell, but he swung it around enough to make contact....I promise.
When the grass in the back yard dried enough it was time to do the manly duty of mowing. Kye played in the water table while I mowed the back yard. This did involve more sunscreen. The issue I thought I would have with mowing was the exact opposite of what I thought. My theory was that the lawn mower would scare Kye too much and I wouldn't be able to finish the job. Instead he kept crawling towards it and I had to stop and put him back at the water table like 32,745 times.
Then the most manly thing we did all weekend: BAKE!
Normally I would never let Kye eat the batter, but Mommy showed that when Daddy was away she broke the rules. So I decided to do a little rule breaking myself. He REALLY liked the batter and was very angry when I took it from him. He didn't get much just a few sucks on the spoon.
That afternoon we had a little more yard work to do. I put him in his bathing suit this time and hat. Oh yea and more sunscreen. After we played he needed to wash up some because he had grass and sand on his legs. I put him in the sink and washed him off. Lately it's been really tough to brush his teeth but he saw the toothbrush and decided to do it himself.
Washing off in the sink!
"I can't believe daddy is letting me touch this."
Waiting for a spanking maybe?
After all the work was done it was time to relax. I had the Wii hooked up to the big screen to play a little Tiger Woods Golf. Well, Kye kept trying to grab the Wii remote off the coffee table. This gave me an Idea. He has never played Nintendo before, why not now? I went and got an old Game Cube remote and he for real thought he was really playing. We only played one hole but it was still his first time.
We closed out the weekend with him asking for more milk before bedtime. I am sure that Em has written a blog on his growth spurt (Mommy note: nope, not yet anyway haha). So he finished his extra milk while we watch some sports. Then it was off to bed.
I was very grateful to see Mommy come back home Sunday night. I missed her a lot and obviously having her back to help was great. Saying that, I really did enjoy the man weekend and wouldn't mind doing it again. Even though we couldn't go anywhere because of the rash, we still had fun. I hope Kye had as much fun with me as I did with him. I LOVE being a daddy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paci Decision

I have always pretty much regretted giving Kye the paci. I have a MEGA love/hate relationship with that thing for SURE! A few months ago Kye started to throw it out of his crib during his naps then cry to get me to come in his room and it drove me INSANE. I am a firm Babywise believer and I agree with the book when it says that a pacifier is a sleep prop. Instead of 100% putting himself to sleep Kye must have the paci in order to go to sleep. As of right now I'd like to say that none of our other children will have pacis. However, I do see the argument for the paci since it's "easier" to get rid of than the thumb or some other body part. It's really such an internal battle for me! I don't get why it bothers me so so much but it really does!
At Kye's 1 year check-up I asked his pediatrician for advice on weaning him from the paci and she said that we should wait until he's two. Right now he's too young to be able to understand why we have taken it away and he's too young to reason with or explain the situation to. That made sense to me. I also posted the question on a Babywise Message Board (thanks to Kelly for that find!!!) and all the Babywise mom's said pretty much the same thing as the pediatrician! I was shocked at how many hardcore Babywise moms USE pacis!!! It made me feel less guilt about Kye having one and it made me accept the fact that we're probably stuck with it for another year.
Both the pediatrician and the message board posters also agreed that Kye has been playing me for a fool with the whole throwing-the-paci-out-of-the-crib-thing. While he's too young to really understand manipulation, he has figured out that if he throws the paci out of the crib then I will come in the room and so when he wants to see me, he tosses the paci! Both resources told me I needed to do something to stop him from doing that and the message boards recommended that I give him more than one paci in his crib and then if he throws them out I don't go in the room.

