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Thursday, January 29, 2009

34 weeks only 6 to go!

I can't believe that in six weeks I'll be a MOM! It's so exciting! What is even crazier is that sometime during this week while Courtney was pregnant that she delivered Colt. It's hard to believe that if I did go into labor that little Clover could be 100% fine! Hopefully that won't happen but still it's neat to think about that!

Here are the latest pictures of me :) I'm trying to take new ones every two weeks as my tummy is getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

When Mom brought me my baby album to pick out a baby picture of me for Clover's room I noticed a couple pictures of her from her eighth month of pregnancy. I saved them to put up here as a comparison once I got to the eighth month marker! Do we even compare? No! She looks awesome and so so so tan. It makes me wish it was summer right now so I could be that tan, but then again who wants to be pregnant through a Valdosta summer (especially when I don't have access to a pool)?

I had my 34 week check-up this morning. It's only the second time Zach couldn't be with me at the doctor (he's in Atlanta for the night on business). And it was the FIRST time that I didn't have a single question for Stacy! She was pretty shocked but I told her I feel like Zach and I are pros at being pregnant...we need help one what to do once Clover gets here!

The appointment went great though, heartbeat sounded good. I go back in two weeks for an internal exam and some blood work (Zach HAS to go with me for that one!) then I start going every week after that! Let the countdown to Clover begin :)

Here are some changes I've been noticing over the past couple of weeks:
  • Skin: It has really gotten a lot clearer, it could be because of the facial last week but I'd like to think it's just a blessing during the third trimester. Of course now that I've said it looks good it'll probably turn crappy!
  • Swelling: My feet still look pretty normal. I can no longer wear my wedding band (we realized it's a 1/2 size smaller than my engagement ring, something we need to fix once I'm done being pregnant) and sometimes even my engagement ring has a tough time coming off. The worst thing? My face has started to swell some! Gah the ONE thing I didn't want to happen! I was told to drink at least 70 oz of water a day and it really is working, I have been doing it about a week and already notice that it's gone down some! :)
  • Belly Button: It's officially an outie and I LOVE how you can see it through my shirt when I wear something tight fitting. It just screams pregnancy to me :)
  • Size: The belly is much bigger now, obviously, but what is funny is how I forget that it's this big. I have hit my stomach on so many things! At Walmart the other night I was standing at the end while the girl rang us up and when she pushed the bag holder thing to get a new bag the metal part stabbed my stomach because I was standing too close and didn't realize it! I also have a hard time scooting my chair up places to let people just doesn't fit under a table anymore haha.
  • Boobs: I mentioned in an earlier bra that I was going to order a 36F because that is what the last girl who measured me told me to get. Well I ordered it, it came, and I didn't like it so I sent it back and this weekend while in Melbourne we stopped by a store and had them measure me again...and guess what? I wear a 38C! She told me to buy a 38D but that the last girl who measured me did it wrong and so that's why my bra has been so uncomfortable! Grr. Also speaking of the chest area, they are so full of milk! I went to the bathroom the other day while naked and some dripped out onto my stomach! So gross but funny too. And the right one is significantly bigger than the left (I guess because it is fuller)
  • Veins: My veins are a lot darker and more noticeable. Not just on my stomach and chest but other places as well such as my arms! Random. Also I have a dark vein above my belly could be that line that some pregnant women get but it's kind of crooked so I think it's just a vein.
  • Comments: It may have taken 8 months but I am FINALLY having people make comments about my pregnancy! I have gotten asked how far along I am a couple times which made me feel good. What makes me feel even better is when I tell them and they say "wow you look great!" I have had one random act of kindness while in Gatlinburg on the skyline thing a lady told a little boy to get up to let me sit down :)
  • Movement: Clover isn't as "active" as far as kicking and such but I know that's because she/he is too big to move much in there! However you can look at my stomach and tell where the baby is laying. Sometimes my stomach will look HUGE on the left side and not equal on the right! It's so funny! Also Clover does get the hiccups often and it feels like a little light flip-flop feeling in my lower stomach. It makes me feel good because that means the head is still low like we want it to be :)
  • Weight: I weighed myself before going to the dr this morning and I've gained 29 pounds...not to great especially with so much time left to go. However, when I went to the doctor I asked (for the first time) what they have me weighing in at and I have gained LESS by their scale! Only 26 pounds! That made me feel better!!!
  • Nesting: I've been buying diapers and things we need pretty often (Babysrus has so many deals on diapers all the time!), however I don't have any nesting urges yet. Zach last night said to me (when adding yet another box of wipes to the nursery closet shelf), "I mean you haven't even put any diapers in drawers need to start nesting." haha! I'm sure that time will come and when it does I want to leave myself plenty of things to do. I have already washed all the baby sheets, diaper changing cover, and what clothes we have.
  • Overall feeling: Okay, I know I sound crazy but I actually feel GOOD right now. I like the way I look overall (I think the new hair cut helped!). I feel cute and confident and I think it's because I'm so big that people can't help but know it's a baby that's causing it. I like looking at my stomach and I do (kinda) think I could (possibly) miss having this stomach size weeks from now...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Proud Wife

We got back pretty late Sunday night and totally forgot that we'd have to be turning around and driving to Columbus Monday morning (a 2.5 hour drive)! While it was tough being in the car that long, it was also sad for me because that Columbus drive is the last time I'll be driving that far away until the baby is born...not a big deal to most but how will I SURVIVE being stuck in Valdosta this long???

Anyway we went to Columbus for the Aflac State Kick-Off Meeting. I really enjoyed this meeting last year as they do a great job getting you pumped about Aflac and motivated to do great work (not that I work...but I guess they motivate me to be supportive of Zach's work!).

This year's meeting was even better than last year because now that Zach has been with the company a full year he actually got some (well a LOT) of recognition!

I am so so so proud of my husband and the incredible first year he has had in the working world. He had to get up on the stage ELEVEN times during the meeting! Once was for some money he won in a contest back in December but the other ten times were ALL for awards he's won based off his achievements this year! He won more awards than anyone else present and has only been doing this for a little over a year!

His ten awards included: one for National Convention (San Diego Trip), State Convention (Asheville Trip), Triple Crown (Atl Trip), All Star, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Key Club, Highest Rookie Annual Premium for the year (he wrote $431,239 worth of business! Almost the amounts of the 3 people below him combined!), The 7th top New Account Opener (11 accounts), and finally (drumroll...) #1 Agent in the STATE! He lead in Annual Premium written for the YEAR! He's the only one in Georgia to qualify for President's Club (the Paris Trip) which is only the top 85 agents in the whole company!

I took a picture of each award he won but here are just a couple of them. He's with our State Coordinator, Tripp Amos. The last one is the huge award for being #1!

I know I don't brag on Zach often (I joke with him that God put me in his life to keep him humble) but I am so proud of him and I was so honored to be his WIFE and see him be recognized like he was. Aflac has been such a blessing to us! After college we really did everything we could to try to pursue something with football and when that didn't work out (again though God is so good! I can't imagine if we'd gone with the American Football League with this economy and that they never ended up starting it!) I really worried that Zach would have a difficult time. Football was SUCH a big part of his life as well as his identity.

Thankfully we got pregnant pretty quickly and I knew becoming a dad would give Zach a new focus and a new identity as Daddy rather than #85. However, I never even thought that he would do so well with Aflac and that his job would become something that he could be competitive with! Not only does it put food on our table but it also has provided him with that competitive outlet he had with football!