We have started to give him two pacis. Now he has one in his mouth and an extra one in the crib. That has made a HUGE difference, even in his night sleep, as when one falls out he can easily find it or the other one. Great tip for sure! Instead of just not going in there when he throws the paci out, I instead spent several naps IN his room. Once he threw out the paci the first time I went in the room and sat on the floor and each time he went to throw it I'd prevent him from doing so and FIRMLY say "NO SIR paci stays IN the crib!" If he did manage to toss it I'd put it back in and continue to say "NO SIR" over and over very firmly. It took a couple naps but it's worked beautifully! He no longer throws it out of the crib AT ALL!!!
On top of all of those things we've also gotten more strict about the paci. We've never let him walk (well crawl) around with it in his mouth. We've never used it in church. He ONLY has it for naps, at night, and in the car if he's napping in the car on a trip or something. He's also had it in situations where it's very important that he's quiet (weddings and funerals only) as he's so vocal that it's impossible for him to hush! While we've always been consistently strict about the paci we HAVE let him have it outside the crib. We'd give it to him while getting him ready for bed and while we read him his story he'd have it. We'd also sometimes let him have it right after a nap during the diaper change situation.

Now he ONLY can have the paci INSIDE the crib. It doesn't leave the crib AT ALL (other than the car as discussed earlier). When he gets up from his nap or from his night sleep we say "say bye-bye paci" or "leave the paci in the crib" and he knows to throw it out of his mouth into the crib. Here's a video of his new trick!
While he's been sick and not feeling well he's really wanted his paci. I DO allow him to get in his crib with the paci and monkey during his awake time if he needs that time. I WANT him to enjoy his crib and to think of his bed as his sanctuary and I think it's healthy to choose to spend time in his bed without being forced to sleep in it. I know that Levi LOVES his crate and thinks of it as his little home so I think of the crib in a similar way for Kye. He will crawl over to the crib and whine to get in it so I'll let him. Typically he just gets the paci and sits in there for about 5 min or so. I usually use this time to read him a story as he can't escape me haha!
While I still would say I have a VERY love-hate relationship with the paci, I feel like I'm in a good place with it right now. It's no longer causing ME any trouble and it's still providing Kye with his needs and comfort. I do totally plan to say good-bye to that thing for good when he's two (we'll probably do the whole "lets donate them to a baby" thing) but for now me and the paci are getting along just fine :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beth Moore

Awhile back I saw on Kelly's Korner that she was attending the Beth Moore Conference in Atlanta. I hadn't really heard much about Beth Moore except for the Invisible Woman video I'd seen (read my post about it and watch it by clicking here) which has greatly impacted my life! At the time I read Kelly's post I was at a point where I needed help in the self-esteem department (remember my attempt at "to poetry"?) and when I saw that Beth Moore would be speaking on insecurity I felt compelled to attend. I'm so glad I decided to go and am also glad that Robyn decided to come with me!

The event was at First Baptist Church Woodstock and omg that place was HUGE.  There were over 9,000 (yes 9,000) women in attendance at the church and it was telecast to 869 locations reaching 300,000 viewers. Isn't that INSANE?!?!? I'm thankful Robyn and I were able to find parking haha!

(normally I'd be stuck holding on to my ticket to someday scrapbook, I LOVE that I can scan it and toss it!)
One of my main goals in going to the conference was to meet Kelly from Kelly's Korner. I know that is lame but she's a blog celeb and who doesn't wanna meet a celeb in real life?!?! I told Robyn that we'd stalk her down if we had to haha! Luckily, we didn't have to hunt too hard. We had tickets in the over-flow room as did Kelly and when we were looking for seats we spotted her right away. She had a line of people waiting to get pictures with her! Isn't that so funny? She's just a regular person who has a very regular blog yet so many people follow it and love her. It was neat to get to speak with her and I told her that it has to be an insane feeling to be from Arkansas but to be visiting Georgia and have people lining up to meet you. Can you imagine?!?! I did get a pic with her but no I didn't ask for an autograph haha!
Robyn got one too
I was pretty pumped to get home and see if we made it onto Kelly's blog...and we did!!!! Here's the post we're on...can you find us? Pretty cool if you ask me!