We are so so blessed to be with a company that has so many amazing benefits and that fits Zach's personality so perfectly! How many people graduate from college and immediatly start work with their dream job? And of those few how many excell in the way Zach has so quickly? Not many! I could go on and on about Zach's achievements and what a great provider he is for our family but I don't want to brag too much (I'm not his Mama haha). I just thank God for blessing me with such a great husband and blessing my husband with such a great career! Hopefully this year will be filled with even greater's tough to stay #1 but I know Zach can do it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Shower for Clover

This past weekend Zach, Ashley, and I went to Melbourne for my family baby shower! It was such a great time as Ashley has never been to Melbourne before and it was fun for me to get to share some of MY childhood and have her meet MY family since everyone here knows all about Zach and his family! I think she had a good time and I know we did...she made the weekend even more fun than it would have normally been!

The clubhouse looked awesome! I had to include this pic of me because seriously it's actually GOOD and that's rare right now haha
I know Mom is such a proud grandma-to-be and she put a lot of work into making this shower a special one for her grandbaby! I LOVED the decorations and the pretty diaper cake she made for us! And yes, those are chocolate bars with the shower info on cute!
Ashley had NEVER been to a shower of any kind before so she was pretty was the weekend of eating (seriously the three of us pretty much pigged out all weekend) so I couldn't resist this one of her with MORE food! (The fruit pizza was amazing and we ALL want the recipe now!)
We played lots of games, so fun! One was where everyone had to guess if I want Clover to have my attributes or Zach's attributes in given areas (such as eyes, athletic ability, intellect, etc). I probably could have checked all twenty of the boxes under the "Emily" category but I love my husband so I think I ended up saying I hope Clover has 12 of my characteristics and 8 of his, pretty fair! :)

We also played one where we had to fill in the blanks on nursery rhymes (I was horrible), another where everyone had to guess the total bill for several typical baby items from Target (and my 16 year old cousin won haha!), and another where everyone had to pull out toliet paper as long as they thought my stomach is around.

The toliet paper game was super funny as one of my cousins, Meghan tore off 20 squares of toliet paper while another, Sabrina, won my heart by only tearing off eight! We did a measure to see what I actually am and it was 10 squares! Really not too bad...and nothing CLOSE to the twenty Meghan guessed!!!

Chrissy was so sweet to offer to host the shower for me and it was so great having her there! Especially now that we're going to REALLY be sisters! I can't wait to get to throw her a bridal shower someday in the future. I do, however, HATE having a picture with her as she is so tiny she makes me look even BIGGER haha
It meant so much to me that all of my family could be there to celebrate the newest member of our bunch! We got several great gifts including our travel system, diaper changing pad and cover, umbrella stroller, travel swing, bouncer, doorway jumper, a basket filled with lots of little fun things we registered for, some gift cards, and some other little toys and books!

Being able to have Nana there was something I won't forget and I am SO SO greatful to Ashley for catching this AWESOME picture of us! It belongs in a frame for sure :)
It's funny because I feel like I just had a bunch of showers when I got married! The difference between bridal showers and baby showers? I looked MEGA hott at the bridal showers (like the best I've looked my whole life) and MEGA fat at the baby ones (like the worst I've ever looked my whole life)! Haha!

It really is starting to hit home to me that we are going to be parents soon. The next time we go to Melbourne and when I see all my family again I will have a BABY! It won't be "Clover" anymore it will be a true person!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spa Day #1

For my birthday back in November I was lucky enough to get two spa certificates! Since the one Dad sent me expired first I decided to book it for Wednesday of this week since I'm getting deep into the third trimester and I knew I'd be tired after the long car ride back and forth to Gatlinburg then the long day of an Aflac meeting (from 9-5!) in Waycross.

It really was perfect timing! I showed up at 9:00 and they told me that it's a good thing I made my appointment when I did because they are closing their doors this Saturday! Whew! I did not leave there until 1:30!!!

My first hour or so included an awesome massage. I was always curious how prenatal massages worked but they gave me a big body pillow and I layed on my side as she massaged one part of my back then I'd lay on the other side while she did the other. It felt so good! I am hardcore about being SILENT during a massage because how can you really relax when you are talking the whole time? But I realize being pregnant makes people want to chat so being quiet was impossible. The massage lady was so nice though so I didn't mind!

Then I had an hour facial and it was great! I love the feeling of the steam on my skin and it really helped open up my congestion that I've been feeling for SO long now. She also looked closely at my skin and said I'm looking good as far as wrinkles, that I do have some sun damage I need to take care of, and that the swelling I'm beginning to see in my face is caused by not drinking enough water. She recommended that I drink 70 OZ of water A DAY. Crazy! But I did it yesterday and I'm super proud of myself...hopefully I can keep it up and will see a difference in my face!

After the facial I had a pedicure. They did this paraffin wax thing and it felt so good. It was mega hot but was really relaxing. During my pedicure this random lady busted in and she was from the State Health Department and came to do an inspection of the facilities! The girl giving me the pedicure told me that in the two years they've been opened that the department had NEVER done an stupid to do one once they were about to close!

I thought for sure I was done after the pedicure but then she also gave me a manicure! Being there for for 4 1/2 hours was a pretty awesome day for sure! When I went to leave I asked if my certificate included gratuity because I wanted to make sure I didn't jip them. The girl checking me out said I owed money because I wasn't supposed to have an hour long facial. I told her when I made the appointment I didn't even know what my certificate included so she didn't make me pay! So not only did I have a great day all about ME but I also got hooked up! haha!

I plan on booking my second spa day the Friday before my due date...hopefully it'll help push things along! And if for some reason I don't make it that long they said I can use it after the baby is born which will be nice too! I wish I could always be this pampered!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Member of the Sedgley Family!

Along with everything else going on Monday (our long drive home plus rushing to get ready for the TLC class) I also got an exciting phone call! I was unpacking my stuff from the trip and Brandon called me and told me he and Chrissy are engaged!!!

We all knew it was coming pretty soon since they have been together for about a year and half now and they already live together. I don't know the details of the engagement story yet as I was talking to Brandon and, typical guy, he just said "We're Engaged!" and I had to drag what info I did get out of him! I know they went to St. Augustine for the day (they live in Gainesville, Fl) and that he called their favorite restaurant ahead of time and had flowers on the table. And then I know he proposed and that the ring is from Zales! That's it haha and I do know she said YES (obviously) but that they don't plan on setting a date for awhile.

I stole these pictures from their online album...the ring is so pretty and I can't wait to see it in person (and hear all the details) when I see them this weekend at my baby shower in Melbourne!

It's so funny because when we got engaged (age 21) Brandon gave me a hard time for us being "too young." Well guess how old they are??? Yup 21! haha! I told him that when you experience for yourself age really doesn't matter that much! When you know you just know!

I am so happy for them both and to be having a new member of the's going to be tough for me not to start jumping in with a bunch of wedding ideas for them since they aren't wanting to plan yet and I'm a planner! Plus I LOVE wedding stuff and won't Chrissy be such a pretty bride? At least we have a lot of fun stuff ahead in the future! :) I'll have to try hard not to be too know-it-all-ish in the wedding planning field...we'll see how I do...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TLC Class

We are officially experts on all things baby and parenting! haha...well at least we should be after the completion of allll these classes we've taken!

After a long drive back from Gatlinburg (Zach keeps saying we went to North Carolina...random) we had to get ready and go to the TLC class the same night! I was one of the only two pregnant women who attended the class. Our largest class was the epidural one and the smallest was the one on actually caring for the baby! Kinda ironic!

While we didn't enjoy the postpartum class so much this one was MUCH more beneficial and I'm glad it was the last class as it covered more of the fun aspects of parenting instead of so much gross-ness.

Things we learned in this class included:

  • The bulb syringe needs to be pushed in before placing it in the baby's cheeks and nose then release it to get the gunk out.
  • We need to sterlize the syringe every 24 hours by putting it in boiling water.
  • There shouldn't be any blankets or stuffed animals in Clover's crib until she/he reaches one years old (SIDS)
  • The umbilical cord won't fall off for two-three weeks! We can't give a full bath until then (sponge only), need to fold down the diaper so it won't touch the stub, and need to wipe around it each diaper change with a rubbing alcohol covered cotton ball.
  • It takes 7 days or so for a circumcised penis to heal and if we see yellow junk on the end of it we need to leave it on there because it is part of the healing process but we need to put vasciline on the tip at each diaper changing.
  • If Clover has a temperature over 100 degrees then we need to wait 30 minutes, take the temp again, then call the dr and tell them the temperature and the thermometer type we used (rectal is best...grrrross)
  • We are supposed to use diaper rash cream at every changing...and it goes around the privates! Zach and I totally thought you'd put it along where the diaper would rub (like around the legs) not on the privates! How is it a diaper rash then?
  • We are supposed to put the diaper on as tight as possible to prevent leaks.

  • Only needs a bath two to three times per week and Clover's face and neck need to be washed more often than that.
  • Until the cord falls off we do a sponge bath and that's where we leave a towel on Clover, only expose the area being washed, wash hair, then face (with a cotton ball no soap) and leave the diaper on the whole time until we wash the privates. And if Clover is a girl we need to always wash and wipe front to back!
  • A trick to diaper changing is to lay down the clean one first then put the baby over the clean diaper before taking off the dirty one so if they go during the changing the new diaper catches it!
  • They showed a thirty minute video that was almost sexual about giving babies massages! So random! The benefits of the massaging is that it helps minimize congestion, helps sleep, and helps reduce colic. While we'll do it for sure, we won't be doing some hour long session each night! I mean if ANYONE deserves an hour long massage it's Mommy or Daddy...not baby!!!
  • It's best to feed the baby before she/he cries so hunger signs to look for include: mouthing of fist, sucking noises, and hands on face
  • Finally she gave us some tips of how to help Clover sleep: always use similar types of clothing for bedtime so she/he associates those types of clothes with sleeping, put her/him in the crib while still slightly awake so she/he learns to go to sleep on her/his own, keep the room dark at bedtime even if it's light outside, and pick one song to sing every night before bed to get her/him into a routine
While it's nice to have the classes finished, it's kind of scary too! Now it's up to US to handle things and we've supposedly learned all we can! Of course I'm still reading multiple books but I do feel like at this point we're pretty ready for what is going to be coming here shortly! Most of the stuff I read now is repetitive of what I already know and that is a pretty good sign!!! Hopefully we can retain what we've learned and the natural parenting instinct will kick in for the stuff we didn't learn!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Babymoon Trip to Gatlinburg

When we told people we were going on a "Babymoon" I had several people say I made that up for an excuse to go on a vacation...but google's legit! (As is a "push-present" :) ). We decided to go up to Gatlinburg because we got a great deal through the timeshare deals I get all the time.

Once we arrived we found out they upgraded us to an actual timeshare instead of just a hotel room!

It had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and these lovely stairs that were SO fun to climb up and down over and over!

My new thing when we go on trips is to visit and find the top rated restaurants in that area. So far it's made all our vacations even better because we get to enjoy AWESOME food! The Italian place we ate at the first night had some killer rolls and a calzone bigger than my head (and I have a huge head)
I had a pregnancy moment at breakfast when I realized my shirt was on backwards haha!
Zach had never been to a Bubba Gump Shrimp and even though the mandatory timeshare tour took us 6 HOURS (I was starving and having the worst pregnancy pains on my pregnancy so far...I literally almost puked because I needed to eat so badly) we got to grub out on some good food after!
All I wanted on this trip was some SNOW. Since we didn't get to go skiing this Christmas the last time we saw snow was in March in Virginia and it was blown snow so it doesn't really count. We did get to SEE snow this trip even though it didn't stick!

Part of the timeshare deal included $50 to spend at Hard Rock. It was the perfect ending to our little vacation because we got to eat whatever we wanted! Usually we try to eat pretty cheap at restaurants and $50 bought us both sodas (we never both get them haha), both meals with side salads, both desserts, and a souvenir glass! Poor sheltered Zach had never been to a Hard Rock before either and I think he liked it better than Bubba Gump!
I'm so glad we got up early this morning to head home as we had to take quite a detour. We went back the same way we came (through the mountains) and were excited to take pictures of the pretty views. Of course we got all the way into the mountains to discover they had closed down the road due to ice so we had to drive all the way back through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to get to another way home! It took us an extra hour but we did at least stop and get a few scenic view photos!
It was nice to get-away for the weekend especially since after week 34 I'll be stuck at home! Thinking that this was the LAST vacation we'll ever go on without having a baby is so strange! While we still plan to travel a lot without Clover (as it's important for our marriage to keep US first and baby second) we will never again get to travel without worrying about our baby!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Postpartum Class

For once we showed up a couple minutes early for one of these classes...walked in the room at 6:25 to see the sign saying the class didn't start until 7! I thought it was total placenta brain again but I checked my hospital class schedule and it said the class was from 6:30 until 8:30! SO we chilled at the hospital (have I mentioned before that I cannot STAND hospitals?) for 30 min for no reason!

It kind of set me up to not enjoy the class very much. She did a powerpoint for 30 minutes then showed a 30 minute video and that was it. Not a TON of info was discussed but here are some things I learned (if you're reading this and delivering at SGMC this should be enough info to cover the whole class, I'd skip this one!):

  • I'll have afterbirth pains (oh the wonderful things people fail to mention before you get pregnant haha) for 3-4 days after giving birth and mine will hurt worse due to breastfeeding.
  • The hardcore period I'll experience is technically called Lochia (gross word for a grosser thing) and it can take place for the whole six week postpardum time! It's so funny because you think "I'm pregnant! Score! No period for 9 months!" But it's just saving that junk up to give you the worst period of your life after!
  • To help with the lochia I need to use the bathroom every 3-4 hours, walk around a lot as soon as I can after giving birth, and monitor it (should saturate more than one pad, those HUGE pads, in an HOUR).
  • The baby + placenta + amniotic fluid weighs about 12 pounds (did I mention yesterday that they predicted Clover will weight between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 pounds?). Then without even trying I will lose around 20 pounds. So basically anything I gain over 32 pounds will be up to me to lose!
  • Won't have a true period for 7-9 weeks BUT can STILL get pregnant (we don't want to be another Courtney!!!)
  • If I have to have an episiotomy (where they cut you down there) then they will give me this numbing spray (dermoplast) which I can spray before I go to the bathroom to minimize burning

  • 80% of women experience the "baby blues" (I thought of you Rachael!) which is just extreme emotions and lots of crying.
  • One out of every 10 women have postpardum depression (one of the symptoms is not caring about appearance, I told Zach if I don't care how I look to people then I'm FOR SURE postpartumly depressed!)
  • For both my sake and Clover's visitors should be limited for a few weeks after going home.
  • It's important for Zach and I to be a team, to not criticize each other's parenting, and to use "I feel" statements to communicate to each other
  • We need to keep a list of things that need to be done so when people volunteer to help us we have stuff they can do that we don't mind someone else doing (grocery shopping!)
  • If we can TRY to get a minimum of 5 hours of sleep a night we'll be a lot happier parents! They suggested I pump and we switch of nights of who takes care of Clover.
  • We should record our outgoing message with important updates about our little family so when people call, and we don't answer, they at least know what's going on.
  • They suggested lots of family walks together to get us out of the house, promote the bonding of our family, and help with some exercise!
  • They also mentioned that it's important for me to find a playgroup or another mom to switch of childcare with so Clover can experience other babies, I can have a support person who understands, and I can get a break to have ME time!
We're heading home early from Gatlinburg on Monday to go to our last class! I feel like a pro already :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Bradley Method

I have been sick all week! I'm trying to feel better before we leave tomorrow for our babymoon so I've been doing a lot of couch laying combined with tv watching. On Tuesday I was watching A Baby Story and this lady had the most awesome delivery (well 2nd to water birth of course). She was so calm, didn't use drugs, and had a husband who seemed to know exactly what to do and say. During the episode she mentioned something called The Bradley Method.