Since I met my goal for the day I was a happy camper, and the conference hadn't even started yet. Once it did though I was even more happy. I bought the book, So Long Insecurity, but I didn't ever read it. I thought Beth did a great job talking to us non-readers and I really didn't feel left out or behind in any area of the day. The event opened with some music lead by a guy named Travis Cottrell whom I'd never heard of. I was a little in culture shock with the music as our church is acopella only so I'm not used to musical instruments, people clapping, and people raising their hands up. I felt a little out of place but caught on quickly and was able to sing along to most of the songs (thankfully they posted the words on the screen!).
I REALLY was impressed with Beth! She's adorable (and rocks a hair poof that reminds me of my friend Ashley). She's not only so so cute but her personality rocks. I was a little concerned before coming to the conference that she'd be annoying. I'm really not a girl-power, "girlfriend" type girl. One midwife I saw drove me NUTS throughout my appointment because she constantly referred to me as "girlfriend" and "chickadee." It's just not my style and I heard Beth Moore was that kind of person. She really wasn't though! I did a "girlfriend" count and she only said it eight times total the WHOLE day! Not too bad at all!!! I thought she was a great speaker and is blessed with the talent to speak to SO many people but yet seem like she's just talking across the table to a good friend. It made the whole thing feel personal (even when surrounded by 8,999 other people) and it made you feel like she's just one of us :)
I took notes throughout the conference so I could remember the key points and here is what I took away from the day:

A secure woman is:
  1. Saved from herself: Our biggest enemy is ourselves. The human mind is twisted by self-interest. At the heart of all sin is a human curved in upon themselves; instead of everything curving outward to GOD we have everything come back to US and focus on ME ME ME. Insecurity is what keeps us so obsessed with ourselves (Eph 4:17-24)
  2. Entitled to truth: The more we live withdrawn from God, the harder our heart becomes (Eph 4:19). When we don't walk in the spirit we get caught up in wrong desires and want things we shouldn't (Eph 4:22).
  3. Clothed with intention: (duh I love anything referenced to clothing haha) We DRESS with intention! Proverbs 25:31 says a secure woman will be "...clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come." Everyday of your life continue to live with Christ just as you did on the day you received Him. You can't walk in security on accident, you have to make up your MIND to do IT!!! We have what it takes to be secure women but it takes WORK.
  4. Upended by grace:  Grace sets us free. Eph 4:32 says "be kind and compassionate two each other forgiving each other just as Christ has forgiven you." We are so insecure that everything comes to us as an offense and we're always looking for what people do to offend us. The more you forgive others, the more forgiven you will feel which will also make us feel more secure. Need to put the past in the past. Guilt also leads to insecurity and we need to understand that once we've repented of our past and sins that we truly are forgiven. Grace (forgiveness) is the only thing you can give away yet still keep!
  5. Rebounded by love: We are COMPLETELY loved by God who knows our every thought, sin, etc. You cannot out sin God's love and forgiveness. We need to learn to love people without needing them to love us in return. Everything ALWAYS comes back to love!
  6. Exceptional in life: Every person needs to know that they matter. Our goal as a Christian woman should be to be the exception to the rule and to be that woman that everyone says "except her" about (such as "everyone does such and such except her.") 
I loved the emphasis she put on Eph 4:21-24 which talks about our decision to do away with the "old me." That as a Christian we have a NEW self and should show the world our transformation from the "before" to the "after." You can't wait until you actually feel secure to act secure and to be secure in Christ. We need to stop and think "how would a secure woman respond to this situation?" It takes a conscious effort to become secure and it's a decision in our MINDS to be that person who God calls us to be.  I need to wake up EVERYDAY and choose to be that new person!
It's so easy for me to get overwhelmed by all that I'm lacking and by all that I need to work on to better myself. Sometimes the weight just feels too heavy for me and instead of working on those things piece by piece I just throw it ALL down and can't handle it. To me, the biggest thing I got out of Beth's message was that each day is a NEW day and a NEW chance to try again. We'll never be perfect, we are under the curse and sin will always surround us but I'm a new person in Christ and every day I have the opportunity to put away the old and put on the new. I WANT to be that Exceptional Woman and I feel more confident now that it's possible :)
I really enjoyed the whole day and the whole experience! I thought it was GREAT that Beth came over to our section (we had to watch the whole thing on a big screen because we were in the "overflow room"). She was so cute and her daughter was beautiful. It's so easy to look at her and not understand how SHE could be insecure but she opened up about some personal things in her life (childhood abuse, addiction struggles, etc) and she's such an inspiration. She truly is a walking example of the transformation our lives go through when we choose to live them for Christ.
She did question and answers with us and someone asked her about parenting advice. Her tip? Simply love GOD and make HIM your focus and then He will be that focus for your children as well. Something I want to work on is making sure Kye can see my love for the Lord. Sure we pray before each meal and before bed, but God is more than just some guy who listens to our prayers. I want my son to KNOW Him and to live his life for Him!

One of the big things I talked to Robyn, Danielle, and Kelly about throughout the weekend was prayer. Beth didn't really talk much about it but through my talks with my friends I realize I need to work on my prayer life. I tend to say blanket prayers and that's not really what it's about. God is my BEST friend and I should share with Him and especially be specific with Him. He WILL answer my prayers but how can He do that if I don't make them clear to Him? I need to work on praying more specifically and also looking for his answer. I have SUCH a better understanding of this concept now after this weekend! For example Robyn prayed about becoming a teacher. She didn't just say "God help me find a career path" she specifically said "God I feel like my path may be teaching help me to see if that is what I'm meant to do." Then she was patient and listened. I always thought when people said they "listened" for God that they thought He literally spoke to them but now I understand that you look for signs or listen to what your gut tells you and that's God answering! Makes SO much more sense now!!!
I had a such an uplifting spiritual weekend and I hope I'm able to do something like this again in the future! I hope every woman is able to find security in themselves and realize that that security can only come through Him! We ALL can be EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Much Needed Girl's Weekend!

After dealing with a sick baby then a rash baby I was in need of a break (and after Beth Moore I'm secure in my parenting enough to SAY I needed a break and not feel guilty for that!!!). Thankfully, Kye was looking waaaaaay better on Friday and acting more himself as well so I felt okay leaving him. I did, however, feel bad for Zach because he'd been really looking forward to their guys weekend and taking Kye to church just him and Kye and the dr. said he shouldn't go anywhere until the rash is 100% gone. Oh well! In the post to come I think you'll all see they still managed to have a GREAT time without Mommy being here :)

Friday afternoon I left and picked up Robyn and we headed to Atlanta. I was excited for the drive as it gave Robyn and I a chance to talk! When you're mommies you spend a lot of time hanging out with your kids on play dates so you don't get to really talk because you're constantly chasing children :) On the drive we stopped in Locust Grove to hit up the Outlets (I had a Coach gift card burning a hole in my pocket!) and got some cute stuff for our kiddies. We also went to the potty and realized very quickly that we were getting close to was a little icky in there! I took an awesome picture of Robyn when she first stepped out of the stall and really captured her disgusted face but I don't wanna lose the friend I have so I'm not gonna post it haha

The staged "stinky" picture
I ate Taco Bell which made Robyn make MORE stinky faces ;)
Robyn's sister, Laura, lives in Lawrenceville so I dropped her off there then headed the rest of the way to Danielle's house to spend the night with her. Of course we had a fun night talking and talking! Typically when I spend the night with her we'll stay up until around 5am or so...but this time we did better and fell asleep around 2:30. I had to turn around and get up at 6 in order to be ready to go to Beth Moore so it wasn't very much sleep but I survived!