You know me...a lot of googling took place after! It's frustrating because I've never even heard of this!!! Basically it sounds PERFECT for what Zach and I have been wanting this entire pregnancy. From Day One Zach said he was worried about feeling helpless and having to watch me go through pain. I, from Day One, planned on an epidural (b/c what idiot doesn't get one???) but as pregnancy has progressed I've changed my mind. We both loved the concept of water birth and even discussed having the baby at home! This Bradley thing really could be a perfect fit for us as it focuses on the husband as a labor coach, techniques to work through the pain (unlike Lamaze which focuses on trying to ignore the pain), and its followers have an 87% success rate of having drug-free natural deliveries!

This Bradley guy was raised on a farm and saw growing up lots of different animals give birth. Once he went to med school he didn't understand why humans turned something so natural into something so complicated. He saw how peacefully other mammals give birth and didn't see why, as a superior "animal," humans couldn't do the same thing!

The method is typically taught in a 12 week course. I'm 32 weeks. So not likely that I can take a class huh? Even if I could...I live in VALDOSTA. I researched and found the closest intructor is in Lake City, Fl (about 30 min from here). Her and I talked for about 30 minutes last night and she said we could do their class with them starting Monday. It's $200 so we don't really want to spend the my plan was go to the library today, check out the three recommended books on the topic, read them over the weekend (the 7 hour drive to Gatlinburg is perfect), then decide if we need the class or not.

Stupid stupid stupid small town!!! The library didn't have ANY of the books. Neither did VSU's. I ordered one of them (Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way) but it won't be here until the 26th! Thankfully Crissy and Autumn volunteered what materials they have so Crissy is bringing them by later! Hopefully it will at least give us some idea.

I asked Stacy about it and she said she tried it but didn't put in enough of the practice that is needed to be successful. I'm so thankful she's supportive of all my crazy stuff! Hopefully after we get back this weekend I'll have lots more info on it!

If we love it then I also looked into how to become an instructor. Valdosta really needs one and the classes meet in our home! Plus with our connections through church and the obgyn I'll bet we can reach a lot of people like us who just want other options than what Valdosta sticks us with. Wouldn't it be such a blessing to help others, make some money, and maybe make some friends too?

32 Weeks...8 more to go!

Today I am officially starting my eighth month of pregnancy! Pre-pregnant life I thought people were pregnant for 9 months so I'd be pumped right now thinking it's almost over! Don't think so fast...the way the calculate all this junk now means I still have 8 weeks (2 months) left to go and I am STARTING my eighth month, the baby is born at the END of the 9th!

Anyways...Here are some of the latest belly pictures (taken this morning)

Here are the changes I've been noticing:
  • I don't know if it's just because I've been sick this week but I wake up in the morning with really sore legs. Like I ran a marathon while sleeping or something. I've heard of the night leg cramps and I have woken up to some of these before but I'm not sure if that's why they are sore in the mornings or not!
  • I can feel a lot of movement. I can distinguish between hiccups (which feel like a heartbeat to me) and kicks (which feel more like punches honestly)
  • I've gained 23 pounds as of this morning (27 if we're going with the whole I-wanna-be-four-pounds-less-than-I-was-pre-pregnancy-thing).
  • My milk production is kicking into over-drive! I can touch my nipple and feel stuff! I'm even sometimes leaking through the sleep bra and my t-shirt. I've started wearing little cotton pads (thanks Mom for the great idea!) even at night!
  • Along with the upstairs leaking...the bottom pipes seem to be doing their share as well...I've been wearing panty liners pretty much since Day One of being pregnant but it's gotten a lot worse lately. I've heard that it's actually pee? Either way does it matter what it is? It's coming out and it's gross and that's what matters to me! It especially happens right after I use the's like leftovers or something!
  • I've had a lot less back pain which is nice and the headaches I started getting again a couple weeks ago seem to be gone (for now)
  • My bra is SUPER tight though (yes, the 38E is TIGHT). So I've order the next size up (yup...little me...a 38F) and am counting down until it gets here!
This morning we got back on track with the doctor's appointment and had the 32 week check-up. We had the last ultrasound! After having the 4d one nothing can compare but here's the best picture she took (sorry it's a little crooked)

Not to brag, but we have the perfect baby! Heartbeat was 146 bpm, it's weighing in at 4 lbs 7 oz, the head is already down and in the right positon (and thank GOD it "should" stay that way), and we were able to see a little bit of hair :) They also calculated me being at 32 weeks and 2 that is a due date of March 10th! Am I an awesome guesser or what b/c that's my guess of the day Clover will be here!
Talked to Stacy (there isn't an "e" I've been spelling it wrong this whole time) and she said they can't tell if the baby has dropped or not. She also told me that she'll give me her cell number when I get close so that way I can call her once I'm in labor since I want to stay home as long as possible. She said if it's during business hours that I can come in and she'll measure me to decide when is a good time to go to the hospital but that if it's after hours she'll talk me through when to go over the phone. She's awesome!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Friendly

Last night we finally got to spend some time with Seth and Crissy! It's been forever since we've seen them, but not for lack of trying...Crissy and I can never get our schedules worked out. It's so nice being around people who have a baby (and who are having ANOTHER one in July!). Crissy breastfeeds Stevie and I appreciate all her help especially since I don't really have anyone else to go to about that subject! She's actually the one who recommended that I see Stacey too and I'm soooo thankful for that!

One of the best things of the night was that our dogs got to experience being around a baby! Stevie will be a year old the end of March so she is crawling and exploring (which was adorable and made both Zach and I so eager for Clover to be here!). We put Levi out when they first got here, not really so much because of Stevie but because he flips out whenever anyone comes over that he doesn't know very well.

We left Sadie in and, of course, she did awesome. She was a little scared of Stevie but for the most part went right up to her and would have loved some attention (but Stevie had no interest in her, poor Sadie I don't think anyone likes her other than us!). Once we let Levi in he barked like crazy. For a really long time. He was so so so terrified of that child! He wouldn't go near her and just kept barking. I honestly think this is an okay reaction though because at least he didn't feel territorial or attempt to attack her. Thank God Seth and Crissy are such easy-going people! They didn't panic at all about how Levi behaved!

Eventually he chilled out some and became more curious. Stevie loved every second of it and thought they were playing peek-a-boo because Levi would run around a corner, look at her, then run around to the other corner and look, and back again! So cute. He did finally approach her and once he did it was hard to get him away! He sniffed her butt a lot and even gave her kisses on her feet and in her ears! He did get a little too playful though and we had to separate him but I was so impressed that after only one evening he even wanted to play with her! It gives me such high hopes for our baby!

Zach is really not worried about the dog at all...but I know how possessive Levi is of me and I'm just nervous that he'll be very jealous of Clover. Yeah he did great with Stevie but she's not taking up all my attention the way Clover will. Hopefully he will adjust! Well not hopefully...he HAS to adjust doesn't he? I read up on the subject and The Dog Whisperer guy says to make sure we still do all the same things with the dogs that we normally do so they won't see the baby as a threat and to allow them around the baby and the baby's things only when we tell them they can be so they see the baby as a leader in the family as well.

I don't like that the barking still isn't gone (have I mentioned I currently have a red sheet completely covering our front door in order to block Levi from seeing out the STUPID long narrow windows on each side of the door until the blinds we ordered come in? why in the world do builders put those dumb windows there!?! I can't stand them!) after the visit with Seth, Crissy, and Stevie I do feel like Levi will accept Clover! Since Levi is the only inside pet who doesn't sleep with us (he sleeps in his crate) Zach said he can see Levi eventually sleeping in Clover's room! I don't know if Levi will love the child THAT much but who knows...only time will tell!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Outfits

First I must update about my earlier blog entry this morning:

One detail I forgot to leave out (blame that placenta brain!) was the reason I woke up to begin panities were too tight! They were seriously digging into me hardcore. Up until now I've been wearing my size small panties (and yes, I still rock a thong all day everyday but wear the panties at night) but I realized it's time to invest in some mediums! Thankfully Victoria's Secret is still having that Semi-Annual Sale!

Due to the panty issue, it does make me thing dropping has occurred! Also the movement I feel is still feet up and hiccups down (thank the Lord) but the feet movement is more a little above the belly button rather than in my ribs. I'm not going to say FOR SURE that Clover has dropped until I hear it from the ultrasound girl on Thur but I think that is what has happened!

Now back to current blogging...

Did you know that the hospital actually takes the baby's first picture? I was pretty excited about this and while it's most likely a shot I'll never use for anything other than to put on here and in the baby book, it's still the FIRST real picture! A pretty big deal! So Zach and I decided to drive to Lake Park yesterday to the amazing (sarcasm) outlets and pick out one boy outfit and one girl outfit for Clover to wear in the picture. What is really neat and really hit home is that Clover will be here before the 90 day return policy so we can take back the outfit for the opposite sex (most like the boy one haha).

I was shocked (why do these things still shock me...shouldn't I realize by now that I have an awesome husband?) how fun Zach was! I thought he'd get annoyed but we must have looked at the girl outfits for 30 min and he didn't act bored once! He was into it! He LOVED this little blue dress but it only came in a 3 month size and he didn't even worry with price! We had a dress all picked out with matching little pants but then we went to the boy side and not even 5 minutes after going over there we found the perfect little outfits (and yes, I had the sales clerk take a picture...this will be the first thing our child's exciting...make fun of me if you want).

We got little white onesies (short sleeved) to wear under them but aren't they adorable?They look like US which is what we wanted! I like that they are cuddly and while they may not be ultra comfy Clover only has to wear it for the picture. We don't plan on buying an outfit for Clover to wear home though...we thought it'd be nice to let our moms go together and pick out something once we know the sex and everything!

Zach even said that he plans to go shopping with me for baby clothes! This make me excited because it was so fun doing it together and will be even MORE fun when Clover is with us! We saw a little baby girl while we were in there and Zach went on and on about how cute she was. So sweet!

Speaking of so sweet...we all know I didn't get any sleep last night. Well when I got up I didn't feel like showering so I just kept my hair curly from yesterday for church and wore khaki pants and a top (my first time not wearing a dress to church this whole pregnancy) and just really didn't care. Well all the college kids were back from break (so they haven't seen me for a MONTH) and this one guy, Wade, made my morning! He came up to me after services and said "Emily you look GREAT!" Most people either a) make a joke about me being big or b) say I'm cute. But no one says GREAT. He even said he told other people that during church! Wasn't that nice????

Dropped? Breach?

Zach and I had such a fun time last night (or should I say tonight?). We stayed up until 12:30 making up floorplans on this website he found for our next home! It was sooo much fun and while we obviously aren't moving for at least a couple of years, it's good to have in mind what we want since it'll be our first time building.

While in the process of all the fun I felt something different. I felt more pressure in my lower abdomin and it made me a little concerned that maybe the baby has moved somehow?

When we finally went to bed I slept AWESOME. However, I woke up about 30 minutes ago (around 5:30 so yeah...4 hours of sleep) and can't go back to sleep. Things just feel different...

Some "symptoms" I'm having:
  • No back pain: First night in what feels like a million years that my back isn't hurting while laying down. I'm not tossing and turning. Every position feels comfortable!
  • Not hot: Every night I battle with the thermostat to make it the perfect temperature for sleeping. Lately it's been 69 degrees and I'll still wake up sweating most nights. Last night (tonight) I set it on heat at 68 thinking it'd get colder outside well when I just got up I felt great, no sweat, nothing. I checked the thermostat and it's 71 in here! Normally I'd be DYING in this!
  • Well Rested: I know it'll hit me in a couple hours but I feel so alive so awake so vibrant! I feel like, if Zach wasn't sleeping, that I could get a million things done around here!
  • Baby Change: Clover just feels different. I don't know how to describe this other than I just feel like something has changed.
I gave up going back to sleep. I was too worried! I have yet to worry this whole pregnancy and now I find myself laying in bed scared because I feel BETTER than usual! I know that seems stupid but thoughts going through my head include: "is the baby breach?" "if so, will it stay that way?" "will I have to have a c-section?" "has the baby dropped?" "if so does that mean I'm going to deliver too soon?"

Finally I booted up the computer and did some research. I feel better after doing this, although I won't truly feel okay until my ultrasound on Thursday.

I found lots of stuff on the baby dropping and most sites said it happens soon before delivery. They said I'd feel less pregnant which I guess is kind of how I'm feeling. It said other people may notice a different look to my stomach or that I may even notice (I checked in the bathroom, doesn't look different to me). Also it mentioned feeling like I can breathe easier...I've never had a hard time breathing before! It also said to do some finger test where if I can put 4 fingers flat under my chest then it means the baby has dropped. And yeah, I can do that...but who knows if I could have done it before?

Looking into the breach info most things I found said that if the baby is breach this early on that it doesn't mean anything. The baby will turn again, most likely (I PRAY), before delivery. The baby isn't fully decided on any position until like the 37th week.

The thing I found that makes me think maybe this is the baby dropping is a site that said a lot of first time moms may have the baby drop around 33 weeks. While I'm only 31 weeks right now, I've felt most of my pregnancy that I'm actually 2 weeks further along (whenever I read "what's going on with your pregnancy this week" I always read the week I'm on as well as the one for 2 weeks ahead and usually I have those symptoms). So maybe I am 33 weeks and maybe the baby has dropped? I'm still thinking that if I am 33 weeks I'll still deliver around my due date since most first time babies are late! (I'm still rooting on March 10th here!) 

I'm hoping to pay close attention to Clover's movement today (of course I'm freaking out here and I'm pretty sure my child is fast asleep) to have a better idea of what's going on. Typically I feel a lot of kicking/pushing up near my ribs so if that is lower I think I'll feel pretty sure the dropping is the case. If it's so low that something has to be upside down then I'll worry about breach. But no matter how much I worry I won't know anything until Thursday so maybe I'll get lucky and fall asleep on the couch for a couple hours before I have to get ready for church!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Toe Dilemma

I'm DONE attempting to paint my toe nails until after this belly is GONE. I tried, and did my best, yesterday but how painful! Poor Clover was all smushed up as I attempted to lean over to reach my toes...She/He was uncomfortable which made ME uncomfortable!