On the way from Robyn's sister's house I realized she lived only like 5 minutes from the neighborhood I grew up in so on the way to pick Robyn up for the conference I took a 2 minute detour and drove by my childhood home. Gah I LOVE this house. I can still describe every part of it in detail and it'll always be home to me. I actually saw that my best friend from childhood (Michelle) was in town as her car was in the driveway but I thought it might be kinda strange if I rang their bell at 7:15 in the morning ;)
We made great time to get to the conference and it was AMAZING (post to come!) Afterward it worked out great because we met up with Zach's sister, Casey, and her man, Jordan, at the Cheesecake Factory. Robyn had never been to the Cheesecake Factory before and it's the restaurant that has my FAVORITE dish ever (Crispy Chicken Costoletta it's FABULOUS!) so duh, we had to go. It was nice getting to catch up with Casey and Jordan is such a nice guy. We had a GREAT time! 
It was hardcore raining all day on Saturday and my hair and rain just don't mesh well together. By this time in the day my hair was AWFUL and it made me feel insecure (after a conference on insecurity you'd think I'd be past that haha). Casey got up to go to the bathroom during dinner and when she came back she said some girls were in the bathroom fixing up for prom so I jumped up and ran in there to ask them if I could borrow their straightener! They thought I was hilarious for doing that but you do what you gotta do ya know? This was obviously taken pre-straightener experience :)
After dinner I took Robyn back to Laura's and then left from her house to head to meet up with a blog friend who I was finally getting to meet in real life! On the way I passed by both my elementary school and middle school. I also could have passed by another house I lived in but it was raining pretty bad and I just wanted to get where I was going. It's so strange being back in my hometown for me. It's like everywhere I looked I saw a memory and I enjoyed the driving as it gave me a chance to go down memory lane without being annoying to anyone in the car talking about it a bunch (We LIVE in Zach's hometown so I get tired of hearing all the same stories over and over...). 

Cedar Hill Elementary (who I just realized are no longer the sad!!!)
When I first thought of the idea of coming to Atlanta I was really hoping to meet up with some of my blog friends. I know how those types of things go though and I didn't expect too much to come from it! I'm SUPER happy that Kelly Ford has now moved from my "people I'd like to meet" blog following list to me "people I know in real life" blog following list! I started reading her blog back in January in a link from Rachael's blog. I commented one day and then she started reading my blog and we hit it off. She's a babywise mommy too and has been a GREAT source of advice for me! Recently she actually called me and we talked for almost THREE HOURS! Zach thought we were nuts to talk so long when we are pretty much strangers but sometimes you just click with someone and that happened with us for sure (actually Robyn and I met through this blog as well!)! I liked her as a fellow mom just from reading her blog and seeing that we have the same parenting style but once I talked to her on the phone I liked her as a Christian role model too!!! She really lives her life for the Lord and don't we all need more friends to help build us up spiritually?!? 

It's a funny thing to pull into someone's driveway whom you've never actually met haha. Her husband, Jeff, answered and it was funny to me to be saying "nice to meet you" to him when I walked in HIS house!!! After giving me a tour of their beautiful home we just sat and chatted for a good long while. Even on only 4 hours of sleep I enjoyed every second of it!!! I wish Rhyan, their daughter, hadn't been sleeping because I would have liked to have met her too...but there's always next time :) She had actually had surgery the day prior so she needed that rest. I got her the cutest dress (but ALL girl things are cute to me haha) from The Children's Place Outlet and I hope they liked it!

I KNOW Kelly and I are meant to be friends...when I was about to leave she told Jeff to take a picture of us together, which is exactly what I'd been thinking!!! A girl after my own heart for sure :)
The drive from her house to Danielle's was the toughest of the weekend for me. I've had lasik eye surgery done twice and it's left me with horrible night vision. On top of that it was storming SO badly which makes it harder to see but also scarier too. AND I hadn't ever been to Kelly's before so I didn't know where I was going and I had to refer to the directions she wrote me often. AND it was 10:30 at night and I was running on very little sleep. On top of all of that I also got stuck behind a truck majority of the way who thought he should go 10 under the speed limit the whole way and once I got on 85 (with only ONE exit to go until I got off) I got stopped in traffic due to a pretty bad accident. Rough drive for sure (well worth it but still rough!) and I was thankful to get to Danielle's again. I somehow managed to stay awake (although she did say I was pretty much talking gibberish) until around 2 again! I didn't want our time together to suffer because I was tired so I fought it pretty hardcore.