I did use the new pretty color Brandon and Chrissy got me for Christmas and we'll see how long it lasts! Thankfully I have two pedicure gift cards and two spa days which both include pedicures :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gotta love the every two week check-ups

Zach and I both agree that it's so dumb that they have me come in every two weeks now! We wait forever then get in the room, hear the heartbeat, and Stacey asks if we have any questions (I always do and she said I'm the only one who writes them else do people remember?) then we leave. Today, however, I'm so glad we had the appointment!!!

During the class last night I thought up several questions to ask Stacey and the great thing about her is that she is so upfront and honest! I love that!

Some things we discussed:

  • She told me her birth story (she just had a son in October) and she had a tough experience. She stayed 4 cm for 8 hours! She didn't want an epidural but ended up having one and didn't want a c-section but ended up having one.
  • She told me that when the time comes she will make sure I can get in touch with HER directly and she will come in whether or not she's on call!!!! (is that not so awesome???)
  • She also said that she will avoid having to have me in a c-section situation at all costs (I'm not some anti-c-section-nazi or anything but I want to have three more children and I know that if I can have most, hopefully all of them, vaginally that it makes it easier on future deliveries) and that as long as everything is good she's totally fine with me pushing longer than the two hour limit the hospital usually sets!
  • She told me she understands where I'm coming from with not really wanting an epidural. What she recommended is for me to stay my butt at home as long as I can! I mentioned that they said to come as soon as my water breaks and she said as long as the liquid is clear I can stay home as long as I want (unless I don't feel contractions for three hours then I need to come in). She said by staying at home I'll be more comfortable and I'll be less likely to have an epidural because by the time I get there it may be too late! Sounds like an awesome plan to me!!! Zach LOVES this idea too and we're going to set up some ideas of things to do to pass the time!
  • A thing that irritated us during the tour of the hospital is that the birthing rooms HAVE tubs!!! But yet the hospital doesn't allow us to use them during labor or delivery! What a joke! Do you KNOW how much we'd love to have a water birth? The teacher lady told us we can't even use the tub at all! Zach asked Stacey about this and she said that if we are there a long time then they will probably let me get in it to relax but she said the tub is seriously the best thing ever and that most pregnant women don't want to leave once they get in!
  • Our idea in response to the tub thing is another plus for staying home! We have a tub and I can chill in that junk for as long as I want :)
  • The video we watched in the class showed a million people using a birthing ball but yet the teacher lady said that they don't really do anything. I asked Stacey about it (because I already have an exercise ball and they are the same thing) and she said they work great and that she loved hers! Rocking on it helps open up the pelvis area! So we plan to do that at the house too and bring it to the hospital with us!

  • Another thing I asked her about was her plans around my due date...and of course she's going to be out of town from Feb 26th through March 7th! At first I was disappointed and worried because what if I go into labor while she's gone? But the more I think about it the more I realize it's probably a blessing! Because by that point I will be so so so so so ready and I'll probably be tempted to do stuff to get this baby into the world and I'll have to hold off in order for her to be there! She still gets back before my due date so that's good!
  • We made some plans (the most you can for this type of thing) that I'll schedule my weekly (yes, it moves to WEEKLY appointments soon) for the Monday she's back (March 9th). She'll check and as long as I'm 1 cm dialated she can strip my membranes (which puts a lot of people into labor within 24 hours) then I can go home and do the following things:
  • I can: get a pedicure, walk a ton, have sex, have Zach do some pressure point stuff, and drink castor oil! I'll do it all in one day so that way I have an even better shot haha!!!!
  • I really think something off that list will work and hopefully I'll be having a baby on the 10th! That's the goal!!! Everyone makes fun of me for being so "planned" but hey my planning has worked so far...we did get pregnant our first try remember?
  • And if we're late she said she'll induce me 10 days after my due date

I'm off-track as far as my appointments go so I'm actually going again next week to have our last ultrasound! I'll be 32 weeks next Thur and we have an appointment that morning! The size of the baby could give us a good idea on timing for this big event!

Oh and by the way...back at our 18 week ultrasound the ultrasound lady said "he" multiple times and this was after she saw the sex (but we didn't) so Zach changed his percentages from thinking it was 50/50 chance of a boy or a girl to 60/40 boy...well this morning Stacey walked in and said "SHE" a couple times then said "oh I don't know the sex I don't know why I'm saying she" to cover herself! And keep in mind she has a SON so usually she says "he." This makes me even more sure in my feeling that it's a girl...but Zach hasn't changed his percentages! haha!

Prepared Childbirth Class: Night Two

Last night was the last of the series of prepared childbirth classes. While the first night was all about the gory details, last night was about how to DEAL with those details which was so much better for me! Skip the bad parts and focus on how to cope with them! I'm a planner so give me a plan and I'm happy :)

Somethings we learned included:

  • A little something personal about my birth! I was "the wrong way" when I was born so they used forceps on me...I now know that the real term for facing the "wrong way" is that I was in the posterior position! And if it happens to our baby they now have a better method of flipping the baby to the proper face down position by use of a vacuum extractor!
  • I will have to have an IV no matter what (dreading it!)
  • If I stay firm on not wanting a c-section and the baby is okay, I can push longer than two hours and they can't make me have a c-section (yay!)
  • However, 1 out of every 5 births does result in a c-section delivery (boo!)
  • While breastfeeding I'll actually need to eat more than I did while pregnant! For pregnancy you only need 300 extra calories, it's 500 while nursing.
  • I can eat anything I want while breastfeeding just in moderation and I will be able to tell if what I'm eating is affecting the milk within 4-24 hours (SO GREEK SALAD from Giulio's HERE I COME! Load on that feta!)
  • Zach needs to be sure to tell the nurses in the delivery room not to give our baby a bottle or pacifier and to bring the baby to me for every feeding!
  • Visiting hours at the hospital are from 8:30 a.m until 8:30 p.m then after that only Zach can stay with me (and yes, we're staying the full two days for sure)
  • Right after delivery they will give me time to breastfeed (and freshen up!) then allow some time (like around an hour I think they said) for everyone to visit then they will take us to our room and the baby to the nursery for up to three hours. We decided this is a good time probably to let everyone leave (or watch the baby in the nursery if they are that hardcore) so we can get settled and rest!
This was the typical pregnancy class everyone invisions. We had to bring our own pillow (and got stopped several times on our way in by people making cute comments about the parenting class). And we sat on the floor. And we learned about breathing!
Yet again I have an awesome husband! He's so into it! He already said that he wants to set aside some time on Saturday for the two of us to practice what we learned. They barely skimmed over it during the class but the gave us a book on TONS of methods so I'm pretty interested to see how that goes!

We also got a tour of the hospital (I thought it was hilarious because the Parker's go to the hospital so much that Courtney said she skipped the tour when she took the class because she already knew where everything was haha). It was good to see the delivery room, postpartum room and the waiting room where everyone will be awaiting the news! They used to be allowed to stand outside the door (and could therefore hear everything) but now they don't let anyone so that's good!

We also covered a lot of stuff to bring to the hospital with us...I think I'm going to start making lists of things to make sure we pack now! There really is a lot to remember!!!

Overall, I'm so glad we took the course! Even though nothing was gone over in a lot of detail and I was the ONLY student to EVER ask any questions (and of course I had one at each section we covered haha) it was still very beneficial!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Prepared Childbirth Class: Night One

Tonight was night one (of two) of the Prepared Childbirth Class. This is the class. The one with all the intimate details of delivery!

We did watch the video showing birth and it wasn't as graphic as I thought it would be...but it doesn't look very pleasant either!

Here are some things I learned during this class:

  • We can video tape! Just not the actual delivery but everything else!
  • The staff won't tell anyone anything which is good (we don't want someone finding out the sex until WE tell them!)
  • During labor I need to shift how I am laying and urinate often because sitting in one position too long or holding in my pee will make the process longer
  • We need to make sure to pack plenty of snacks for Zach and to bring a focal point (which is like a picture of the ultrasound or something positive for me to focus on)
  • I can stay home until my water breaks or until my contractions become 3-5 minutes apart
  • During early labor (when contractions are 5-30 min apart) I need to SLEEP as much as I can and EAT because I won't be allowed to eat or drink at all when I get to the hospital
  • If I want one, they can give me an enema to let me "go #2" before real labor starts so I won't go on the table (but I think most people just go on the that point will I even notice?)
Some of my feelings during this class:

  • It does feel much more REAL. Like this is going to happen and there is nothing I can do about it!
  • A picture in the book they gave us shows what 10 cm (fully dialated) actually looks like. And that freaks me out! It's not even half the size of the baby's head!
  • The broke down all the stages and phases of labor and the LENGTH of each. Um first phase: 8 hours, second phase: 4-5 hours, third phase: 30 min - 2 hours) and that's just during the FIRST stage! Second stage lasts up to 2 hours and the last one is between 5 and 15 min. So worst case senario...I'm looking at 17 hours, 17. UGH!
  • Knowing the amount of time is what makes me freak out. That's so so so so long. And to think my mom was in there 24 with me! A whole day! Hearing that sounds bad, but considering actually living it sounds terrible.
  • It makes me lean even more towards not getting an epidural. Why make it last any longer? I wish it was SO SO SO painful but only lasted 30 min. That'd be awesome.
Some decisions we made after the class:
  • They said people can come in and out of the room up until I'm 10 cm dialated. Sorry it isn't happening. I know myself and Zach said he agrees with me that I'll probably want to be alone. So I think it's best if people want to come up there to say hey or whatever fine but that we'll just send a text or call once I get to 7 cm so people can then head up to wait in the waiting room that wants to. I'd feel bad everyone waiting for 17 hours!!!
  • Something that I thought was really neat is that Rachael's (I think it was you wasn't it?) family and all went out to eat while they waited! I think that's really fun and I know if I was in the waiting room I'd be down for something like that to still share the excitement but not be stuck in the hospital waiting.
  • Zach will probably pop his head out and just say how far along I am but he's going to be staying WITH me at all times!
  • We decided we want our immediate family (parents, siblings, and siblings signifcant others) to come in the room after I get done nursing to see us and be introduced to the baby (and this is the point when they will find out the sex and name!)
  • Then after they have their time privately we'll welcome anyone else that's up there in to share the good news!
Part Two to come tomorrow night!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

30 Week Update

I realized the other day that throughout my pregnancy I haven't really had that many "pregnancy symptoms" or at least if I have had them I haven't noticed. Well, those days are over. I'm in the third trimester now and am being hit like crazy with a million different things to deal with here!

First here are some updated belly pics. I'm going to try to take these more often because I think there are much more drastic changes in the size of the belly now! I'm 30 weeks and 2 days in these.