I did get to sleep in until 9 though Sunday morning which was SO nice!!! Once I got up I ate my chicken leftovers for breakfast (which I'd forgotten to bring in so they sat in my car all worries I didn't get sick although it's so amazingly yummy it'd be worth it if I had haha) then drove over to meet Danielle at her church (Hopewell Baptist). I'd never attended a baptist church before but I realized that it's the same as our church other than a few minor differences! I LOVED that their preacher was hardcore about the Word and that he said you shouldn't pick a church for any other reasons than that they follow God's Word and love the Lord :) My kinda guy!!! I also got to meet two of the other bridesmaids in the wedding, Chelsi and Laura, while at church and both of them were super sweet! On my way to church services I had to turn on Candler Road...made me miss my little baby (Kye's first name is actually Candler for those not-so-hardcore-blog readers haha).
Since Danielle and I always spend our quality time together staying up late and talking we NEVER get pictures together so we made sure to do that at church :)
Jonathan, Danielle's fiance, goes to church with her and we all three grabbed a quick bite to eat after services. It was only my third time ever meeting Jonathan which is hard to imagine because I feel like I know him so well from Danielle! The first time I met him was actually back during my engagement before one of my showers. I remember thinking he was pretty nice and kinda cute but now OMG he's such a CATCH! I dunno if it's just that he's aging well or what but dang they are gonna make pretty babies ;) I honestly think that he's become better looking and has made more of an impression on me because he's got a devotion to the Lord now and is living his life for it doesn't hurt that he's madly in love with my best friend. I hadn't gotten to really talk to Danielle since their engagement and I feel SO great about them getting married after this weekend! They were so smart to be patient and wait to make sure this union is what God wants for them and they are just thrilled to get to be husband and wife. She literally just wants to skip to the wedding right now so she can spend every night with him. Isn't that how it should be?!? I know they will have such a successful and happy marriage and I'm pumped to get to know Jonathan better in the future (Zach has only met him once, at Kye's party, but after reading the blog entry Jonathan wrote on their proposal he knows they'll get along haha!!!).Go ahead and click on this picture to make it know you wanna see how cute Jonathan is ;)
After church we rushed over to the dress shop so I could try on and order my bridesmaids dress and Danielle could show me her wedding dress. Gah I wish I could post the pictures of her in her's SO amazingly beautiful! I LOVE it!!! I joked with Jonathan that once you get past the huge shoulder pads it's pretty (you gotta throw the guys off ladies). I am also excited about the bridesmaid dresses. It worked out great that they had it in stock in the actual color so I was able to get a really good idea on how it'll look! Of course the only size they had was a 12 so it was a little big but I made it work!
with the bride!
I seriously feel so LUCKY to get to be part of Danielle's (and Jonathan's) special day. It's going to be a wedding straight out of a magazine, so far it sounds like the most fabulous day ever. I'm mega pumped about it and LOVE that I'll be able to wear the sexy dress again on the cruise we're going on a few weeks after the wedding. It's funny that in our time together neither of us talked much about what you'd think we talk about...I didn't talk about parenting and she really didn't talk much about wedding stuff. We're DEEPER friends than the surface stuff that's for sure :) Seeing Danielle isn't something I look forward to or hope to do occasionally, it's something I NEED! It's so hard to find people who truly understand you and who you can be your 100% open self around and she's my person for sure :) I love our friendship and that as we've gotten older we've both grown and changed so much but yet we've both actually changed in the same ways, especially in our faiths. 

After the dress shop I met Robyn and we headed home! I'm SO glad I was able to get her home to her baby girl before she went to bed. It was Robyn's first time leaving her and while I can't really remember how that feels (here's the first time I left he was 8 weeks old haha) I'm sure it was tough for her! Even though she was missing Lorelai I hope she had half as good of a time as I did. I felt like we really bonded and got to know each other SO much better. 

Even though it was a weekend about the really became a weekend about God for me! Of course the Beth Moore Conference was all God-focused but all three of the ladies I spent the majority of my time with ended up having conversations all about the Lord as well! I felt very blessed this weekend and so glad that I went on the trip. I got to bond with my forever friend, get to know my newer friend on a deeper level and meet someone who will be a long-time friend I'm sure! It was such a GREAT time and I totally want to plan to do it again someday in the future.

After I dropped Robyn off at her house I couldn't drive fast enough to get home. I made it back 10 minutes before Kye went to bed and I was so happy to see him! I was even happier to see how LIGHT the rash is now! Almost gone yay :) I had an amazing weekend but I was glad to be home to my guys :)

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