Here are some of the changes I've been noticing lately:
  • Baby's Movement: Before it was just kicking, and sometimes I'd feel a tough one to the ribs or something but now it's not really kicking it's JABBING. At pretty much any given moment if you felt my tummy you'd be able to find at least one really tight spot where Clover is pressing a foot or hand or something really hard against the wall. I can also feel hiccups (in the lower belly since that is where the head is...strange to think about) while feeling the pushing of the feet (at the top of my belly). It's neat but often painful and I can make the baby reposition too! We can also SEE the movement going on which is really neat too.
  • Braxton Hicks: It's so funny to me because Zach actually wanted to name a son Braxton for the longest time! I thnk of that everytime I think of this term. I'm experiencing some of these and they aren't that bad. Mostly when I move too suddenly or roll over in bed. I am also getting a lot more cramping in my lower stomach, kind of like period cramps but obviously not caused by that! None of it really bothers me and I feel like it's a good sign that things are moving in the right direction!
  • Weight: I've gained a total of 18 pounds (but I'm saying 22 because I want to lose an extra 4 pounds after). I don't think that's too bad, I'm honestly not trying that hard to not gain though.
  • Swollen: Thank GOD it hasn't reached me face (yet? please let's not think that...) but I have noticed my feet and hands get swollen now. I'm drinking a lot more water to help with this and so far it seems to be working. I'll do anything if it helps prevent the face swelling...but I know it could be unavoidable.
  • Can't See: People always talk about being so big that you can't see your feet. How big do these people get? I mean yeah if I stand PERFECTLY straight then maybe I can't see them but come on no one stands like that! I can't see my privates though. Not at all! It's awful!
  • Hair: My hair is looking awesome. I'm not going to lie it's the best part of being pregnant! It's so much thicker! Sadly I read it will all fall out (not all my hair just the new extra ones) once the baby is born. A bad part of hair growth? It grows other places as well. Even though I can't see my privates anymore I know that areas needs A LOT more maintance. The random hairy-ness on the face isn't any fun either.
  • Getting Ready: It's a lot more of a pain than it used to be. Now I understand why most pregnant women I see at Walmart are walking around in their husbands huge t-shirt. It's tough to look halfway decent at this point. My bathroom has really high countertops. I loathe them now. It kills my stomach to lean over them in order to get a good look in the mirror (in order to pluck all the face hairs haha). Thankfully, Courtney got me one of those lighted mirrors to sit out and it's helping a lot. Another thing the high countertops did was prevent me from seeing my butt. When we went to Mom's for Christmas her countertops are lower and I got a good look at that thing. NOT PRETTY. It's awful actually. Actually let's give it it's own category to vent about it.
  • My Butt: Zach claims to be a "butt guy" but yet I've never had a butt. Ever. At least I never thought I had one. Now that pregnancy has hit I realized I did have some-what of a butt. Now I have nothing. The way my baby weight has been it's not just tummy, it's in the back too and that great chunk of nasty makes my butt pretty much blend into my back. I may hate my high countertops when it comes to getting ready but I'm thankful for them when it comes to pretending like I don't know about this butt situation.
  • Nights: My nights are no fun at all. I guess it's practice for when the baby gets here. First, I'm so so so tired. All the time. Yet when I get ready to go to bed, I can't sleep. Then once I get to sleep I wake up having to pee. Early-on in pregnancy I'd have to go in the middle of the night but I was able to go back to sleep and hold it until the morning. Well, those days are gone. I HAVE to go. Last night I was up three different times. Then once I go I can't go back to sleep. I feel like I toss, turn and moan all night long (Zach can agree to this!). Then I also wake up in the night drenched in sweat. So gross. It makes it worse that I have to sleep on my side. It's hard to do. It also doesn't help that Sadie has now become obsessed with sleeping on my stomach so while I'm laying on my left side like a good pregnant girl should I have a dog laying on my stomach. Or a cat with his long hair rubbing up on me all night. I told Zach one night that I was going to punch Zeke in the face if he came near me. Seriously.
  • Side Sleeping: I wish I'd never asked about this. You ARE supposed to sleep on the left side. Stacey told me that while sometimes sleeping on my back if I have to is okay that it could cause problems with the baby getting oxygen so I need to be sleeping on my side. She also said it helps prevent swelling (protect the face!!!). This makes it SO much harder for me to sleep. I think it's the reason I have such a hard time falling asleep. It's more comfortable to lay on my back but I worry so I turn to my left side but then I'm uncomfortable. I haven't worried AT ALL this whole pregnancy about my baby. I have always felt like the baby is fine and healthy. Now every morning (I'm not kidding) I wake up scared that I killed our baby by accidently sleeping on my back. I wait to feel movement before I get up!
  • Back: Yup. It hurts. All the time. Always. Especially under my bra. It's so annoying because it feels like it needs to be cracked or popped (like knuckles feel sometimes), but yet I can't make it pop. No matter how I twist and turn it doesn't help. Sleeping on my side REALLY doesn't help either. I'm ready for my Shiatsu to get here to save me :)
  • Feet: Speaking of pain, my feet will hurt very badly if I have a busy day of walking (usually shopping). They were actually worse those earlier in the pregnancy...or maybe my back just hurts so bad that I don't notice them as much.
  • Body Temperature: I am soooo in tune with temperature now. I can physically feel it when our house gets one degree warmer. I keep the heat (or ac since it's been so hot) on 70 at night and 72 during the day. I have to or I'll die. At night now I've gotten so bad that I only sleep with a sheet and I've been turning it down to 69 (or sometimes 67...).
  • Food: I'm eating the same as I have the whole pregnancy, which is the same as I did before pregnancy. I'm not eating any more than I used to although the foods I'm eating have changed. Before I was a Slimfast drinker and obviously I can't do that now! I make a lot of smoothies though so it's kind of the same. The biggest change in food lately has been poptarts. Since day one of no-more-Slimfast I've eaten Cinnamon Toast Crunch practically every morning. Well one day last week it hit me...I wanted a cherry poptart. I'm eating them now instead! Random! I still don't like chicken either which is odd...and the only fast food I'll eat is Taco Bell (and it's so amazingly good) Still no random I'll-die-if-I-don't-have-it cravings though.
  • Body Image: I looked in my closet the other day and tried to remember what it must have felt like to walk in there and have so many choices! I have like a million different colors of pants in there! Now I have to chose between jeans, my one pair of black pants, or my one pair of khaki pants. I miss my clothes. I especially miss my body. It's so funny (not ha-ha but ironic) that everything I read talks about the great porn-star type chest pregnancy brings you and how you should totally enjoy it. Are they stupid? Sure you have an awesome chest...but no one can notice that because they are too busy looking at your huge stomach. Plus this "awesome" chest leaks stuff. All the time. Not sexy. And they literally touch my stomach. Gross and sweaty. I really really miss my body. I miss looking down and not seeing my stomach! I wasn't even that thin of a person but I was smoking hott compared to what I am now! My New Year's Eve post really lets you know how I was feeling about this but it's a daily thing. I've always been the type of person who hasn't ever thought I was beautiful but who felt like if I looked my personal best then I FELT my best too. Stephanie Emerine told me that forever ago and it stuck with me. When I feel crappy I always put on something cute and I instantly feel better. Confidence is key and it's so hard to feel confident right now when I feel so icky and so ugly.
  • Excitement/Scared: I've read that this is normal but one minute I'm soooo ready for Clover to BE HERE and the next I'm sooo scared about what Clover being here will mean. I'd say it's 85% ready and 10% not ready with a solid 5% in total denial about it all. It is scary to think that I will be a MOMMY. Zach will be a DADDY. I look at the dogs and worry how they will feel. But every night I see that bassinett by my side of the bed and I just want Clover to be there. I want to know that she/he is OURS and I want to be able to hold her/him and be a mommy! I'm so ready. Not just because I'm SICK of being pregnant but because it's so much anticipation and I just want it to hurry up and be here!
As you can tell, I'm pretty much ready for the next 10 weeks to FLY BY in a hurry. I pray (and pray and pray) that I'm further along than what my due date suggests and that maybe instead of being here on March 12th that Clover could PLEASE be here on like Feb 26th. That would be great! I know this was a rather long post but I haven't really been talking fully about this whole experience like I should be and I really want to be able to compare how this pregnancy has been when I get pregnant again! And yes, surprisingly, after all my complaining I totally plan to do this at least three more times!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fondue New Years

About three years ago (or maybe even longer) Zach bought me a fondue pot for Christmas because he knew I love chocolate covered strawberries. We used the set once then it got put in our pantry and we never really thought about it again. A couple months ago I was going through early nesting and cleaned everything we don't use out of the house and the fondue pot got sent to the attic! Zach mentioned how we really should use it so we decided to have a mini-fondue party for New Year's!

Ashley was in on the plans too but unfortunately she had to stay in Brunswick with family so she couldn't be here for it. Katie still came over and we made a three course meal!

Course one: Cheese fondue! Zach LOVED this one
Course two: We had pizza haha

Course three: Chocolate fondue! Pretty good but so sweet and we were already SO stuffed!
Every year my family has always bought "sparkling burgundy" (Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice) to share when bringing in the New Year! Of course we had to get some for the celebration too!!!

It may not have been a typical New Year's for me but it was still really fun! Katie hadn't seen the 4d ultrasound dvd so we watched that to pass the time, played some cards, watched some guy jump over a building on a motorcycle, and watched the ball drop to count down the end of 2008! I think the chocolate gave us all a little sugar buzz because Katie and I stayed up until after 2 am talking in Clover's room!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Does Not Equal Sexy

Grrrrr I am so so so sick of pregnancy! New Year's is one of those nights when you are supposed to look HOTT. And you're supposed to FEEL Hott. But do I? HECK NO. I have just spent the last 45 minutes trying to find something to wear. Anything would do at this point. I didn't want to look like a pregnant girl in some maternity clothes. More than that I didn't want to feel like one. I just wanted to feel sexy! Just for tonight. Sure it's only Zach, Katie and I have a little fondue party but still!

I think a lot of it has to do with more than just the clothes. I've handled not seeing my dad at Christmas (my first time ever my whole life) very well. I haven't cried. I haven't complained. But there is just something about not being with my dad at New Year's that just doesn't feel right. When my parents got a divorce New Year's became my dad's holiday. We always got super dressed up in new Christmas clothes and ate at this fancy restaurant. Always. Last year we saw him for Christmas but not New Year's. And I handled it okay because at least Brandon was with us, but this year no Dad for Christmas, no Dad for New Year's and instead of celebrating with Brandon he's actually AT Dad's and they are celebrating together while we're here in Valdosta.

Don't get me wrong, tonight will be fun. I love Katie and I obviously love Zach so we'll have a good time. But it won't be the same.

And with all this couldn't I at least LOOK and FEEL pretty? Instead I have a huge nasty pimple on my cheek. I have huge boobs that I can't even make look sexy because they are so gross and because as soon as you notice how "nice" they are you then notice my HUGE belly. I tried to still wear something cute. Something that doesn't scream "I'm a half-way trendy looking maternity outfit!" So I tried on a dress (size Small) that I bought pre-pregnancy. I thought it still looked cute. I knew it didn't look HOTT but at this point cute would do. But I showed it to Zach and he kinda chuckled and said all you could notice was how big my belly looked in it.

So for my New Year's outfit what am I wearing? Something new and cute from Christmas? Something where I feel like I look amazing? Something where in a picture next to my I'm-getting-back-in-shape-and-looking-hott husband I'll look just as good? Nope. I'm wearing a plain cotton black maternity dress. That looks maternity. That feels maternity. Yesssss. How many weeks are left of this????
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